037 – The Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Without Wasting Time and Money

The Secret Method for Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Without Wasting Time and Money

So in today’s post, I’m gonna show you The Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Without Wasting Time and Money!

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So, I want today’s special post to be my gift to you…

and when it comes to creating and deploying a six-figure sales funnel for your business…

I’m hopeful that you’ll find the secret method for building a six-figures sales funnel is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for.

So, on last week’s show (episode #036) I covered The Daily Seinfeld Strategy with you

…and if you happened to have missed that show

(The Daily Seinfeld Strategy) is a methodology that makes it super easy to sell lots and lots of stuff …

to people on your lists and you do that (without using any type of sales tactics.

So, if you’re a person that hates the whole selling process …

but you’d love a methodology that helps you to sell (lots and lots of stuff online) …

The Daily Seinfeld Strategy (just might be) the perfect strategy to implement in your business.

Now at the end of the last two episodes, I’ve given you the link where you can download (PDF) blueprints …

(which are essentially) “Process maps” that show you (how to implement each methodology)

And the methodologies I’m talking about (specifically) are (working our way back from last week’s show):

  1. The Daily Seinfeld Strategy Email Blueprint – which you can download 100% FREE by clicking here.
  2. Next, I gave you The Soap Opera Sequence Blueprint (and that was for creating trust and building affinity with prospects when they first opt in to your list.)

You can download that blueprint (100% FREE) by clicking here. 

Now, these are great resources (probably better than most of the paid stuff that’s out there) …

They’re 100% free and you don’t need to give me your email address (to get them).

You simply go the links I’ve given you (I’ll also include these in the show notes for you today) but you go to one (or both) links and simply click the “download” button.

Now, if you’re like me and if you’re like our Members in the FunnelTribes online community you (absolutely love) getting stuff that’s gonna help you (get tons of clients) and sell tons of stuff right outta the box.

In my conservative estimation …the secret method for building a six-figure sales funnel would probably take you a year (maybe two) …

to figure it out on your own, and that’s if you kept at it that long and didn’t quit out of frustration.

And you’d probably spend somewhere north of ($10,000) in the process.

This methodology is working in the trenches (like right now) …

as in today, Christmas 2017 – and it’ll continue working through all of 2018.

This means that if you’re the opposite of lazy and you’re the opposite of a procrastinator…

You’ll be able to implement this process and bank an extra (say $40 – ($50K) by this time next year …

and that estimate is ON THE LOW END!

Now, there’s NO MAGIC in the secret for building a six-figure sales funnel …

and while most of my clients and (virtually every) Member in the FunnelTribes community …

would swear that one of my Super Powers is that I can help you build a six-figure sales funnel for your business (quickly and easily) …

I’m content to let my work (i.e., “my secret for building a six-figure sales funnel “) speak for itself.

Now, in addition to giving you The Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Without Time and Money on today’s show …

I’ve got a very special Surprise for you today …

A Christmas Gift …and it’s yours 100% FREE!

I’ll come back to that in a bit …but suffice it say that I’m giving you a REAL Thing …

Something that sells day in and day out online …

And I want nothing for it in return …not even your email address!

So, for now …let’s get to work.

Now before I dive in and start building a new sales funnel …

the first thing I’m gonna do (is a little bit of research).

Not anything too dramatic or time-consuming, but enough to get the job done.

What I’m looking for (quite simply) are other people who have already built a successful funnel (for their business) meaning that (they’re already selling stuff) to the market I’m planning on targeting.

Now the secret method for building a six-figure sales funnel …the methodology I’m teaching you today…

emphasizes the fact that we don’t want to waste time and money during this process…

We want to get this done “lickety-split” …so you can start getting clients and selling your stuff very, very quickly.

So, common sense tells us that (our goal) is not to spend a lot of time doing this which means (quite honestly) that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, right?

So, If I set out to find someone who’s already got a successful sales funnel but (I can’t find anyone) like (no one’s got one for the market I want to sell to) I’m gonna put the brakes on the project.

On the other hand, if I “CAN” find (at least one person or company) who’s already successfully selling their stuff (in the market I’ve chosen) then we’re in BIDNESS!

OK if you’re a bit confused I guess it’s time for me to explain.

If you can find others (who are already) successfully selling (to the chosen market), then you can reverse engineer what they’re doing.

Now, the reason you want to reverse engineer what they’re doing is quite simply …

(so you can figure out where) they’re getting the traffic (i.e., all them their prospects”) that they’re pushing into their sales funnel).

