085 – The Secret for Increasing Online Sales, Reducing Refunds and Improving Your Brand’s Reputation

Get Clients Now Podcast Episode 085 - The Secret for Increasing Onlines Sales, Reducing Refunds and Building Your Brand

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Hey everybody, can new house from funnel tribes dot come here and I’m gonna. Walk me back to episode 85, uh, the get clients now podcasts, and on today’s show we’re going to dive back into sales control and the secret selling system and we’re going to pick up from where we left off back in episode number 79.
Now before I dig in today, I want to tell you that the next several episodes are going to be a bit shorter than normal, right? I’m going to have one solid long show week, probably a deep interview or a really important topic that I want to cover with you guys and then I’m going to have several more shorter episodes and there’s a couple different reasons for that. Number one, we’ve been getting so much traffic and so many people wanting to join funnel tribes that I’ve really, I’ve thought about this over a long time. I kind of was hesitant to do it, but I’ve actually come to the decision where I’m going to have our platform. Actually it’s being done right now. We’re having the platform updated so we can handle more members. In the system, number two, I’ve actually been traveling a lot more than I am used to.
I don’t like to travel unless it’s to go bow hunting or fishing or somewhere on vacation somewhere cool with my family. So I’ve been traveling a lot this month. I’m much of it’s been related to a hand raise soccer team and uh, actually traveling a lot more than I’m used to and I want to quickly mention I’m going to give Kudos to Hannah and all the hard work that she did in the girls on her team and the coaches and certainly in the parents, but typically I don’t travel that much, really don’t like it. Don’t like to do seminars anymore outside. I’ll do them from time to time, but uh, I enlisted my vacation or something or doing something cool with my family or my kids or I’m out, you know, sitting in a tree somewhere. I’m not all been inclined to travel. So I do want to give Kudos to Hannah and her team under the coaches, into the parents.
Her team went 19 and one, which is unheard of. She’s playing at academy level, which is the highest level in soccer. She’s 14, she’s going to be a freshman in high school next year. But uh, having said that 19 in one, they lost in the semifinals of the Missouri State Cup, had a bad game all year long, had a bad game, gave up 10 goals all year long and 20 games so 19 and one, they won their slice of league. They went a nine or 10 and when that they won the Midwest Regional League, which are all the best teams from the year before who had qualified for state in six different midwestern states and at least made it to the semifinals. And the MRI, all, they played seven games and gave up zero goals, clean sheet all the way through. So, uh, like I said, our team ended up 19 in one, which is pretty amazing in anybody’s book now for me, I never played soccer.
I played high school baseball, football and I wrestled and then in college, but never touched a soccer ball. And to this day I regret it because I think, in my opinion, soccer has to be one of the most exciting games right alongside ice hockey that you can watch. It’s just amazing and I’ve really fallen in love with it since Hannah started to play. So number three, another reason why the next few episodes, I’m actually testing this and I want to get your feedback on it, but I want to test it is that I’m going to be doing more episodes every week of the podcast. So if I condense the episodes down, give you more value, a couple, two or three very powerful strategies in a given show over a shorter amount of time, I think that’s going to make it easier for you to listen, Digest, and act upon the information I gave you when it’s right for you.
And then number four, actually almost forgot this one. So there’s one more. I do have to be honest and upfront with you. You know, I’m all about being honest. I am about A. I think it’s right to be truthful with the people who trust you with the people who listened to you. And so I have to admit to you guys, and I’m in most instances, in fact, every other entrance I would say I would be a little bit ashamed of this, but I’m not. I’ve been watching a lot of television lately actually over the last week, maybe two weeks or so, a lot more than I normally do. I do not typically watch more than an hour or so of tv a day. And as you can probably guess, what do you think? I’ve been watching. I’ve been watching soccer, soccer, soccer, as I said, I think it’s the greatest sport ever.
Right? And I’ve been watching the World Cup guys, and even though the USA literally choked, he choked shores for the taking and you choked. Unbelievable. We choked and didn’t make the World Cup but didn’t even qualify. Right. But the level of play that I’ve been able to watch just ended up watching the Brazil game today over Costa Rica. And they scored two goals in stoppage time. It was simply amazing. I mean, Neymar is incredible. So if you’re a soccer fan, if you’re not sorry, but if you’re a soccer fan, you know what I’m telling you, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Msci has choked every time in both games. Second game, he actually didn’t even show up, but Renauldo what a star, what an amazing athlete for goals and two wins. Scored every goal for his team. Unbelievable talent. And actually guys, I’m going to do A.
