Leveling Up and Going Pro

The framework our community is built on is based on the fact that the vast majority of us who are business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals ...are living our lives as amateurs (both our business and personal lives).

The amateur life is your youth.

It’s our hero’s journey.

No one is born a pro.

You’ve got to fall before you hit the bottom, and sometimes that fall can be a hell of a ride.

The SOLUTION is that we turn pro.

Turning pro is free, but it’s not easy.

It’s not without cost.

When we turn pro, we give up a life with which we may have become extremely comfortable.

Turning pro is free, but it demands sacrifice. We pass through a membrane when we turn pro.

It hurts.

It’s messy and it’s scary.

We tread in blood when we turn pro.

Turning pro is not for everyone.

It’s not for the 99%, the majority, the people who choose to remain amateurs.

The Life of Amateur vs Pro

An AMATEUR checks email, Facebook, and Twitter first thing in the morning. The professional avoids them at all cost (until their most important work is done).

A pro creates habits to enable success in the daily battle against Resistance.

A pro shows up in the morning, sits down, and gets busy.

An amateur sleeps in, or gets up early but has other things to do before the work.

A pro works.

An amateur tweets.

An amateur gives into these distractions multiple times a day.

And an amateur craves dopamine like a junkie craves heroin.

A professional recognizes that sources of distraction are toxic rocket fuel for Resistance.

An amateur runs on a hamster wheel of constantly seeking out new shiny objects before art can be created, value delivered and money generated.

A professional understands that he already knows enough to move forward, because momentum is the lifeblood of any creative endeavor. It’s where magic happens.

An amateur is stopped by their fears, lives for the opinion of others, is easily distracted, seeks instant gratification, lacks self-compassion, seeks permission, and will be ready tomorrow.

A pro shows up every day, acts in the face of fear, is dedicated to mastery, is not distracted, and does not wait for inspiration.

An amateur tries to change everything at once. A professional changes one habit at a time, bit by bit.

The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits. An amateur has amateur habits. A professional has professional habits.

An amateur shows up on occasion. A professional shows up day in and day out.

An amateur treats the deal they made with themself as a negotiable contract. A professional abides by the terms of the contract.

Reading this far you probably KNOW whether you’re an amateur or a pro. And which one you want to be long-term.

Because turning pro is a DECISION.

It’s a decision to move from one list to the other.

Just like jumping from an airplane is also just a decision. If you’ve got your chute strapped on and you’re standing at the door, you jump, or you don’t.

Just a decision…

Just like losing weight, quitting smoking or fixing a damaged marriage. It only takes deciding, then doing the hard work.

Steven Pressfield claims that — like the day JFK was shot, like 9/11, like when your first kid was born — you always remember where you were the day you turned pro.

I started on the journey of full time digital information marketer on October 23rd, 2003.

In the beginning I got beaten to death by Resistance. It showed up every damn day and kicked my ass, like the amateur I was.

I flailed and thrashed and struggled for a decade before I turned pro.

As a pro, most days I win the daily battle with Resistance. I kick its ass. I show up, get to work, and ship.

But some days I lose the battle. I succumb to procrastination, or perfectionism, or self-doubt. And I get beaten to shit. It’s painful and frustrating, but I know, as a professional, getting my ass handed to me is only temporary.

I know that to defeat Resistance, to not operate like an amateur, I enlist the self-strengthening habits of routine, consistency, discipline, and a constant striving to “level up” my game, to get better, to ship art worth shipping.

Turning PRO is About Deciding That It’s Time To Put On Your BIG BOY Pants And Do The Work.

IF YOU’RE STILL reading this page, you’re probably a lot like us. You’re a writer or an artist or an entrepreneur who’s trying to figure out:

  • how to GET NOTICED — build an audience — in this crazy new online digital “always connected” world where everything is free and nobody knows what’s going to happen from one month to the next.
  • how to BECOME A PRO at creating, delivering and capturing real value in a world where selling a mass commodity, on a race to the bottom, is sadly praised as badge of honor.
  • how to become a WORLD CLASS MARKETER — because marketing creates value — by combining stories, design and care. Where our primary focus is in serving our tribe, our customers, our clients.
  • how to GET BETTER at behaving and operating more as a professional and less like an amateur.

