003 – How to 10X Your Conversions and Referrals Using Social Proof

How to 10X Your Conversions and Referrals Using Social Proof

Photo by Alexas Fotos During today’s episode we’re going to reveal how to “10X your conversions and referrals using a persuasion technique called “Social Proof” In just a few minutes I’ll be speaking with our guest expert Lisa Newhouse. Lisa is co-author of “Profitable Again: ULIMATE Strategies for Generating Even Better Results from Your Marketing…

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002 – 10X Your Client Acquisition Program by Creating A Powerful Customer Avatar

photo by rawpixel.com In this episode, we’re going to be learning something that may be the single biggest driver to the success of your online business. Specifically, I’m talking about how to10X your client acquisition program by creating a powerful customer avatar.  Now, in order to do that …we’ll start by focusing on finding and targeting…

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001 – How to Create A Powerful U.S.P.

Photo by Marius Ciocirlan You’ll need to develop a USP that somehow trumps those of your competitors …and as a result, places you in “a category of ONE”.  What does that mean “a category of one”? Most of your prospects use the internet …which means that “Your competitors are (literally) a mouse-click away.”  Every one of your…

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