I actually learned so much. I got this idea today that I was going to do a short episode this week, like an extra episode from what I learned watching Brazil actually pull that win out against coast Rica. Literally with like three minutes left in stoppage time. So they went the full 90 minutes. Then about three minutes into stoppage time, they had a total of six minutes to stop each time and about three minutes into stoppage they scored two goals. Uh, and they had to have that to really have any chance to continue. They tied their first game against Iceland and Iceland did a phenomenal job. And I know if you’re not a soccer fan, this is probably like, all right, get it over with already. Would you please? Let’s. Let’s dig into the shell. Alright, you guys are ready. Let’s go ahead and get started. So back in episode number 79 guys, we ended with element number 10 in sales controls secret selling system, which was, if you remember, prove your word to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt. And we gave you several elements, are several components of that element to make that happen. Testimonials on video being one of them. Now, today we’re actually going to pick up with element number 11 of the secret selling system, which is titled unveiling the offer. All right, if you’re ready, let’s go ahead and get started. So number 11, element number 11 in sales control. Secret selling system is, as I said, just amended to go on veiling the offer.
Now, this might sound a bit silly to you guys, but in reality, I want you to think about this. More product returns are initiated by purchasers who actually quote unquote assume that your product or service is going to be in one form or another. So let’s assume for a second that let’s say somebody signs up for sales control. If I, and I’ll dig into this a little bit, they may think they’re going to get the entire training all at once. They may think they’re going to get access to the entire training, so if they want to start in section one or if they want to jump all the way to section 12 in the end they can do that, but that’s not how it works. Okay, so I want you to heed my advice. Listen to me very carefully, and don’t assume that people, your perspective customers, clients, patients, whoever they are, don’t assume that they’re going to know what form your product or service comes in.
Now, seriously, we’re not. Sometimes people the brightest, most educated people make the most ridiculous assumptions you can imagine. So you gotta make it unmistakably clear as to what they’re getting. And I’m talking about dimensions, weight. That’s a physical product. You know how they’re going to get access to it when they get access to it, especially if it’s digital. Now, why do you think I’m investing the time to stress this point so strongly with you guys and why do you think that I’ve included it as one of the important elements in sales controls, secret selling system? Hello? Listen, I’m trying to save you countless thousands of dollars over the next several years in returns, and more importantly, I’m trying to help you preserve your online reputation. So again, element 11, unveiling the offer is where you’re going to reveal what you’re giving your customer in exchange for the dollar amount that you’re asking them to give you in return.
So very important guys, that you invest the time to be more than crystal clear. Listen, you can’t be too clear on what you’re telling these people. They’re going to get, okay, so you’ve got to be like, hey, here’s exactly what you’re getting and here’s how much you can have it for guys. And studies show that your prospect wants to know this more than anything else on your sales page. So as an example, guys, if we look at Clicktale and the research they’ve done, that’s a software application that proves that your prospective customers and clients are spending listened, they’re spending the majority of their time looking at the offer on your sales page. So listen, if you’ve got an amazingly compelling offer, better known as remember your irresistible offer, yet there are elements of your irresistible offer, how you’re presenting it that are really just not clear, guess what’s going to happen.
Your sales are going to be flat and your refund rates are going to be much, much higher than they need to be, which is not cool. So within your irresistible offer, you need to help your prospective customer justify his purchase. This is another step or another component of this element, element number 11. So within your offer, you’ve got to help the customer, the perspective customer. In this case, you got to help them see why this is really important for him or her to make the purchase. You gotta help them justify in his own mind, okay, the buyer’s own mind, why they need to buy this. Okay? And then one step further, you need to actually help them justify, you need to give them the ammunition so they can go to their spouse or significant other or their boss or whoever, so they can justify to that person why indeed they made the purchase.