The FunnelTribes Community

The FunnelTribes Online Community Is For the amateur who has made the decision to do what’s needed to become a professional.

Even though it’s hard…

And even though the seas are filled with Somali pirates.

The FunnelTribes Online Community is for the professional who doesn’t want to go it alone; knowing that the Resistance will win some days. So would rather be surrounded with peers who have their back.

The FunnelTribes Community is for any artist, marketer or entrepreneur who has been nodding their head while reading this page and the one before it.

It doesn’t matter if your business only does $60K/yr or $250K/yr or multiple millions a year. Or nothing at all (yet).

In the FunnelTribes Community our primary (core) focus, above all else, is strategic planning, tactical and consistent execution, shipping, self-evaluation and group accountability.

We do all of this within a private community that is NOT on the public free Facebook.

(Facebook is the world’s most advanced distraction machine ever built — which is why, when we’re getting stuff done, we purposefully avoid it.)

We also do monthly group calls (getting unstuck, accountability, and biohacking).

Our secondary focus is connecting with other professionals out in our world who are dominating their marketplace, making a ruckus, and putting out amazing products and services.

We interview them on specific topics that matter to our TRIBE…

Like traffic, getting stuff done, business systems, building a team, attracting an audience, influence and persuasion, and all the other stuff that’s critical to building a healthy successful business that matters.

That said, the FunnelTribes Community isn’t about more information each month.

The training we make available is what we call just-in-time “knowledge upgrades” to support and serve your needs WHEN REQUIRED on your journey as a professional (or amateur who is working to become a pro).

The FunnelTribes Community is a small close group…

A cadre with a shared focus and desire for performing better as professional entrepreneurs, who create art worth creating for audiences worth serving.

We’re in it together.




Membership is capped at 100.

That’s because we choose to be small and personal like a group of friends that all know each other.

That doesn’t work “going big”.

Big will break what we’re building. It’ll ruin the balance we’re working so hard to create and nurture.

For this reason our doors are not always open. If you don’t see a green CLICK TO APPLY button below, I’m sorry, we’re at our 100 quota.

That said, if you feel the FunnelTribes Community is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and what we have here is something you want to desperately be part of…

… then we would be doing you a massive disservice by preventing you from being part of our little movement.

If you don’t see the ability to join below, then the button will send you to a priority waiting list (where we’ll let you know when places have freed up).

Click Here To APPLY to Join the FunnelTribes Community >>

NOTE: If your application is accepted, your investment to join the FunnelTribes community is $1,200, which prepays for the next 6 months of access. If you choose to remain a member, you’ll automatically be rebilled every 6 months thereafter.

You can cancel at any time. But we do not offer prorated refunds. You are making a commitment each 6 months, in yourself, and in your business. And we’ll support you every step of the way.

CLIFF NOTES: What You'll Get When You're Accepted Into The FunnelTribes Community:

We’ll help you get clarity (so you know where you’re heading),

we’ll help you plan and map out what needs to get done,

we’ll help you prioritize what’s important (and what’s not),

and we’ll help you execute on those tasks each quarter that move your business forward with the most momentum.

The latter is done through applying “pressure” (accountability within the TRIBE).

Yes there’s training, but that is secondary to the above…

We’re focused on just-in-time learning as opposed to just-in-case.

As such, we encourage our peeps to only seek out and consume a “knowledge upgrade” when they NEED it then-and-there.

Ultimately we do all of the above because it’s the best, most efficient way for us to help move you to better RESULTS. Which is the whole point, right? 🙂

RESULTS aren’t always measured as revenue. It could be longer term plays like more subscribers, better customers, released projects, unblocked constraints, mental upgrades, and of course, better health and wellbeing.

Point is – after being in the TRIBE for six months, you’ll be BETTER OFF / FURTHER ALONG than having not joined.

That’s the long and short of it, basically.

FINAL NOTE: It needs to be said that it’s *YOUR* responsibility to define what’s important to you (goals); to seek out the help you need (within TLB Tribe); and to take action on the necessary tasks.

-- Ken Newhouse