040 – Breakthrough! The Secret Building Blocks of High-Converting Sales Funnels

the hidden building blocks used by all high-converting sales funnels

Today’s Post Is A Major Breakthrough! The Secret Building Blocks of High-Converting Sales Funnels and the blueprint for using them to create your own new client generating machine.

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We’re actually picking up from where we left off on last week’s show (#039 – The Truth About High-Ticket Clients and How to Use High-Converting Sales Funnels To Get Them.)  

Additionally, I’ll do a mini “deep-dive” on each element, so you can quickly determine which elements use so you can get clients fast sell more of your stuff, and make MORE MONEY online in 2018!

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Now, Today’s Show Is A Major Breakthrough! The Secret Building Blocks of High-Converting Sales Funnels and the blueprint for using them to create your own new client generating machine.

And on today’s show …we’re actually picking up from where we left off on last week’s show:

(#039 – The Truth About High-Ticket Clients and How to Use High-Converting Sales Funnels To Get Them.)  

Now, on today’s episode …I’m gonna reveal the essential building blocks of all high-converting sales funnels.

After I’ve done that for you, then I’ll do like a mini deep dive on each element.

I’m doing this so you can decide which element might work best for the sales funnels (and the value ladder) that you’re using in your business.

If you’re a new listener and you’re not up-to-speed on your Value Ladder, you’ll want to refer back to episode:

#026 “Discovering Massive Profits Hidden in Your Business: Introducing the Value Ladder”.

Now speaking of the secret building blocks of high-converting sales funnels, I want you to keep this simple concept top of mind:

These building blocks are simply “elements” in your sales funnels … which means you can move them around however you want.

Every market is different even within the same niche.

This means that combinations that work great for me may not work the same for you.

The cool thing about secret building blocks of high-converting sales funnels is that you can move them around your sales funnel  however youwant.

You can test and tweak them until you find the best combination for transforming your sales funnel into a new client generating machine.

In an upcoming episode I’m going to show you several of my favorite blueprints for setting up and combining these building blocks in your sales funnels.

Now if you’re just getting started and don’t have a sales funnel already built I want to strongly encourage you to follow the blueprint that I’m giving you because it contains the secret building blocks of high-converting sales funnels

I’m suggesting this because the blueprint I’m giving you has been tested “in the trenches” and used by clients around the globe in real world situations.

So, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what works in general.

After you’ve got your sales funnel up and running with that blueprint you can start testing new approaches by moving things around.

And who knows you could easily end up discovering an approach I never thought of before.

Now, there are 15 to 20 +/- secret building blocks of high-converting sales funnels
I’m gonna show you today and these are the ones I use most often.

I use these elements at very specific points during four of the seven phases in your sales funnel.

The phases I’m referring to are the pre-frame bridge; qualifying subscribers; qualifying buyers; and identifying hyperactive buyers which we talked about in detail on last week’s show.

Remember, these four phases in your sales funnel all occur at the top of your funnel during the phase that begins with the opt-in and continues on right through the moment of the initial sale.

So, any time you sell something through one of your funnels which should be most of the time, you’re going to move your buyer through these four points.

Now, last week I told you that the last three phases in your sales funnel process will involve the creation of new funnels which is where we begin the age and ascend process where a distinct change in the selling environment occurs.

So, when you get to that point you simply go back to the building blocks I’m giving you today and create a new funnel.

Okay if you’re ready for another awesome training let’s get started with our first element which is the pre-frame bridge.

Now before we run through these examples I want you to remember the goal of the preframe:

The goal of the prefream is to warm up your prospects, so you’ll have them in the right mental state the frame of mind that is going to make them the most receptive to your offer.

Alrighty then let’s start first with articles.

My favorite way to use articles as a pre-frame bridge is when I’m driving cold traffic from a banner ad or link that’s strategically placed in a killer article.

Now, these can be articles on your own website but in most instances, I think you’re going to get a much better response if the articles are located on someone else’s site.

The one caveat to this is if you’re someone like Franklin Octavius Throckmorton Kern and you’ve got more people on your list than most 3rd-world countries have citizens then you’ll be able to use this method on your website and get fantastic results.