You know, most of the time you’re going to deal with people who have a spouse where they need to get permission. I’ll be at psychological or emotional, but they still need to be able to go to the spouse. If it’s a significant investment of money, you know, five, $600, a thousand, 2000, 10,000, whatever it is, you know, they’re usually going to have to go explain that or let the, let the spouse know in most instances, not every, not all of them, right? But they’re going to let the other, you know, their spouse or whoever know they’ve invested this much money and it really helps reduce the chance of getting a refund. If you can equip them with information or a way to say it, or a presentation on how to present this to that other person. So when they go back to their spouse post-purchase, they’ll have a better chance of that spouse being on board with them. Alright? So once you’ve actually solidified your offer and you made it crystal clear, the next step in the process is where you’re gonna. Make your first soft call to action, where you going to invite your prospective customer to take action. Like now, especially if you’ve got them all lathered up and they’re excited about what it is that you’re selling and that’s gonna. Move us right into element 12,
which is to express the value that they’re getting relative to the amount of money or the price that you’re asking for what it is that you’re selling. So there’s a real skill and getting this right guys, and if you can, you have to do it. Honestly, I can’t stress that enough. All right? If you lie to your prospects or if you even just, you know, if you bend the truth or tell a little while, it’s going to come back and get you. It’s going to bite you in the rear end. But in addition to being honest guys, his mean old Dan used to say, this is where you’re going to sell money at a discount and to really awesome examples of selling money at a discount or number one, funnel tribes and number two sales control. So let me give you an explanation of what I’m talking about.
So funneled tribes, membership starts at 1197 a year and the average member is generating an Roi of just over 1400 percent by year’s end. And our students in the sales control training or investing nine 97 to go through the training and the average student is generating just under 865 percent Roi within 12 months of completing the course. It’s a very inexpensive course, but it’s very, very powerful. Okay, so 165 roi, it aren’t six. It’s like almost nine times what they invest. That’s average. Some people are doing way, way more than that. Okay? So when I actually opened up the membership and follow tribes, and when I open up enrollment in sales control, I am literally quote unquote selling money at a discount. So in this step, you want to let your perspective buyers know, number one, how long it’s taken you to amass all this wisdom and experience that you’re pouring into your product or the service that you’re going to be giving them.
You also want to let them know how much manpower is actually gone into developing the thing that you’re selling. So in our case, I’ve got 21 plus years of experience selling products and services online and I’ve got over 20 years of experience helping professionals, consultants, coaches, and small business owners grow their businesses, build massive tribes, have loyal clients, customers, patients, and ultimately I’ve been able to help them sell millions of dollars with the stuff online and certainly offline. So another component of this element actually genetic buying trigger, right? It’s called quote unquote, for the same price as you pay for a cup of coffee, you can have x, right? Again, this is one over four dozen genetic buying triggers that you’re going to get into sales control system when you go through that training. So this is a very powerful psychological switch that once activated, he’s got to increase the chances that your prospect is going to buy what you’re selling by a factor of 10 or more.
So let me give you a real quick example of how this works so you can use it effectively. Now, I want you to imagine just for a second that you’re talking to your prospect. Could be, could be in a live face to face presentation. You know, maybe you’re sitting across the desk from them or you’re in the office or you’ve met somewhere. It doesn’t really matter. I could be the front of the room at a live event selling from the platform. It could be in a sales video or a Webinar, or it might be maybe in the sales copy on your website. Does it really matter? The same approach is going to be taken in all instances, right? In the way you can activate this genetic buying triggers to simply take the price of what you’re selling. In this case, let’s say it’s $1,500 and then you’re going to break that down either into weekly or a daily dollar amounts.
Okay? From there what you’re going to do is you’re going to compare it with what they’re consistently blowing money on, like on a daily basis. So let me give you another example, right? Let’s say the thing that we’re selling is $1,500 like I mentioned, which breaks down to. Let me see here, that’s $28 and eighty five cents plus or minus a penny per week, and if you break that number down further, you’re going to end up with a whopping $4 and ten cents, maybe four, 12 a day, $4 and twelve cents a day. That’s not a lot of money. Now I’m sure you guys can see where I’m going with this, right? You’re going to tell your prospect here. Let me just give you a little sample thing what you’re saying. Okay, quote, listen for what you’re already paying, and then a lot of cases for less than what you’re paying for that starbucks latte.
You’re grabbing on your way to work every day. You can have my ex, my service, my product, so Mr. Prospect or ms, prospect, where else can you invest? Essentially what you’re already paying for that cup of starbucks coffee each day and get a product or service. It’s going to end up helping you make tons and tons of money or that’s going to help you lose tons and tons of weight. Whether it’s going to help you get more clients, customers or patients into your practice or Yada, Yada, Yada. You get the idea, so activating this genetic buying trigger works so well because it helps your perspective. Customer realize that if their priorities are really straight, if they’re dialed into their business and being successful in meeting and achieving and exceeding their goals, right, and then assuming you have to assume that you’ve got an amazing product or service and you’ve created an irresistible offer, all the other bullet points, all the other elements in the previous trainings we’ve done, you’ve done those correctly, right?