Ya know (the last time I checked) I noticed that there were hundreds of (so-called gurus) who are teaching (lots of ways to generate traffic) with new ones popping up (every time I go online.)

Now experience tells me (and by the way) I’m suggesting this for you as well but experience has taught me to focus on one (real, “i.e., proven” strategy).

So, this means that I want you to (IGNORE) all those traffic generating methods online…

(and then simply) look at the business who’s already successful …

(remember) the business we found in our market that’s (already figured it out) and they’re selling lots of stuff

But you’re simply going to look to see (what their traffic source is) and then you’re going to (metaphorically speaking) simply pull up your lawn chair

…plunk yourself down in front of it (and send it on a little detour to your sales funnel).

Now, I’ll explain in more detail (as we go) how to do this but before we get there let me ask you a question:

Why work hard to generate traffic when it’s already out there waiting for you?

So, The Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Without Wasting Time and Money

… lies in knowing how to (reverse engineer your competitors’ sales funnels.)

And in today’s post I’m going to show you and walk you through (the exact process)

…so you’ll be able to (see and understand) what they are doing (where their traffic is coming from) and how to divert their traffic into your sales funnel (which means that it instantly becomes) your traffic.

Now, before I continue I want to make something very, very clear here.

I am NOT showing you how to steal someone’s traffic or how to do anything that’s unethical or uncool.

(I’m simply showing you) one of my best-kept secrets for Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel …

Without The Frustration of Wasting Time and Money!

I’m giving you this (so you can essentially) LEAP FROG over your competitors and (go straight to the front of the line).

Now, if that sounds good to you

…and it sounds like something you’d like to learn how to do

… let’s get started (so I can show you) how simple this process (really) is.

OK so, the first step (in the process of) reverse engineering an existing traffic stream is to understand (the five building blocks) that exist in EVERY successful advertising campaign online.

Each of these building blocks is (very, very important) and as a result I’ll never (start building a sales funnel) until I know at least four of them.

If I’ve got (two or more) unknowns from this list I won’t move forward on a project (no matter how promising it looks).

Now here’s a quick note for ya (a writer downer) as mean ‘ole Dan Kennedy says:

So, if one of my funnels isn’t performing (as it should) the first thing I’m going to do is analyze these five components because 99 times out of a 100 it’s going to be because of one of these building blocks is not set up right.

OK so here are the five building blocks behind my Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel:

  1. Demographics
  2. The Offer
  3. Landing page layout
  4. The Traffic source
  5. The Ad copy

Now, it’s important to me that you have total clarity on this subject so let’s take a look at each one of these components of my Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel individually.

Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Building Block #1 is: DEMOGRAPHICS.

So, when I talk about (demographics) I’m simply referring to (the characteristics) of the people you’re targeting.

Demographics are going to help define (who belongs in the target group) and who doesn’t. Specifically (I’m talking about distinguishing factors) such as:

A. Age
B. Education
C. Geographical location
D. Income level
E. Language
F. Political affiliations
G. Race and
H. Sex

Demographics includes (any and all characteristics you can think of) that define those people (you want to reach with your message).

For example, the FunnelTribes online community has a primary demographic (consisting of consultants, coaches, SBO’s, Professionals and entrepreneurs) with businesses making between (a hundred grand and two million dollars a year).

The FunnelTribes PLATINUM coaching group (has a primary demographic) of online entrepreneurs with businesses making ($4 Million and $11 Million) per year.

So, if I put the right offer (in front of the wrong demographic), it’s going to crash and burn (which is NOT GOOD!)

As an example, If I offer our $9,700/month platinum coaching program (to someone with a business that’s making $150K/year) they’re not gonna buy.

So, it’s very, very important (that you do a little research) so you can get our demographics right.

If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a hundred times where a business owner (thinks that he knows) what his ideal demographic is only to find out (with a little research) that’s he’s DEAD WRONG!

Listen to me for just a second here guys (and I know that sounds kinda weird) especially when YOU’RE (Actually) LISTENING to my podcast right now!

But seriously (pay attention here)

I know you’re doing the best you can, and I know that (a lot of times) if not most (or all) of the time you’re struggling to get everything done.

I’ve been there (many, many times throughout my life) and I understand what that’s like.

But doing a bit of research (so you can know information) that’s critical to the success and profitability of your business…

(like KNOW FOR SURE) can transform your results (and your income).

So, whatever you’ve got to do (to get this research down cold) …

whether it’s paying some college kid to do it going on Elance and paying someone in Brazil

…or doing it yourself it’s really, really important that you get it done (as quickly as you can).