If on the other hand you’re like me and you’ve only got enough prospects on your list to populate a small city…

…or maybe not even that many and you only have enough to populate a local boy scout troop or maybe you don’t even have a list yet then you’re gonna want to use this method on someone else’s site.

Why am I suggesting using this method on someone else’s site?

Because when you do It’s like getting an endorsement from the person who owns the site.

So, check it out: Here’s how it works:

You’ll run a banner ad with a compelling headline and image on it and then when a prospect clicks your ad he’s taken to the website which contains the pre-frame article.

The article might be a case study of how you helped an individual solve a problem.

It might be an article about how your product works …

Or the article might not specifically mention you or your product because it simply talks about the problem.

An example of this might be “not having enough high-ticket clients in your business” …

and then it outlines in a broad-sense steps the reader must go through in order to solve the problem.

So in the example I just gave about not having enough clients the article could finish up by outlining specific steps for getting high-ticket clients quickly and easily.

Now, all of these article structure examples I just gave you are going to have a call to action on one or places on the article page.

A call to action says to the reader:

“Hey if you like what you’ve read and want to know more or take the next step in this process…”

  • “click here to learn more” …
  • “click here to subscribe” …
  • “click here to watch this cool video” …
  • “click here to get this special report” … or
  • “click here to get this free book” or whatever.

The call to action will use text a big button or an image with text instructions on it.

Then the click-device they use text, button or image or a combination of these that will contain a hyperlink so once the reader clicks it they’ll be taken straight to the landing page at the top of your funnel.

So, now that I’ve told you how to set the article up and told you it’s better to use this strategy on a site other than your own you’re probably wondering what kind of website you can have the article posted on.

You might also be wondering who’s gonna write the article and how you’re gonna convince the website owner to place your article on it.

The easiest way to do implement this strategy is to ask one of your best clients, customers or patients maybe even a student if you’ve got them to post your article on their website.

You can also approach website owners and tell them that you’d like to have an article posted on their site with links back to a landing page in one of your funnels.

You can either offer to pay them or an even better strategy is to offer to do the same thing for them on your site.

If neither of those two ideas work, you can also tell them that you’re gonna be sending a ton of paid traffic to the article on their site which will create more exposure for their own content.

Now, I want you to know upfront that some people will say know so expect that right outta the gate and keep going until someone says “YES!”

I’m confident that if you’ll do this right you’ll get a great response.

OK let’s talk about the next element I want to cover with you quizzes.

Now I don’t know about you, but quizzes are one of my absolute favorite pre-frame tools.

And, if you’re spending anytime on Facebook it’s a good bet that you’ve seen the…

“Which wild animal do you most closely associate with?” or the …

“What famous person in history shares your birthday?” quizzes.

And if you think about it these quizzes are getting stranger by the day, but in spite of that …

Quizzes are literal people magnets meaning they get a lot of response from the people who are seeing them.

Now if you like the idea of using quizzes as a pre-frame bridge leading into your sales funnel …

…but you’re worried about what questions work best my response is simple:

“The questions you ask don’t matter much; you just want to get people engaged in the process.”

To create a powerful pre-frame all you wanna do is get your prospects in the right frame of mind before they get to the next page in your funnel.

If I were using a quiz, and wanted to create a powerful pre-frame I might ask something like:

“Which one of the client acquisition marketing mistakes are you unknowingly committing?” (or whatever).

I’d use a question that really agitates the problem we can solve for them and you’re gonna do the same.

Along those same lines you could create quiz questions that focuses their attention on how much they hate having prospects no-show …

…or cancel appointments at the last minute …

or how much they hate not getting a job after spending hours creating a killer proposal.

Now, one of the strategies I love to use works like this:

The first question in the quiz is placed right under a compelling headline and an emotionally-charged image.

As an example, the headline might say:

“Free Video: P.T. Barnum’s Forgotten Client Attraction Method Resurfaces: Authorities Claim It Works Too Well And Consider Banning It’s Use ”

…and right next to that headline I’d place an image of P.T. Barnum with a strange look on his face or whatever.

The first question would then be something like: What type of client acquisition method are you using most?