That they’re going to have to say to themselves, Hey, I’ve got more than enough money in my budget for this. I’d be crazy not to do this right now. That’s what this element is all about. Now, ultimately guys, element 12 and the various component strategies that I’ve listed are designed to help your prospects see that actually hiring, paying you for your product or services is really a surefire way to get their hands on that proverbial, as we all know, golden ticket, right? The thing that’s going to help them leapfrog over and passed all the clueless people, all the morons, all the people they don’t like. I don’t know if they’re morons or not, and like Superman, they’re gonna blast past every one of their competitors who don’t have access to the solutions that you’re offering. Lastly, they’re also going to come to the realization that your solution is unimaginably inexpensive relative to the consequences of not getting it or worse.
This is something you can add in as well. That’s really like, it’s like the death now for the resistance, right? You want to make sure that they understand that they’re taking a risk if they don’t purchase, if they don’t invest with you, that they’re risking the chance that their competitors going to get it, and then they’re gonna have to actually suffer the humiliation in the future by their competitor actually trouncing them and doing very, very well with the resources that you’re selling. Now, if I were to actually stop at this point and then move on to the next element in the sales control secret selling system, you will have received an amazing set of sales strategies from just one element from just element number 12. But wait, there’s more now. I’m sorry guys, I couldn’t resist throwing that in so seriously. There’s a lot more to this element that I want to give you guys. So now that you’ve activated that genetic buying trigger for the price of a cup of coffee, right, you’re going to follow that up by activating yet another genetic buying trigger, which is called the price drop. I go something like this,
if you add all this stuff up and it costs you $2,000, but today we’re not gonna charge you $2,000. We’re not gonna charge you $2,500. We’re not going to charge you $2,200. We’re only going to charge you $1,500.
Now I’m going to be the first one to admit guys that this does on the surface. The way I’ve done it, I don’t read very well from a script. Sounds kind of cheesy, but I want you to know, listen, it works right? It works even on very sophisticated buyers.
I can’t use that strategy. I’m sounding like a used car salesman. I’m not sure if I want to use that or not.
That’s your choice, but listen, you’re turning away free money by not using it, so why do I say that? Because it’ll give you on average and average increase in average bump in your total sales of eight to 12 percent when you do use it. Now, you don’t have to word it exactly how I did. You can be a little more eloquent than that, but if you use that, it works consistently across all industries and niches and it’ll bump your sales and average of eight to 12 percent. That’s free money if you choose to do this, you know decide to use this and at least test it. One other thing, if shipping is involved in, in your numbers work, you can throw that in for free as well. You know if you’ve got a physical product or something like that that you’re going to actually give to your customer, your client, your patient, whoever they are, you can actually throw shipping and for free is another nail in the coffin to the resistance of them purchasing.
Now, that’s going to go ahead and conclude the show for today. Told you it’s going to be kind of short, but we’re gonna pick back up in our next episode with element 13 in sales controls, secret selling system, and I’m also give you that bonus episode that I’m putting together of lessons I learned from watching Brazil come back from that victory over Costa Rica. Now don’t disregard that because the information is really relevant to your business and the success that you have in your business. Also want to remind you that on an upcoming episode should be in the next couple of days, I’m going to have an Jan’s or the author of the bestselling book, subscription marketing, and then in another couple of days after that I’m going to have my very good friend Dr Kevin Hogan. He’s one of the leading authorities in the world on persuasion and persuasive communications. That’s a very important show that’s coming up, so I want to let you know about that.
Those will be longer shows. Those are going to have a lot more information, so until then, continue to work really, really hard. Really, it is about hard work guys. Hard work really does pay off. Got To be smart though as well, but hard smart work in the long run pays off, so hang in there and I’ll see you guys on the next episode. Bye Bye. If your business is struggling and you can’t crack the online marketing code and you’d like to access the newest and most effective strategies, systems and tools that are working right now in the trenches, check out the final tribes.com online community and discover how thousands of consultants and professionals just like you are transforming their businesses. Building massive tribes have loyal clients and making more money.