Listen… when you know your demographics (you know who your target market is) and just as important you know (where they’re most likely) to be hanging out online.

You know what sites they’re on (as well as the groups and forums (i.e., “the platforms”) where they’re hanging out together.

And once you have that information (it becomes incredible simple) to scale your offer (and build your business quickly).

OK now let’s talk about building block #2 (which is “The Offer”).

Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Building Block #2: THE OFFER

Now (The Offer) really comes down (to what you are selling) and at what price point you are selling it.

You’ll also want to include (any upsells and downsells) under the umbrella of (The offer).

Now, after I’ve found the (successful competitor in my target market) the one I’m going to do research on one of the first things I do (is to check out their offers) and then buy their products.

It’s important to note here (that the first offer of theirs that you see) probably isn’t gonna be their primary offer (which is the one you really want to know about).

That first offer is simply (the one they use) to get prospects into their funnel (while the real moneymakers) are down the line somewhere.

The first offer is just the tip of the iceberg (and you need to see their ENTIRE iceberg) during this part of the research phase.

When we’re researching competitors (we go in and purchase everything they offer us).

And I’m ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED when I can invest (several hundred dollars) or more .to complete my research (on their offers and their funnels.)

Another important point is that you must be (careful to keep very, very detailed notes) as you’re going to need this when it comes time to build your sales funnel (and deploy it).

This is critical competitive research (and you want to know) exactly what they’re selling (how they’re selling it) and at what point they’re offering each product in their funnel.

  • What’s the copy on the sales videos?
  • What emails am you getting?
  • How many emails am you getting?
  • Are their emails 100% (sales-based) or do some of them provide valuable (and helpful) content?

So, the more you know, the better chance of success you’ll have. OK, let’s move on to building block #3 (which is the Landing Page.)

Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Building Block #3: THE LANDING PAGE

Ok, so your landing page is (simply) the first page in your sales funnel that a prospect lands on

…(after they’ve clicked on your ad) and (without question) this is the most important page (in your entire sales funnel).

So, when you’re evaluating your competitor’s landing page take detailed notes (and do a screen capture) preferably on video so you (know exactly what their page looks like) and how it functions.

You’ll wanna be able to answer (if it’s an opt-in page) or if it’s a sales page)?

You’re studying their landing page (because you wanna know) what’s working for them right now.

Why (on earth) would you want to invest time (and money) designing your own landing page (then hope that it works) when you can (quite easily) reverse engineer what’s already working then model that for my own page?

Doesn’t it make (all kinda sense) to design YOUR landing page based on what’s already proven itself (to be very, very effective?)

Ya know one of the basic tenants of NLP is the concept of (modeling)…

And I covered that methodology in detail back in episode #030 (which was part 3 of the Six Figure Sales Funnel Framework) where I talked about (creating your value ladder).

Listen I know (you’re a hard worker) but when you have the opportunity (always choose smart work) over hard work.

And one of the best ways to (work smart) is to model what’s already working.

Ya know it used to dumbfound me (when I looked at) ALL THOSE PEOPLE online who simply (throw up a random website) without first investigating successful sites in their niche.

This is the (PRIMARY PROBLEM) with the vast majority (like 99.7%) of the companies (who build websites for business owners today).

They promise (that they’re site will allow you to (metaphorically speaking) “walk on water”

… “heal the blind” and get a (Million times more clients, customers and patients).

And what’da know when you look at some of the sites they’ve made for others well heck (they look pretty sharp) so that (obviously means) that they work, right?


Listen I know what it feels like to have a slick salesman (make all sorts of promises)

…only to find out later (he was just that) a slick salesman (and the website is absolute garbage) at least as far as producing new business for you.

But as P.T. Barnum once said

Now, it’s lame when someone takes advantage of you and I used that audio clip to drive home the point which is to DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST!

By doing that you’re (greatly reducing) the chances of being ripped off stuck with a website that leaves you (wondering why its not making you any money).

This isn’t rocket science guys think about it.

The reason that (the vast majority of these companies) can’t build a website that delivers lots and lots of business for you .is simple:

They’re not following a proven model.

They’re giving you a website (based on a handful of) pretty visually appealing templates (most likely built in WordPress).

The LAST person (or company) you want to build a website for you (is that type of outfit.)

Consider that little rant (an eye opener) for you a loving (slap across the chops) so you’ll not have to deal with this again.