1. Paid traffic
2. Joint Ventures
3. SEO
4. I’m not using anything

I’d include two more questions in my quiz, and then after they’ve answered the last question …

they’d be told to enter their name and email address to get access to the answers most submitted by everyone else who’s taken the quiz.

After investing time and effort answering these questions …

your prospects are going to be MUCH more inclined to give you their information …and

By requiring prospects to opt-in give you an email address so they can get their quiz results, you’ve killed two birds with one stone.

The prospect has moved through both the pre-frame and the qualify subscriber’s phases in the funnel.

From there, you’ll immediately try to qualify him as a buyer by making an offer immediately after he opts-in.

Now, you may be wondering how many questions to include and how to get people to stay with the quiz all the way to the end.

Like I said … I like to use three sometimes four questions …

and then I number each page in the quiz like Step 1 of 4, Step 2 of 4 . . .

and I do that, so they know how much farther they have to go.

I’ve seen people use quizzes with as many as 25-30 questions with great success.

Now, am I telling you to create quizzes with that many questions?

No, I’m not.

But A little common sense here tells you that just like everything else in business this is something you’ll wanna test to determine what is right for your unique market.

Another great benefit you’ll enjoy from using quizzes …

is that you’ll be able to instantly segment your prospects …

and you’ll do that based on the answers they submitted.

And if you decide to use one of those new quiz programs (they’re easy to use and very, very sophisticated) when you’re laying out the secret building blocks of high-converting sales funnels …

you can have the subsequent questions match the two segments.

Additionally, the quiz can help you segment your buyers as well as create a powerful pre-frame for your offer which is cool!

OK the next building block we can use as a pre-frame bridge is a Video:

Now there are several video distribution platforms you can use…

but in my book YouTube is the way you wanna go here.

They’re owned by those dudes in the Good ‘Ole Google Boys Brothers Band and videos especially ones on YouTube make great pre-frame material.

My favorite type of video to use in this pre-frame bridge tool ( which is one of the primary secret building blocks of high-converting sales funnels )
is hands down testimonial videos.

Now, while outcome-based testimonial videos are AWESOME …

The testimonial video I’m talking about here should agitate the problem your prospect’s having …

or it should educate them on an effective process or idea they can use to eliminate that problem.

Either way the goal is to make them desire YOUR SOLUTION.

Now, just like with articles and blog posts …

you want the video to be hosted on someone else’s YouTube channel …

because it adds credibility to the video’s content.

Once the video is up and live on that channel you’ll want to send paid traffic to it which is gonna deliver huge results for you.

Now, you’ve got to remember to include a call to action …

maybe multiple calls to action that are gonna move prospects to the opt in page in your funnel.

The calls to action might be a link in the description or comments …

and they can also be placed in the pre-or post-roll footage.

They can be annotations in the video …or you can have the person giving the testimonial in the video tell them where to go.

The person could say something like: (The link I’m using below is NOT real!)

“If you’d like to discover the exact method steps, system, or whatever I used to get these results with Ken’s system simply head on over to www.funneltribes.com/winning-formula … Or you can simply click the button in the video description below.”

Alrighty then …

The next essential building block you can use as a pre-frame bridge is NEWS:

Listen: people are curious …and anything that’s considered news or anything that’s perceived as news …

is going to garner more attention than a simple blog or article.

The reason this occurs is that our brains are programmed to give immediate and full attention to anything that might threaten our health, wealth or well-being.

Have you ever noticed when you’re watching the news that like every ten minutes or so especially after returning from a commercial break you’ll get that serious background music while the words BREAKING NEWS flashes across the screen?

Why do they do this?

Simple: They know how our brains our hard-wired.

They know this approach gets our attention just about every time.

They know that if they can convince us that the leader of North Korea Kim Rang-Goon has strapped himself to a nuclear missile and he’s riding it all the way to L.A. …

we’re gonna stop dead in our tracks and pay very, very close attention to what they’re saying.

So, how can you benefit from this?

NO! I’m not talking about benefitting from L.A. and all those left-wing lunatics being wiped off the face of the earth…

although if they’d simply disappear …

like if Aliens took them or whatever California might be a nice place to live again.

