036 – How to Sell MORE With Email (Especially If You Hate Selling)

How to Sell MORE with Email - Especially if you hate selling

Today’s article – How to sell MORE with email (especially if you hate selling) is a game-changer!

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Today is our 9th episode in our Six Figure Sales Funnel Series and today we’re going to talk about How to sell more with email s (that don’t include sales tactics).

This post will be appealing to you (especially if you HATE selling).I’m gonna do that by introducing you to (what is known as) The Daily Seinfeld Strategy.

Now, if you (decide to read this post on How to sell MORE with email …

here’s what you’re gonna be able to do (by the time we finish):

  • Transform your list (of prospects) into a group of raving fans (who not only want what you’re selling) …but they’re gonna buy from you again and again and again (OK).
  • You’re also gonna learn (how to effortlessly create)
  • Daily emails that sell (without selling) …and lastly you’ll be able to
  • Sell stuff to the folks on your list faster and easier (than ever before) …


This methodology (that’s teaching you how to sell more with email) makes it much, much easier to for prospects to become engaged in your process.

Now the benefits of that (which should be obvious) are that…

A greater percentage of them will make that initial purchase in your sales funnel move up your ladder of ascension where they’ll continue buying until they reach the top of your value ladder.

This ultimately means you’ll get more clients sell more stuff and make more money consistently.

Now …if you’re the type of person who wants to use emails to sell more of your stuff (but you hate selling).

I’ve got something very special for you that I’ll give you at the end of today’s show (100% Free).

Something that’ll help you implement everything you learn today (quickly and easily) …

So you can sell a lot more of your stuff using email.

Now, if you’re wondering:

“What makes today’s training on “How to Sell MORE with Email (Especially If You Hate Selling)” different from others you may have read?” …

Let me take a few seconds and tell you.

I initially learned about the strategy I’m going to teach you today (The Daily Seinfeld Strategy) …

from Ben Settle a good while back, but since that time:

  • I’ve used it …
  • Our members and clients have used it …
  • And several of my friends have used it …

To generate over a hundred million dollars in (sales online) …

So, as I teach you How to sell MORE with email …please understand that

…this methodology can be used in almost every type business) that’s selling stuff online.

Including dentists, chiropractors, coaches, consultants, small business owners, authors, and internet-based membership platforms (a few of many)

If you’re a member; an existing (or past) client; a subscriber to the Get Clients Now podcast; (or a regular listener) …

I’m gonna cover my backstory (from a different) more relevant position ….

Which will help you learn how to sell MORE with email faster and easier.

And I promise (that’ll I’ll be brief) covering it.

I’m doing this because it’s critically important that you understand why you should listen to me …

… and why you can trust what I’m teaching you.

So, in 1998 I was in practice as a chiropractor …I had been in practice for roughly seven years (up to that point).

I started practice on my own (meaning no one helped me or gave me handouts) and after being involved in a head-on car accident (with a fully-loaded dump truck) which nearly killed me (btw) …

…going through 18 surgeries (and all painful rehab that lasted almost three years) …

it’s hard for most of you to understand (the magnitude of my injuries) …but this may provide a bit of perspective for you

Yes …it was like that!

So (after going through this major) life-altering trauma …

(I was unable to see patients for almost six months) I nearly lost everything.

As I recovered and began working through the process of (getting out of the hole I was in financially) I got married …and had two children.

Now by the Grace of God …(while I was going through all that) …and facing financial disaster …

I figured out how to (generate new patients) on demand …and by 1998 (I was doing pretty good) for myself in practice.

I had created a system (for building a massively successful practice) …and in 1998 I had my first experience online …when I started selling this system (to other chiropractors).

Now I won’t go into the details of all that here (you can listen to episode #031 to hear them) …

but suffice it to say that (that’s when everything changed for me) …

that’s when I discovered (how to sell stuff online) …which (literally) changed my life.

My discovery increased my income by over two hundred thousand dollars in less-than a year …

and over the next 12 months following I would go on to make just under one MILLION dollars.

