087 – BUSTED! The Legendary C.R.A.P. Gary Vaynerchuk Promotes And How You Can Monetize It

BUSTED! The C.R.A.P. Gary Vaynerchuk Promotes And How You Can Monetize It

087 – BUSTED! The C.R.A.P. Gary Vaynerchuk Promotes And How You Can Monetize It

OK … I can admit it.  The article for today’s post ” Busted!  The C.R.A.P. Gary Vaynerchuk Promotes And How You Can Monetize It ” is a bit over the top, but if you want to dig a little deeper and see what this is about … I promise … it’ll be worth your time.

Whether you’re familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk or not, it’s fair to say that this guy’s the REAL “President of the Internet” if there ever was one.  Sorry Frank!  I love you man … and you’ve helped me more than words can express … but Gary Vaynerchuk is top dog online.

Now, for those of you who don’t really know that much about the Social Media Marketing King … read on.  If you are familiar with the man, feel free to skip the next paragraph.

Gary Vaynerchuk – CEO of VaynerMedia & Marketing Mega-Star became famous after transitioning his father’s local liquor store into one of the first wine e-commerce platforms in the world. His efforts took that business from $3-60MM in sales in 5 years.

So, with a growing fan base of millions, he’s poised to displace the Internet’s longest serving El-Presidente’ … Frank Kern … and it’s gonna be a long time before someone can dethrone him.

Having said that … I’ve done my research and gone to great lengths to provide an accurate, compelling, valuable blog post/ podcast episode for you.

Several of my good friends told me that “compared to Gary” … I’m a small fish … and that “I shouldn’t make waves” by recording this podcast or writing this post.

Yes … the content is a bit “over-the-top” … but in addition to being 100% clean (i.e., “no cursing” and “no crassness”) … this is an episode that provides immense value … and keen insights you can put to work for you immediately in your business.

So, if you’re ready … it’s time to call out the King … because on today’s episode he’s:

BUSTED! The C.R.A.P. Gary Vaynerchuk Promotes And How You Can Monetize It

02:19 Hey everybody … Ken Newhouse from FunnelTribes.com here and I want to welcome you back to episode #087 of the Get Clients Now podcast. On today’s show, I’m gonna actually do something that I’ve never done before.

You know, some say it’s a bold move on my part and others. Well, they’ve been telling me that I probably should hold off and simply forget about.

Now before I get started with today’s show, I want to quickly mention that I’ll be doing a followup to the episode. I just did an episode #086, which was how to increase conversions and generate more sales by stacking the cool.

You know, I’d actually originally planned today’s episode to cover element number #14 from Sales Control’s™ Secret Selling System™… but after listening to a couple of Gary Vaynerchuk’s most recent podcasts, I really did feel compelled to do this episode today.

So I guess the first question I have to answer is:

“Why on Earth are you calling Gary Vee out?”

Well, I don’t know that I’m calling them out, but I’ve talked to a couple of my close friends and they’re saying: “Listen, you’re in a totally different market. Your goals, your ambitions objectives are totally different than his. And more importantly can you are a small fish.

And Gary, well, he’s like the proverbial big fish.

He’s like the shark that a jaws.”

03:28 So that indeed is a fair question. So let me do my best to answer it.

Now, most of you guys know that before FunnelTribes and before Sales Control™, like um, many, many moons ago, I practiced chiropractic for over a decade and a half.

And what I really, really loved about practicing chiropractic was that for patients who actually qualified for my care, these were people that I could actually help.

You know, I was able to provide transformational results for them. And in spite of a lot of people saying that, you know, in the chiropractors weren’t real doctors.

And in spite of all the criticism from moronic MDs and in spite of all the fears people have because of the, you know, the fear of the unknown about Chiropractic, I was able to really provide significant transformation in the lives of hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of patients over that many a time, many years.

04:13 Typically I saw anywhere from 100 to 125 patients a day, Monday through Thursday, retired with multiple clinics. But, uh, that’s what really drove me. That was really what I was very passionate about. And then to follow that up, most of you guys know that I was involved in a serious car accident, a head on collision with a dump truck.

Since that time, I’ve had 18 major surgeries. Probably have a couple more coming up here in the not too distant future. I’ve got another knee issue.

But, my career in Chiropractic as a result of that was cut short.

So while I never really thought about growing FunnelTribes and Sales Control™ as rapidly and as big as it’s grown, you know, heck, 20 years ago I had no idea that I’d actually be doing what I’m doing now.