I lived in New Port Beach for almost three years and as beautiful as that state is the liberals and the illegal non-citizen invaders have all but ruined it.

OK enough ranting. so, how can you benefit from understanding the “BREAKING NEWS” strategy?

Well, If you’ll attach your pre-frame to a current news story …

you’ll automatically receive a bump in attention and continue receiving it for as long as that story dominates the news cycle.

For example, if you can successfully tie your marketing message to the ongoing story …

of how the world’s most notorious mafia queen Hillary Clinton and the demon-cratic party broke dozens of laws trying to destroy our beloved president …

your prospects will see the connection and pay more attention to your promotion as a result.

Is there a downside to this?

If there was a downside it would be that the recognition you get from this method can be short lived.

But, if you’re like me and you take the glass is half full approach to things You could also benefit from a massive upsurge in traffic while the story is hot.

OK let’s now talk about Email:

Pre-framing with email works well when you use JV partners to endorse you to their lists.

Now if you’ll remember that on last week’s episode…

I told you that for all intents and purposes …

and no matter whose list you’re mailing to …

you are borrowing the list-owner’s credibility …that “know, like and trust-factor” he’s got with his list …

and you’re using it to pre-frame you as a great person or to pre-frame your offer as a great solution.

Once the pre-frame is accomplished the call to action is a link in the email that readers can click to get to your offer.

Last week I also gave you a link where you can download a resource that teaches you how to do with using direct mail.

Specifically using a lift letter where the owner of the list writes an introduction telling his people how great you are or how well your product works and then included with their letter is your offer which is outlined on a separate page.

Now, if you missed last week’s show but you wanna get your hands on that PDF I created for you ...

You can go to my website and download it 100% free and no email address required so you can just have it cause it works

OK now I’m gonna move to the next type of element you can use in your sales funnel which is a Presell page.

The presell page is used to educate your prospects BEFORE they get to your sales page.

So, why do you want to use presell pages in your sales funnel?

Well in some instances you’re gonna have to educate prospects before you can effectively sell to them and a presell page does a great job with that.

Your pre-sell page essentially “tells your story” …

which means that it’s essentially longer than your typical article …

and it’s used to give background information or education on you, your company or solution …

that prospects might need to make that decision to purchase.

Now, the presell page is like the perfect place to activate your prospects genetic buying triggers …

and if you remember from last week’s show GBT’s are essentially your Buy Now Hot Buttons …

and the methodology we’ve created does an excellent job of doing just that …

so, we can activate a prospect’s genetic buying triggers on demand which is cool.

If you can instantly double or triple the number of people who respond to your sales message and buy your stuff what do you think that’s gonna do for your bottom line?

OK so picking up from where I left off before I let my excitement get the better of me.

I was talking to you about getting your prospects in the right frame of mind before they get to your sales page and we do that by using a pre-sell page.

An example of using a pre-sell page as a pre-frame bridge … could be if you were selling email marketing software but some of your prospects don’t know what email marketing is or why their businesses need it.

You might send them to a presell page on your website that explains the step-by-step process email marketing would use to help grow their business.

At a point or multiple points on the page you’d have your call to action which when clicked …

would take them to your sales page where they’d see your product offer.

Pretty cool if you ask me!

So, the next phase in your sales funnel is to qualify your subscribers.

Remember… when you’re talking about the secret building blocks of high-converting sales funnels …

…the goal here is to simply get people to opt-in to your list subscribe to your newsletter or request a free offer you’ve put in front of them.

It’s at this point that you’re separating the casual visitors …

and removing them from the group of people who are willing to trade their email address in return for more information like a PDF or video.

So, let’s start with good ‘ole squeeze page.

The squeeze page also known as an opt-in or landing page, is the simplest way for you to qualify subscribers.

It was developed as a way to get subscribers onto your list without using popups.

So, what exactly is a squeeze page?

Well, a squeeze page is nothing other than a simple opt-in page that requires prospects to enter their email address.

And ….in a lot of cases their first name with it (which they give) in exchange for access to a cool PDF report, white paper or video.

The ONLY type of information you’ll find on a squeeze page relates 100% to getting the prospect to opt in meaning give their name and email address in exchange for the thing you’re offering for free.