I’ve been working with private clients now for 17 years (which now stands at just under 2,200) …

…like 2170 since I started. …

So, YES! What I teach you on this podcast (and specifically on today’s show) ….

Where I’m gonna show you how to sell MORE with email …

is actually worth more (than most of the paid trainings out there today.)

Now (In spite of those successes) … I’ll readily admit to you (that I’ve made a lot of mistakes) …

I’ve done a lot of things wrong (during that time) …and it’s cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars …

(a lot wasted time) which I can never get back …and I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself (and my family)

I’ve been successfully selling stuff online for the past 19 years (and email by the way) has been a big part of that.

During that time I discovered that

  • You don’t have to be a great salesman (or a professional copywriter) to get great results with this framework …
  • That you can sell (a lot more stuff) …especially high-ticket stuff (without coming across like a used car salesman …and
  • The framework I’m giving you today (works for just about) every type of business (that’s selling stuff online)

Now (I discovered) the framework you’re going to learn about today (the “Hard Way”)

…costing me tens of thousands of dollars (and hundreds of hours of trial and error) …but you on the other hand …

(maybe you’d you like blueprint for Generating MORE Sales with Your Emails …

(Without Using a Single Sales Tactic (in any of them)?

OK …I’m gonna let you cheat (by giving you the exact blueprint) for how to use it in your business.

Can you guys imagine what it’s gonna be like (when you’re using these emails in your business) …and your sales have (literally) doubled …maybe more …

  • What would you do with your life?
  • What would you do different (from what you’re doing right now)?
  • So, a month from now (when you’re using these) and the extra sales (and the money) come pourin’ in …what’s your spouse gonna say?
  • What are you kids gonna think when (their dad or their mom’s) at home more often …and they’re making TWICE as much money?

That’s pretty exciting …don’t you think?

OK …so there are THREE Secrets …behind why (The Daily Seinfeld Strategy) is a proven money-maker (for your business).

Now let’s take a look at …

How to Sell MORE with Email – Secret #1: I can make more sales (and money) in a Day using emails that aren’t (pressing for the sale) than I can in a month using emails (with the typical) high-pressure “buy my stuff” content in them.

How to Sell MORE with Email – Secret #2: (A lot of you are afraid) that you’ll make your prospects angry if you keep emailing them (after you’ve finished) your Soap Opera

sequence …but if you do this right …(like the way I’m showing you today) …they’ll love you all the more.

How to Sell MORE with Email – Secret #3: You can make MORE money (with fewer prospects) when you employ this framework …

OK …let’s go ahead and (dive right in) to How to Sell MORE with Email – Secret #1:

I can make more sales (and money) in a Day using emails that aren’t (pressing for the sale) …than I can in a month using emails with the typical (buy my stuff) promotional crap in them

Alright ….now to give you the backstory on this …(as I mentioned a few seconds ago) …and as I’ve mentioned over and over again (on this show) …

I was in practice as a chiropractor (and after nearly dying) from the accident I was in …losing all my patients (because I couldn’t work) ..going through 18 surgeries …the rehab …getting married ….and having kids …

I had figured out a way to (generate new patients on demand) …

A system if you will …that magnetically attracted “like” (super high-quality patients) whenever I wanted them …and as many as I wanted.

I was making an average of $5K per case …and (as far as my practice and my income was concerned) …

I was doing (pretty darn good) for myself. — Now …I wanna tell you a short story (i.e., “the reason why”) I decided to start selling my (patient acquisition system) ….which I called (The Million Dollar Marketing System)

So, in 1998 I was doing very, very well for myself in practice …and I had decided that I wanted to (give back) …

so I went to Logan College of Chiropractic (where I had graduated from) and was accepted as an (adjunct clinical professor) …which at the time (was cool).

The campus was about five miles from my office and the primary responsibility I had (was to have) students who were almost ready to graduate …(meaning they had finished all their clinic and academic requirements) …

I would have them come to my office and (quote “learn how to run a practice”) by shadowing me and noting what I did and said.

I would also have them (run to Starbucks) …and menial things like that …but for the most part that’s what they did. (I would work Monday through Thursdays) in the office …and then take Friday (and the weekend) off each week.