I had no idea, but the fact remains is that I’m here and there are really several things there actually many things about what I’m actually doing with the members in the FunnelTribes community with the students in the Sales Control™ program and with our clients that kind of in a weird way present the same challenges and opportunities as I had when I was in practice.

05:07 And I want you to think about something for just a second. And then I’m gonna Kinda digging into the content for today. You know, I help consultants and professionals grow their brand and their bottom line.

I do that by teaching them how to market, how to get and keep the attention of their ideal prospects. You know, the people in their community we really need to reach right? And ultimately how to build their business, make more money. Right?

And with all the noise online today, especially from the people who really don’t know what they’re talking about, they may have a voice, they may have a lot of eyeballs, but they really don’t know what they’re talking about.

That’s a pretty big challenge for me to overcome. In fact, guys, there are several critics and naysayers out there who seemed to have all kinds of time on their hands.

05:44 I guess they don’t have any clients in their own who have nothing better to do than to criticize me and other people.

Now you might be thinking, wow, that’s kind of ironic, man. That’s really bold of you to say because aren’t you going to do the same today with Gary Vaynerchuk?

But I will say this before I dig any further, that’s totally okay, right?

Because there’s nothing that I love more than number one, proving people wrong and uh, and working real hard and providing transformational results for the people that I’m trying to help. And that actually brings me to the topic of today’s show.

Now, I am absolutely convinced that most of you guys, if not all of you, like the vast majority, you guys know who Gary Vaynerchuk is.

He talks about it often and it seems there’s a lot of folks online that think Gary is either, you know, like a bag of wind that he really doesn’t believe what he’s saying or that you know, he ultimately really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. So, as I mentioned earlier in the show, I really did feel the need to interject and do this show today on this particular topic.

And like I said, I did this because I listened to a couple of his podcasts and I really felt like it was something that I had to do. I’ve never done this before, but I really felt like as something that I simply had to do. So you guys are ready. Let’s go and get started.

07:07 You know, as the title of the podcast notes, I am absolutely, thoroughly convinced 110 percent convinced that you love The C.R.A.P. Gary Vaynerchuk Promotes And How You Can Monetize It. 

Now this is a clean show, so I’m not going to use any kind of foul words on the show. I know Gary, I think he’s mentioned to a timer or that he likes to use profanity kind of as a shock value and it really does appeal to his market. If I had to say on a personal note, anything that he does that really does bother me, I’m trying to learn how to get past it. It’s just, you know, I’m a devout Christian.

Gary’s super intelligent. He is super experienced. He’s really a legend, a modern day legend, which may sound kind of weird based on what I’m going to talk about here in just a minute. The only thing that he does that really just, it’s hard for me to deal with is the use of just the rank profanity for the sake of using profanity.

That’s his choice. Obviously I’m not his ideal customer. I am a follower of his. I do respect him. I do. Uh, do you have my opinions? But if I had to say one thing that really does bother me, it’s the profanity. Now what I’m about to say, it’s going to be a probably a hundred and 80 degrees opposite of what you thought this podcast was going to be about when I said that Gary Vaynerchuk is full of C.R.A.P.

08:24 So, if you’re ready let’s go and get started. Well, the “C” in the C.R.A.P. that I say Gary is full of … well that stands for CONFIDENCE. And in my opinion, this guy has every reason to be confident in himself, his opinions, his ability to see trends, his company, his team, and so much more. I mean,

if you think about the definition of confident, in fact, most people don’t know that Gary Vaynerchuk did not speak a word of English when he emigrated from Belarus in the former Soviet Union to the United States when he was, I think three or four years old. Okay. Story changes sometimes, but that’s irrelevant.

The fact is, when he got to America, he didn’t speak a of English. Now, when he was in I guess junior high and high school, he was a “D” and “F” student … and many people. I think pretty much everybody expected him to be a failure in life. However, as he has said on several occasions, in fact, many occasions, Gary says that his mother was constantly instilling confidence in him.

09:11 She was telling him that he was going to be successful. She really worked hard to stoke the belief in him and to cultivate that in himself, that he would have confidence, he would have optimism drive, that he would have a superior work ethic, and he does talk a lot about how his dad really slave him.

You know, it was making all that money, selling his baseball cards and lemonade stands. But I think when he hit the age of 14, he was forced into work in his parents’ liquor store and I think over the next couple of years he basically worked 15 hours a day and didn’t come out of the dungeon, so to speak.