What this means as it relates to your page visitors is that they have two options they can take.

They can’t take both they can only take one.

Option #1 is that they can give you their name and email address which gives them access to the free report or video you’re offering.

Option #2 is that they can hit the back button and skee-daddle meaning they can take their sorry be-hind and leave empty-handed mind you.

What makes a squeeze page so effective for getting subscribers to opt in is more about what the page doesn’t contain than what it does contain.

Specifically, a squeeze page isn’t gonna have distractions such as:

  • Unrelated ads
  • Navigation menus
  • Multiple articles or blog posts to choose from
  • Your about us page
  • Pictures of your office or building
  • Or dumb slogans like “we’ve been in business for 25 years now”

So, the magic of a squeeze page is the complete lack of distractions which forces your prospects to focus on your most important message…

the one message you want to give them.

And they have to make a decision:

Either give you their email address or leave the page.

Ya know I don’t see it as often as I used to but I’m always amazed when seemingly intelligent people will invest their hard-earned money on paid traffic and then send it to the home page on their website.

Talk about distractions?

Talk about low response rates and wasting money?

And talk about dumber than a box of rocks (which pretty much sums it up right there.)

If you’re sending traffic to the home page on your site just stop!

If you can’t resist the urge to waste money …there are easier ways to do it.

Like go in the bathroom stand over the toilet and light a handful of 100-dollar bills on fire then flush the ashes down.

OK … now that I’ve upset a few of you by saying it’s dumb to send paid traffic to the home page of your website…

Let’s talk about using a click pop.

…and by the way; if you got mad because I said doing that was dumb and a waste of money …

there’s a pretty good chance you’re listening to the wrong podcast.

The podcast you wanna listen to is sponsored by the folks over at the yellow pages …

and there’s another one where their best-kept secret for getting new clients is sending birthday cards to prospects and clients …

you know the ones that offer you a 10% discount for coming in on your birthday?

So, if you feel like arguing with me over (whether or not it’s stupid) to send paid traffic to the home page on your website …this audio sums up my response perfectly:

Click Pop: The click pop is a way to get people to join your list via a button on your blog or other web pages.

When they click on that button, up pops a squeeze-page-style pop-up.

If a visitor gives you their email address, they are taken to the next page.

Click pop buttons are great because you can place them in a ton of places where you traditionally wouldn’t be able to get opt-ins like articles and blog posts.

Now this next element is one of my favorites because of how effective it is and because of the fact that it’s a real money-maker.

So, what is it?

It’s Free-Plus-Shipping:

This type of web form takes advantage of buyer psychology …

and what’s really cool about it is that it combines the “qualify subscribers” and “qualify buyers” steps into one sequence.

Step one qualifies subscribers by asking for contact information including email addresses and …

Step two qualifies buyers by asking for credit card information which is needed to cover shipping costs.

That is how we structure most of our free-plus shipping offers.

Additionally, Anyone who fills out step one of this form even if they don’t complete the order is automatically added to an email list and becomes a qualified subscriber.

Now, another personal favorite of mine is webinars.

I absolutely love using free webinars as a method for generating high-quality leads and adding them to my list.

I’m sure you’ve been on a webinar or two in the past, but if you haven’t I’ll give you a brief run-down of how it works.

So, I’ll create a short sales video like 90-seconds to 3-minutes long and I’ll use it with FB PPC to send traffic to a squeeze page.

The squeeze page will either have another, more in-depth video like 10-15 minutes long that sells my page visitors on registration.

The other version of this page could be where I use straight copy and in fact I could use a version of this page with video and copy.

Bottom line is that the only thing I’m selling my prospects on is registering for the webinar.

I don’t talk about what I’m selling on the webinar I focus all my effort on getting the registrations.

When they watch my video or read my copy, they’re either gonna register or not and if they register then they’re gonna have to give me their email address.

I’ve gotta have it to send them webinar details and access codes.

If I’ve already done the webinar and recorded it,

I’ll run what’s called an automated webinar.

I like using automated webinars for a variety of reasons but one of the biggest reasons is that it allows prospects to pick the exact day that they want to watch the webinar on.

And just like with registering for a live webinar they’ll have to give me their email address if they want access to the webinar and once they do BAM!