And for the record (listen up) I don’t build websites so (NO) I’m not saying that to get your business.

We have a small group of (private clients) that we build and maintain sales funnels for and I’m not looking for any more of them.

My energy, focus and time is reserved for the Members of the FunnelTribes community.

Ya know the first thing I learned from Big Tony was this:

“If you want to be successful in any part of your life your business your relationships or your health you need to find someone (who is already doing what you want to do) Successfully and model your efforts after theirs.”

Nowhere is that idea truer (than when you’re building a new sales funnel).

You need to model what’s working RIGHT NOW and you DON’T NEED to re-invent the wheel.

(That’s the secret).

That’s how you take a decade of hard work (and compress it down) into a day’s worth of time and effort.

So, find what someone else has already done (something that’s working successfully) and model it.

(Start with that) then test it) see how it works for you.

From there (you can tweak your funnel) test it (and then try to improve it) once you’re making money with it.

It’s really THAT EASY! OK let’s move on down the road and take a look at #4 which is your (Traffic Source).

Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Building Block #4: YOUR TRAFFIC SOURCE

OK now that we’ve nailed down the topic of our Landing page (and how best to build it) we need to ask the next set of (important questions) which are:

  • Where is your competitor’s traffic coming from?
  • What are the specific websites that he’s buying ads on?
  • Is his traffic coming from banner ads social media or email?
  • Are his ads primarily (video-based) or text-based?

Now, here’s a warning (actually) it’s more like a HEADS UP.

Do not think that you need to (somehow magically) “create” traffic outta thin air.

The traffic is already out there. (All you have to do is find it) tap into it (and redirect it back) to the landing page at the top of your funnel.

OK stop screaming! I’m gonna tell you (in a few minutes) how to do all that (using some cool tools and techniques). –

They’ll help you find out (exactly where a competitor’s traffic is coming from) which makes it incredibly easy (to funnel those people) right over to your landing page (and into your funnel).

Before we do that, however, I wanna talk to you about building block #5 which is your AD COPY.

Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Building Block #5: AD COPY

Now this is the last element the final building block found in all successful campaigns online. And by the way…

  • What do successful ads look like?
  • What makes people click on an ad?
  • What’s the trigger’s that gets them to (pass over) all the other ads and click your competitors?
  • What pictures are competitors using?
  • What does the headline say?
  • What does the body copy look like?
  • Are the competitors (of the competing business that you’re researching) using video?

All these things influence (whether a person clicks on an ad or not).

Now it’s important to remember (like always remember this) that (TRAFFIC) is made up of real people.

People can be persuaded to click, but it can take months or years of trial and error to discover how to make that happen.

So, (again) let’s work smart here.

Let’s NOT waste time trying to figure out (how to do that) by blindly tweaking and adjusting your own advertising methods.

Smart work says; “Hey Yeah You! Let’s say we find what’s already working and model it”.

Follow that advice (and it won’t be long before you’ve got) a predictable, steady income which will allow you to (run split tests) and try to improve on the ad yourself.

Listen: The whole reverse engineering process (depends upon you researching) and finding out (the skinny) on each of these five components (as it relates to the competitor) you’re modeling, right?

Sounds simple, right?

Well it is (but unfortunately) you’re not always going to be able to do that.

I’ve gotten really good (at the reverse engineering process) but there are still times (when I can’t find all the banner ads) or I’m not sure about all the demographics.

Having just (one unknown) isn’t good but you can usually try to guess and get close enough.

If there are two unknowns, however, (I’m probably not going to enter) that specific market.

It is absolutely critical (that you obtain as much data as possible) before you start building out (your offers) landing pages (and your ads).

Never move forward with two unknowns.

Keep digging and keep doing research (until you find a niche) where you can obtain (all the data you need) to move forward and be profitable.

OK, now that you know (what to look for) in your competitors’ campaigns I’m going to show you (how to dig) all of this amazing information up.

So, let’s begin with step #1 which requires us to know:

Step #1: Where Your Competitors (Both Direct AND Indirect) Exist. Right now (your clients, customers and patients) are where your competitors’ (clients, customers and patients) are.

So, that’s where you need to start looking.

You have two types of competitors: direct and indirect.

A direct competitor is a person or company (selling something very similar to yours).

If we were talking about a chiropractic practice (and I wasn’t retired) we could (accurately surmise) that any other chiropractor would be my direct competitor.

Even though I was a specialist the market isn’t gonna differentiate that (right up front) they’re going to perceive us as (being basically the same) providing the same type of service for the same type of people…

(We’ll talk about doing direct competitor analysis) in a moment but first I wanna talk about indirect competitors.