Image courtesy of Business Service Growth

He worked, I guess the basement area sweeping up and building boxes and stuff like that, but his parents, especially his mother, really instilled confidence in him and he’s become one of the most respected and successful digital media brands on the planet … and that’s actually VaynerMedia …his company.

09:51 It’s just unbelievable. And during the most recent interview that I heard on this podcast that was earlier today, I heard him say that he’s not interested in being a quote unquote motivational speaker, but many people actually do. I am being one of them, see him as being very motivational. It’s because he’s very confident and based on his track record, it’s easy to understand.

In addition to that is because he chooses to go through life. He makes his way through life as I won’t say an eternal optimist, but as very strong optimist, he’s chosen to see the glass is not even half full, but like always full. The potential is fantastic and his outlook on life and his outlook on opportunity and his outlook on all that.

The Internet that’s literally like he says, transform humankind, provides unparalleled opportunity. He’s always looking for opportunity.

10:40 Always, always, always been. Why is that? Like I said before, this guy’s always moving forward. He’s always moving forward with confidence and belief in himself and his mother really instilled that in him.

And more importantly, if you’ll invest the time to really listen to what he’s telling you, you’re going to come immediately to understand why he’s so confident, but more importantly, you’re going to learn a lot and the things you’re gonna learn, they’re going to help you become more confident in yourself.

And I’m gonna help you build up your personal brand and become more successful. All right, let’s move on to our next letter. So the “R” in the C.R.A.P that I say that Gary is full of stands for “RIGHT AGAIN”.

And the reason I say he’s right, again, is real simple and think about it. Of all the prognosticators, of all the so called experts who has been the one that has consistently told us about the Internet, about the opportunity on the Internet, about all the different platforms that are going to fail about all the different platforms that are going to rise up and grow.

11:30 Where you want to have your business online. And this guy has been right virtually every time. Listen, Gary has been telling us about the internet and how it’s going to change everything. For years. He’s told us about platforms that are going to be online. He’s told us about twitter and Facebook and Instagram and snapchat and all these other platforms before they became big. He told us they would become big before anybody else was talking about these things.

Gary was telling us what was going to happen, where we want it to be, how we want it to promote and grow our personal brands and ultimately how to grow our business and our bottom line. Listen, when virtually everybody else was telling us to go left, Gary was saying, hey guys, you’re wrong. You want to go right on this one, and over time he’s been proven right … again and again and again.

12:11 He’s been right about trends even before they’ve come into existence. And the irony of all of this, to me at least, is that virtually all of the naysayers, listen, this guy’s virtually all of the people who publicly criticized him are now turning to him for his advice, which I’m sure for him, it’s something that he really enjoys.

But I know as many people as really hammer this guy and we’re so critical of him and basically wrote him off. The guy has demonstrated over time that he is right time and time again. So whether you’re offended by his use of profanity or whether you think he’s a braggart and full of himself, all I can say is this. You know when it comes right down to it, no pun intended, Gary’s going to be right again.

13:03 The “A” in C.R.A.P. that I say Gary Vaynerchuk is full of … stands for ACHIEVEMENT … but not just any achievement. Think about this guys, when you look at where he’s come from and then you look at what he’s been able to achieve, you can immediately understand why when you pick up a copy of a Victionary … (pun intended) … not a dictionary, but a Victionary … and you look up the word achievement.

You’re going to find two words under that definition. Gary Vaynerchuk. Now, for the sake of time, I’m not even gonna attempt to list all of his successes, but the guy has grown VaynerMedia unbelievably in a very short amount of time.

His right consistently on just about everything having to do with doing business online today, his reach, his dept is everywhere across the Internet, but if you want to read for yourself, if you’ve got a few hours to invest in, that just will allow you to scratch the surface.

13:51 You can google Gary Vaynerchuk’s achievements, which is going to yield a preponderance of evidence. The Gary Vaynerchuk and the word achievement are synonymous.

Now, last but not least, the “P” in the C.R.A.P. that I say Gary’s full of stands for “PLANS”. Listen, if you want to know how to build your personal brand and become super, super successful, I’m going to make this very simple. Pick up a copy of Gary’s books. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. I know he wrote a couple books before that, didn’t read those, but Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook … it’s awesome.

The book “Crush It” … game changer … and his latest book “Crushing It” … Priceless! If you want a plan for success, right, if you want to instantly discovered how Gary has given you is created it, and he’s outlined the perfect plan for you, right? A perfect blueprint for your success online. Pick up the books and buy it.

