#178 – Give Your Business A Fast Start In 2019 With Revenue Generating Actions

#178 – Give Your Business A Fast Start In 2019 With Revenue Generating Actions

Today we’re going to talk about how to give your business a fast start in 2019 using Revenue Generating Actions (RGA’s). RGA’s are strategies for generating quick wins for yourself and your business ethically.

RGA’s are also something that are going to be a benefit (obviously) to your clients, customers and patients.

Revenue Generating Actions (RGA’s) are designed specifically to:

  1. Give you quick wins
  2. Give you a quick surge of revenue
  3. Give you a quick surge of new clients, customers and/or patients so you can get up and running as quickly as possible in the New Year.

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So today, we’re going to talk about Revenue Generating Actions that you should be taking every day in your business.

You know, it’s really quite amazing when you stop to consider how many business owners, professionals, consultants, marketers, etc., who are in the process of applying for the FunnelTribes  online community (or as an example) … will become one of my private clients … and more often than not, they aren’t implementing any Revenue Generating Actions throughout the course of each week in their businesses.

So I want you to stop and think about this.

Imagine what happens in most businesses when there isn’t a system in place … where consistent Revenue Generating Actions are being implemented.

If you’re like me, I don’t have to tell you what’s going on because you already know that there’s gonna be a massive fluctuation in both the cashflow and the revenue for that business.

Download the full-unedited transcript from today’s episode – click here!

Now, if you’d like me and if you’re like our most successful clients and our most successful members in the FunnelTribes community, you know that not having a consistent cashflow is going to hinder your opportunity to grow and add value to your business.

You know, I was looking at some stats the other day regarding this specific topic and …

I was amazed to discover that an unbelievable 91.4% of businesses are implementing Revenue Generating Actions a whopping five days or less per month.

Listen, you’re in business (obviously to serve your clients, customers, and patients) … but you’re also in business to make a profit on purpose. And if you’re only engaging in Revenue Generating Actions a whopping five days or less per month, stop and think about that stat.

I want you to stop and really consider that.

What’s even more astonishing to me is that most of these folks actually believe that the actions they’re engaged in are (in fact) Revenue Generating Actions.  But in many cases, they’re not actually doing anything of the sort.

So here’s my question for you:

If you’re a person who’s engaged in Revenue Generating Actions a whopping five days or less per month, what do you think that’s doing to your bottom line?


Listen, when you’re using a “feast or famine” approach to attracting new business, I’ve got some breaking news for you. You’re constantly reactive rather than proactive, but you already know this. 

When you’re “reactive”, it’s incredibly difficult to plan for any future growth in your business.  

It’s impossible to make any plans for your business when you’re using this model, because you’re constantly craving cash (OR) you’re constantly looking out for the next deal … which keeps you in a state of perpetual pressure.

  • How do you like being in that state of perpetual pressure?
  • How do you like coming home at night and then having a conversation with your spouse?
  • I don’t know about you (but in my opinion) … life’s too short to live like that.

So on today’s episode I’m going to give you a solution, a proven solution from the Sales Control™ system for getting unstuck here.

So the key for getting yourself on track like right now, so that 2019 can be a very profitable year for you, is to set aside what I call focus time.

Listen!… words have meanings.  Focused time equals “dedicated time”. It’s a

hundred percent dedicated for Revenue Generating Actions in your business.

These are not actions that you will delegate to anyone (at least in the beginning).

Hear me very carefully. If you want to become more profitable than ever and generate consistent revenue in your business:

  • So that you’re not starved for cash … \
  • So you’re not under lots of pressure …
  • So that you’re not coming home and being mean to your husband or your wife …

You need to set aside what I call focus time … That’s 100% dedicated for working on Revenue Generating Actions in your business.  And those actions or activities are going to be 100% focused on:

  1. On either opening the door (to new business).  You know, activities that are designed to create opportunities for generating revenue or …
  2. Activities for increasing the revenue generating capabilities of your business.

Now, if you’re unsure how to do this or if you need some help getting started, let me give you some suggestions that have worked very well for

me … my Clients and a majority of the Members in the FunnelTribes online community.

Here are some suggestions from the Sales Control™ system that’ll give you exactly what you need to get started quickly with this.  

To begin with, one of the things that I’d suggest is that you pick out a block of time, maybe like an hour during the course of your day that you can reserve every single day of the week and like two hours on Saturday to focus entirely specifically and completely on Revenue Generating Actions.

If you’ll decide to do this, can you imagine what’ll happen at the end of the week? You got it. It’ll have a massive positive effect. It’s going to have an impact on you generating more of the things you want.

Specifically, what things am I talking about (that you’re going to get) when you decide to do this? I’m talking about you quickly and consistently generating more business; getting more and better clients; selling more of your stuff; increasing your bottom line … and how about this one;

Becoming more profitable in 2019 than you imagined possible can.

“But Ken … I don’t have an hour … (but listen) … you’ve always given me great advice. So I’m on board with this (but Ken) … I need some direction here.

I need an example or two of Revenue Generating Actions that are going to give me some results as fast as possible. Right. You’re asking me for a lot. You’re asking me for an hour a day, so I need something here (that I can sink my teeth into).

Something that’s going to produce for me so I can actually … even though you’ve always steered me right … I need something, so I can hang onto this and actually do it. Can you shoot me a couple ideas here?”

Of course I can! So, one (highly effective) revenue generating action you can take today is to simply contact your existing clients, customers or patients and offer them something new … something you can sell them.

Now, don’t discount this. 


Because I’ve been recommending this strategy to my clients and the members in the FunnelTribes community for a long, long time.

And it is always exciting because lots of them … lots of these people come back to me after implementing this strategy and they tell me (first of all) how much they’ve sold.

And they almost always tell me this (with a bit of amazement in their voice). That’s the part that’s always funny to me.

Seems kind of obvious to do this, but anyway, they’re literally amazed, but they tell me how their clients, customers or patients told them:

“Hey!… I didn’t actually know that you did that!” (OR) “I didn’t know that you actually offered that service or sold this product.”

Think about that.

Now, I don’t know if your clients, customers or patients are going to tell you that or not, but if they do tell you that, that tells me that you’re losing the opportunity to educate these folks on the products and services you provide.

So if you want to generate quick sales and a surge of cash, I’m recommending that you go back to your existing Tribe … your clients, customers, patients (at least once per quarter) … and offer them a new product or service or a revamped product or service.

Now, I don’t want you offering them something just because you’re gonna make more money with this.

Listen, it is always a good idea … (in fact) the only way you want to use this is to offer them something that “adds value” to the existing product or service they’ve most recently acquired from you or in my estimation, to the existing product or service that you’d consider the “primary or most relevant” to them doing business with you.

So whether you believe what I’m telling you now (or not) … I’m giving you my word that this is a great way to generate immediate sales in your business.

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How many days per week are you currently using to work on Revenue Generating Activities for your business?

I’d love to hear about Revenue Generating Activities that are working for you (right now) … in the trenches.