086 – How To Dramatically Increase Your Sales By Stacking The Cool

Ken Newhouse is the founder of FunnelTribes and in today's post he teaches you how to dramatically increase your sales by staking the cool

I think it’s fair to say that all of us would love it if we could sell more of our products and services. So, today, I’m going to show you how to dramatically incresae your sales by stacking the cool.

To do that … we’re going to dive back into Sales Control™ and the Secret Selling System and pick up where we left off from back on episode #085 where I ended with element #12 which was “Expressing the value that your prospects are going to get relative to the price that you’re asking them for whatever is that you’re selling.”

And before we get rolling … before we dig into the contents of the training … I want to talk to you for just a second about one of my most successful clients in the FunnelTribes community.

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She is both a chiropractor and a registered nurse. Her name is Becky and she’s the professional behind in front of Natural Health Associates, the company she’s created.  Now, if you were to ask her to describe how she’s really amped up her sale so dramatically, which pertains to today’s training, (and she gets asked this a lot) … she’ll tell you that she learned how to dramatically increase your sales by stacking the cool.

So what exactly then is Dr Becky’s “secret of success?” What is her secret behind being able to sell so much more stuff? Well, she says it’s about building community and bringing women together and this is based on her own admission. Becky actually gets quite irritated when people continually ask her, you know, what is the big secret? What’s

the big secret behind your tremendous success in her response to that is actually a quote from her here.

“I kept saying, okay, what are like, what’s your secret running a successful business, making lots of money. It’s so much more than “having a secret.  One of the things that helped me most is when Ken taught me how to dramatically increase your sales by stacking the cool. It’s not simply over-delivering. I see a lot of people, my generation talking about making more sales …”

And for the record, Dr Becky, I think she’s going on 58, but she looks like she’s coming in right around the age of 45. She looks awesome and the reason that I’m actually telling you how old she is because it’s completely relevant with the remainder of her quote. So let’s go out and pick back up where she left off.

“That’s a lot of people. My generation talking about ‘making more sales and what they’re gonna do to make it happen’. You know, I hate talking about what I’m going to do. I just do it. I stack the cool. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’ve got to deliver value to your community, but when Ken show me how to dramatically increase your sales by stacking the cool, that changed everything.  From then on, I started looking for ways to stack it bigger and bigger and it’s really helped my business take off.”

So, let’s go ahead and get started with today’s training and it just a bit.

I’m going to actually come back to Dr Becky story and I’m gonna reveal her secret for quote unquote stacking the cool and I am totally confident guys at this point that once you learn how to stack the cool you gonna be able to ramp up your sales and grow your business just as rapidly as Dr Becky has with hers and I’m talking about legendary gains in sales.

This is not just, you know, if you made a 10 percent increase, if you were able to obtain a 10 percent increase in your bottom line sales without really raising your overhead, that will be substantial.

But I’m talking about a lot bigger increase than that and she’s done it consistently and she continues to do it as we speak. So last episode, episode 85, we ended with element number 12 and Sales Control’s™

Secret Selling System, which was to express the value that your prospects are getting relative to the price you’re asking.

05:34 So it’s really, really important. If you haven’t heard that episode, go back and listen to it, but I’ll just give you a quick synopsis on that. You want to make sure that your prospects both realize and understand the tremendous value they’re getting in exchange for the money they’re giving …

So there are lots of different strategies and techniques that you can use to actually maximize that effect so that you’re literally creating the mindset in your prospect where she says to herself, Hey, listen, I would have to be an absolute moron not to take advantage of this opportunity.

This is awesome. Element #12, and we also covered element #11 in the last training which came out just a couple of days ago, but now we’re gonna. Pick up with element #13 Sales Control’s™ Secret Selling System, which is to let your prospect know that this awesome offer isn’t going to last forever, and there’s another word for that.

It’s called utilizing scarcity. Now I’m not talking about fake scarcity and a lot of you guys might actually be thinking: “What, in the world is Ken talking about here, I’m not sure.”

Well, think about it. We’ve been going through Sales Control’s™ Secret Selling System over the last several episodes, and I’m just going to tell you straight up guys, it’ll help you sell a lot more your stuff, right, so when you’re using copy on your website or in a sales letter.

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