14:39 I listened. I get nothing out of it. I’ve never talked to the guy. I’m not one of those people that would just literally just pass out and fall over dead. If I got a chance to talk to him online, certainly I’d like to pick his brain. I know obviously that will probably never happen.

You know, a few of the things he says I don’t necessarily agree with. As it relates to me. I work many hours. I’ve built many successful businesses as I define success. You know, some of the things he says that are really, really agree with, uh, like family first family first. I’m really big on my family. I have a lovely family, delightful parents is really good.

Parents who just awesome parents who brought me up with great values and my parents are really old now. My Dad’s 81 and my mom is 78 and I try to spend a lot of my time with them now.

15:22 I forego a lot of opportunity and a lot of work, so I can invest time with my parents before they leave this earth and go on to be with the Lord. But having said that, I really agree with the fact that he’s really big on family, but I want to throw this in really quick if you guys will make it a habit to listen to his presentations, his interviews, you know, read his posts on social platforms, unifying that Gary is not only giving you his plan and VaynerMedia’s planning for success, right?

The plan for success for him and his company, but he’s also giving you continually. He’s revealing a plan for success for all of us. Right? And if we’d simply listen to what the guy’s saying and then we’d act on it intelligently and we’d hustled like he talks.

He’s real big on working hard, you know, that’s one of my pet peeves is that when people come to apply for membership and the final tribes online community, if at all, I feel like these people are not willing to do a lot of hard work.

16:10 They can’t become members in the community. Listen, there is no magic pill, right? One of the main ingredients in success today is called hard work and if you’re one of those types of people who is in to really get rich quick, you want to get a lot and do little to get it. Gary really hashes on this and that’s something I really agree with him on. You know, the fact that he’s struggled in high school. I did as well.

I went on to become a doctor. I was in the lower half of the lower half of my high school class, but I went on to go through a successful career in the military and then I went from there, went on to become a licensed chiropractor and was very, very successful. In fact, on my practices were probably in the top one percent in the country as far as patient volume.

16:46 I’ve helped a lot of people and that’s one of the things that I love so much about what I do now because a lot of these people have tried a lot of things and they’re jaded. They’re absolutely jaded, but I listened to those episodes of Gary and I really did feel like it was important for me.

You know, I do have a platform now, you know, I’m a contributor on the Dentaltown platform, got almost a million and a half years now, which is peanuts compared to what Gary’s doing.

I don’t want to be Gary. I want to be me, but I feel like he’s got a lot to offer and if you can get past the fact, you know, full disclaimer, he’s got a foul mouth sometimes. Not all the time, but if you can get past that, what the guy is telling you is really, really valuable.

17:23 In fact, what he’s telling you is probably more valuable than just about anybody else online. He’s giving you his best stuff continually and he’s giving it to you for free about the only thing he could do more is actually do the work for you and that’s not going to happen.

He’s giving you everything, but literally he’s not doing the work for you. He’s doing everything else. He’s telling you which platforms, depending on what kind of business you have. His books are literally like $100,000 seminars and one of the smartest investment you can make is by his books, read them and then act upon them.

Don’t just read them, study them like manuals and act upon them and when it comes to Gary Vaynerchuk, I do believe that he is full of C.R.A.P. and if you’re smart, you’ll take the time to listen to what he has to say, and you’ll follow up on what he has to say with action and by doing that I think you’re going to benefit greatly and do that very, very quickly.

18:18 All right guys, we’re gonna. Go and wrap up and then I’ll see you a couple of days where I’m going to pick back up with element number #14 in Sales Control’s™ Secret Selling System, and then we’ve got only a couple more episodes after that until we wrap up that particular series. And then from there we’re going to have an answer.

She is the best-selling author of the book “Subscription Marketing” and with that particular episode we’re gonna wrap up the series on subscription and membership marketing and have the subscription and membership business model that you can adopt into your business. Spare very quickly and do actually quite well with it and on the show.

After that, we’re going to have my good friend Dr., Kevin Hogan. It’s one of the world’s leading experts on human behavior and persuasion. That is an episode you do not want to miss.

18:55 If you actually wanted to see Dr. Hogan and one of his live events, you pay a couple grand at a minimum to get in, so it’s going to be an awesome show. I’m looking forward to it. I promise you guys, you’re going to get a lot out of that show and you’re absolutely gonna. Love it. Talk to you then. Bye, bye.