Using Video To Improve Your Online Reputation

Using video to improve your online reputation

Today I want to talk with you about using video to improve your online reputation. If you’re new to the site, let me introduce myself.  I’m Ken Newhouse, CEO of FunnelTribes and the host of our podcast for business owners called Get Clients Now.

I hope you’re having an incredible week as we’re just getting started with 2019.

It’s been a busy week for us at FunnelTribes — complete with a full schedule of outstanding Get Clients Now interviews.

One of the amazing guests that we had the privilege of having on Get Clients Now this week was Amanda Aschinger.

Amanda is the CEO and Co-Founder of Solstice Productions Video (SPV), an internationally-recognized and award-winning video production company located here in St. Louis.

Amanda Delivered Amazing Insights and Tactics for Using Video

The interview with Amanda was incredible — Amanda delivered tons of great wisdom and insight during ther jam-packed two-part interview — from using video to improve your online reputation as well as a number of strategies that will — if you implement them — boost your business to the next level.

And I’m going to share one of those strategies with you right now.

As I do with all of my guests — I asked Amanda to share the most influential lesson she learned from her mentor. After giving a great answer to that question — and I definitely recommend that you listen to episode #179 to hear that answer — it’s fantastic — our conversation gradually shifted to a tactical strategy that Amanda uses to grow her business and recommends to her top clients for the same.

In episode #181 of the Get Clients Now podcast (part #2 of our interview) which comes out Friday … Amanda and I talk about a great strategy for curating video testimonials from people she does business with — and it’s really such a smart strategy.

Here’s How Using Video To Improve Your Online Reputation Works

HAfter you do business with a client, customer or patient (which means you’ve delivered “exceptional” value for them) … you’ll want them to give you an “outcome-based” testimonial on video.

Me and Amanda both recognize the important of using outcome-based video testimonials to promote and grow your business … but using them to build your online reputation is an additional benefit most people overlook.

“No one cares what you say about yourself … and in fact, not too many people believe it.

On the other hand, when you get your best clients, customers, patients to brag about you … that’s powerful social-proof that goes a long way towards convincing others that “you’re the real deal.”

When using video to improve your online reputation, there’s a process for getting the best outcome-based testimonials on video … but it’s actually quite easy. One of the easiest ways to get testimonials from your clients, customers, patients … is to use your iPhone or Smart Phone.

Using An iPhone or Smartphone To Shoot Your Testimonial Videos Is One Of Our Best-Kept Secrets!

That gives the videos these qualities:

  • Unprofessional (but clean) D.I.Y. video
  • Average-sounding audio

And yes, those are the qualities you want your videos to have. Now this might seem a bit counter-intuitive — but here’s why shooting this type of video (under these conditions) makes a ton of sense.

Because you want your video testimonials to be “believable” (i.e., “to *appear real to your prospects”) … you want these videos to appear unprofessional — meaning that you don’t necessarily want them to appear like the Hollywood production videos that Amanda produces for her eight and nine-figure clients


Because when your testimonial videos aren’t “overly produced” (i.e., “not perfect”) … your perfect prospects and clients will have a much easier time believing that they’re real — and not rehearsed.

*NOTE: The purpose of shooting video testimonials from your clients, customers, patients on an iPhone (or Smart Phone) is so that they’re perceived to be authentic.

Having said that, let me be clear: Every testimonial you put online (video or otherwise) … MUST BE REAL AND AUTHENTIC!

Never use fake testimonials.

The challenge comes, however, when you produce testimonial videos that your target market perceives as a “professional production,” which makes using video to improve your online reputation much more difficult.

That can make your video testimonials seem contrived … even though they’re genuine. So, using this approach to shooting testimonials on video is a brilliant strategy.

No matter what your business is — this is a strategy that can work for you. You have the clients, customers or patients that love what you do — so get them to be your voice.

Because one of the best strategies for building your online reputation comes through the mouths of your ideal clients, customers or patients.

Thanks for reading.