I’ve got a new subscriber on my list. And because they signed up for a webinar, they’ll be looking for your email.

Another element you can use to qualify Subscribers is the FREE TRIAL.

This element works especially well if you’re selling something like software …

or if you’re running a membership platform like we do at FunnelTribes.

The main difference is that because we’re dealing with super high-quality prospects we don’t offer free trials.

Every person who enquires about becoming a member of the FunnelTribes community has to complete and submit an application first.

Once we receive your application, we’ll review it and do a bit of research.

I’m committed to only letting people in who are serious about transforming their business are willing to work hard.,.

are ready to implement what works.

Will invest in advertising primarily through paid traffic which could be FB AdWords Direct Mail,

Joint Ventures or any number of methods that are consistently working right now like in the trenches.

If they aren’t on board with every one of those requirements they’re not getting in.

And I wanna quickly mention that some people who actually meet all those requirements don’t get in.

If I feel like they’re not a good fit for the community, or if they’re like a complainer or someone who refuses to accept responsibility we’ll let them know that our program isn’t a good fit for them.

By creating those requirements for entry and making it slightly challenging to get in …

We’ve been able to create a community that is HIGHLY, and I do mean HIGHLY Conducive to members getting amazing results.

Now how many business owners do you know that are willing to turn away business like daily?

None I checked.

That’s why it can take six-months or more after applying to get into the community because no one leaves.

Our members really appreciate it and I’m really proud of it.

OK… we’ve talked about the click pop so …

Now let’s talk about the “exit pop.”

An exit pop is go figure just as the name suggests a last-chance opportunity to capture a subscriber before they bail and leave your site.

If you’ve been online for any length of time I’m confident you’ve seen an exit pop or “popup”.

So, Here’s how it works:

After you’re done scanning the particular page you’ve been on you’ll move your cursor up towards the dreaded “back button”…

or move it towards the “X” so you can kill the page.

Once you start moving your cursor in that general direction a box will pop up in the middle of the page …

asking if you really want to leave without subscribing, getting the free pdf download getting access to their video or whatever.

With an exit pop you can even make a special offer to your visitors if they’ll put on the brakes and opt-in before leaving.

Now, I don’t use exit pops often but they were created because once people leave your site…

there’s a good chance they’ll never come back.

So, you can afford to annoy them a little bit with an exit pop. It may be your last chance to keep them engaged with you.


When we qualify buyers remember that the goal is to get prospects to pull out their credit cards and actually pay for something.

The first purchase is the hardest to get so it’s best to offer something of supreme value for an incredibly low price.

From there, you’ll be able to guide buyers up your Value Ladder hopefully sooner than later.

So, let’s take a look at my favorite ways to qualify buyers.

Let’s begin with my all-time favorite first which is the FREE Plus Shipping model.

Free-Plus-Shipping: This is my favorite way to qualify buyers as you’ll see in episode #042.

Now, if you create a great product and give it away for free …

this is the perfect mechanism for getting one of your products into the hands of a new client.

In my experience (which is extensive) …

I can’t think of a single method that works as good as free plus shipping

…for delivering immense value right outta the gate and gets the buyer interested in ascending.

I also think this is the best way for finding out quickly and easily which of your subscribers are also buyers.

Low-Cost Trial: This is a very low-cost trial offer …

and depending on what you’re selling … it can be a great way to get people to raise their hands and tell you that they’re buyers.

I’ve found that the easiest and most popular trial you can offer is the one-dollar trial.

So, here’s how it works or shall I say here’s one way it can work:

You give them full access and use of the thing you’re selling then like 10 days to two weeks later

…(if they want to keep the product or continue the membership or program) you bill them for the full amount.

Now, it is my suggestion that in order to receive the free trial your visitors must give you a credit card.

If they’re not willing to pull their credit card out of their wallet and prove they are a buyer I don’t want them on my site or getting access to my stuff.

Now, this element works best for items you don’t have to ship, like digital downloads, software, or membership sites.

Alrighty then let’s talk about the infamous Tripwire:

Tripwires are small up-front offers used to get buyers in the door.

Typically, they’re gonna be like a “splinter” of one of your core products.