Indirect competitors (are people or companies) that are selling something different than you (but to the same demographic).

When Uncle Jay (Jay Abraham) first taught me about the (reality of indirect competition) it was a instant eye-opener for me.

I remember one day I found a pain management doctor and an orthodontist who were working with patients suffering from chronic pain and fatigue.

They were indirect competitors (because we were selling different solutions) but we were both going after the same demographic.

I put their website into the tool I’m about to show you, and it opened up a whole new world of places to advertise and types of ads to try.

Competitive research is awesome because it can open up new opportunities you never knew about before.

For me, each new profitable website I find can be worth tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars a month!

So you can see why I spend so much time searching for this buried gold.

The first step is to make a list of your direct and indirect competitors and their landing page URLs.

If you don’t know who your competitors are, (then head on over) to the Good ‘Ole Google Brothers Band website and start typing in search phrases (you would want people to type in) if they were searching for you.

If you’re in the niche for OTR truck-driver recruiting (for example) …

you’d just type in phrases like “find qualified OTD drivers” or “Find OTR Drivers Quickly.”

Look for the paid ads (usually on the top and right-hand side) of the page then start clicking on those ads.

Doing this (will give you a good idea) of who your successful competitors are.

Now, once that you’ve got your competitors’ website URLs

…(you can quickly and easily) find out the (EXACT PLACES) where they’re already running their ads (which is cool!) You can also see:

  • What ads they’re running, and
  • Where they’re sending their paid traffic to (which will be the top of their funnel)

By using this simple strategy (you’ll be able to quickly and easily) figure out all five of the variables in each of your competitors ‘ campaigns.

The last step is actually to purchase your competitor’s product (so you can see) the upsells and downsells and so you’ll know:

  • What email does this company send to clients? And
  • What else happens after the initial purchase?

Listen now that you’ve been armed with this information, you now have everything you need to start building out your own successful sales funnels in that niche.

Isn’t it amazing?

With my Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel…

You can build a six-figure sales funnel without the frustration of wasting time and money

….(by simply reverse engineering) everything your competitor is doing, and you can do it all (in less than ten minutes).

Just plug in the website and go where they have already gone.

Sell to the customers who have already shown interest in this type of product or service.

Redirect them to buy your products!

Now, earlier in the show I told you that I had a surprise gift for you and I’ll get to that in just a second.

But I also told you that I was going to show you a bunch of cool tools you can use (to get all this research) on your competitor the one (or ones) that are already selling stuff successfully in the market you want to play in.

So, I’ve created a (100% FREE) resource that shows you how to find (the landing pages) your competitor is pushing the majority of traffic to (and a whole bunch more.)

This downloadable resource can help you (learn EVERYTHING you need to know about a competitor’s campaign) in less than five minutes!

You can get the downloadable PDF by going here.

I’ll also include the link in the show notes for you (along with the others I mentioned at the beginning of the show today.

Now, before I do a quick recap of today’s training I want to give you the gift I told you about during the show’s intro today.

I’m gonna give you a copy of my latest book “Profitable Again”: ULTIMATE Strategies for Generating Even Better Results from Your Marketing and Advertising”

The book sells for $29.97 on Amazon.com, but you can get your copy free by going here. 

Out of all the resources I’ve created especially for building a successful online business this book is the one I’m most proud of.

So, go grab a copy read it then email me after you’ve used the information in it to make a quick $10K.

OK let’s do a quick recap of today’s training:

So, you’ve spent the last 30 minutes or so with me (where I’ve shown you) the five building blocks that (every successful online campaign has) and I’ve outlined the steps you’ll need for building a six-figure sales funnel without the frustration of wasted time and money.


  1. Make a list of your direct and indirect competitors.
  2. Find each landing page URL
  3. Enter a URL into the online research tools.
  4. Collect data, dig deep, click on links, buy products, and see what the competitor is doing.
  5. Create a swipe file of ideas to model.

OK Now that you’ve had a chance to look at what your competitors’ sales funnels look like (I want to walk you through) the seven elements you’ll find in ALL successful sales funnels.

So, that’s what we’re covering next week and I’m super excited about it because this is gonna give you (a snapshot) of each element each phase (if you will) that your clients, customers and patients (should go through) as they ascend your Value Ladder.

So, it’s Christmas and that my friend is a wrap! – May The Lord bless you and your family .and from me and my family to yours Have A Merry Christmas!