Ryan Deiss and the boys over at Digital Marketer do a great job with this and quite honestly these boys deserve the credit for making this method so popular.

They usually use a very low-cost offer of around seven dollars per item.

These can be physical products or digital downloads, depending on your market.

Next, it’s time to slow down and talk about

Self-Liquidating Offers SLO:

These types of offers are usually a little more expensive—between thirty-seven and ninety-seven dollars.

These are NOT the same as the free-plus-shipping, trials, and tripwire offers …

because you might actually lose money using those methods.

Although by using upsells on sales pages associated with those strategies, you can easily break even.

On the other hand …the front-end goal with a self-liquidating offer…

is to have the frontend product you’re selling “liquidate” – i.e., “cover your ad costs” …

so that your upsells and every sale after that as the ascend up your value ladder can become pure profit.

Next, we’ll take look at the…

Regular ‘Ole Straight Sale: The straight sale is simply a regular ‘ole sale that features one of your higher-ticket items.

The price on this typically ranges from say $97 all the way up to around $5,000 on the high-end …

and because you’re selling this for higher price than your front-end offers your sales skills are gonna have to be much, much stronger.

And as a result, …

This is the perfect time to target and activate your prospect’s GENTIC BUYING TRIGGERS.

Remember the people who are at this stage in your funnel are buyers.

They’ve already demonstrated to you that they’ll spend money with you …

which is a pretty good indication that they see your Magnetic Mystique Character as trustworthy.

Now, If you’re not familiar with your Magnetic Mystique character …let me direct you back to episode #033…

“The Secret Sauce for Making Your Sales Funnels Consistently Profitable” where I covered this topic in detail.

Ya know one of the most-asked questions I get from new Members, is

“What type of offer should I use to qualify my buyers?”

In most cases, I like to use the free-plus-shipping offer to qualify my buyers but it once in a while that doesn’t work.

Sometimes you’ll try something that doesn’t work so what’da do then?

Easy You change the offer.

Simply use one of the other building blocks and chances are you’ll end up with a winner.

OK now let’s talk about identifying your “hyperactive” buyers.

Now, to figure out which of your new buyers are hyperactive buyers you need to offer an upsell immediately after you qualify them with a low-cost or free-plus-shipping offer.

Here are my favorite ways to do that:

Bumps: These are the little offers we add on to our order forms, and they can completely transform your business.

This concept is very similar to the experience you have in a grocery store checkout line.

You see the candy bars, gum, and other little things that are all too easy to throw in with your order.

My team does a similar thing with our order-form bumps.

With two lines of text and a checkbox, we’re able to get as many as 37% of our buyers to upgrade and pay an extra thirty-seven dollars sometimes more right at the point of sale.

One-Time Offers OTOs: After someone has purchased any of your frontend offers, you can make them a special, onetime offer.

The best OTOs are products that will complement the initial purchase.

Downsells: If the buyer says no to the OTO, you can downsell them with either a different product or a payment plan option on the original offer.

Don’t give up just because they said no to paying the full amount up front.

I was surprised that almost 20% of the people who say no to the special offer will say yes to a payment-plan version on a downsell.

OK You’ve been listening to this podcast for pert near an hour now and You’ve heard how this works …

And you know that using these essential building blocks in your funnels can be a great way to make sales.

Okay, listen: I’m not going to get all hyped up here and try to get you all hyped up about what this is and how this can help you.

You’ve listened to me … you’ve heard my story and you know what I’m saying can help you.

Clearly everybody knows that high-converting sales funnels work.

Just look at how many successful businesses are using them online and that’s why you’re smart to deploy them in your business.

Now we’re developing new ideas for building blocks all the time but the one I gave you today are the most effective I’ve found.

And now that you know what the blocks are we can start building actual funnels.

So, on next week’s show I’m gonna show you the specific funnels we use on the frontend of our Value Ladders the ones we use in the middle and the ones we use on the backend.

I’m doing that because you’ll be more prepared to understand and implement the sales funnels I’ll be giving you later.

Alrighty then! That wraps up today’s episode!

So, work hard implement what I’ve given you and serve your tribe ethically, so you can get clients now.

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