There were some Fridays where I’d go into the office to work on marketing …or I’d meet with a joint venture partner (or whatever) …

But one Friday morning (in the spring of 1998) …I remember the day for several reasons …one of which (the weather was amazing)

…it was sunny ….warm …birds singing …the smell of flowers (and fresh cut grass) …and it we had just come off an unusually cold (early spring) …so it was nice outside.

Well …I went to the office (to pick up some paperwork) …on the way to play 18 holes (with a buddy of mine) John Blizzard …

he owned a Dental lab …lived in my neighborhood …and went to church with me.

(His property also backed up to Babbler State Park) … and when I wasn’t hunting on the 10 acres behind my house (that I owned) …I was bowhunting behind his place.

So (needless to say) …I wanted to get in and out of my office (quickly) …

so I could get to the course and enjoy my day.

So, here’s where it gets good …so, I grabbed my paperwork …turned off the lights …and started to walk out the door (when I was confronted by a young Indian man) …

Raj Banerjee …

He said …Dr. Newhouse …do you have a second? (Ah ….NO!) …Actually I don’t …

I’m on my way to play golf and I’m running late. (can you come by next week?)

I asked … and he said … “Well (actually) I can’t …but I wanted to ask you a question …it will only take a minute or two of your time …he said …(I’m thinking) … Right!

So, I said (come on in) …you’ve got five minutes …MAX! (Now to give you a mental image of my office) …imagine one big room (so you could see the front desk) …the therapy area …and the area where I adjusted my patients …all from the front of the office.

He said (as he waived his arm in a sweeping motion across the room) … “How much would you charge me (to teach me all this?)”

To teach you all what (I said)?

To teach me how to run a practice like this?

I said (You don’t have enough money to pay me) to teach you all this … so he responded, “Just give me a number” …how much would you charge me?

At this point I was already walking back to the front of the office (getting ready to send him on his way) so I could leave ….and that’s when I said (with my back turned to him) …I don’t know …$7,500.00

He said … “Will you take a check?”

I never made it to the front door …because I turned around (to see this kid) checkbook in one hand …an ink pen in the other …

You’re serious (I said)? …. That’s why I’m here Dr. Newhouse …I want you to teach me how you’ve built this practice …how you’re getting all these patients.

So (I kid you not) … Raj wrote me a check for $7,500 (right there) …

and that’s when the idea (popped into my head) that I might be onto something here.

So, (once his check cleared the bank) …

I let Raj come into my office …and over the course of a month or so I let him shadow me (to see what I did and said) with my patients …

and I showed him all the marketing materials I created (that were generating all those new patients) for me

Like I said …he shadowed me for about a month and then that was it …he told me he (got it) ….

and then he (literally) disappeared.

About three months later (he showed up at my office) with two of his friends (who were also chiropractors) …and you’ll never guess what (THEY) wanted!!!

The wanted me to show them (how I was getting all those patients) and making so much money …

So, I told them I wanted $10K (each) …and I wanted them to provide me with a copy of the notes they took (while they shadowed me)…

I really didn’t want them coming into my office and shadowing me …so I thought that (raising the fee) and telling them I wanted a complete outline of what I taught them (typed up) would send them on their way …

But, to my GREAT surprise …both of them (pulled out their checkbook) …and wrote me a check (on the spot) …$10K each …

and that’s when the LIGHT (finally came all the way on) …

It was in that moment (that I realized I had something) of great value …something I could sell …and from that point …I made up my mind to create my (system) …and sell it online.

So, that was a bit longer than I wanted …. but the backstory was important.

Ya know …when I first started (working on) selling my marketing system online …and working on growing my list …sending emails was a real struggle for me. —

I knew (that the system I created) and the information in it (was good) …

but I didn’t know (how to frame it) so the people on my list would want to open and read my emails.

Maybe you know just how this feels …

but it was (majorly) frustrating to (know that I the solution) my prospects (needed) and really wanted …

I for the longest time (I couldn’t figure out) how to use email to (get it into their hands) and make the sales …

So (yes) … I wasted a LOT of time trying to (figure this out) …and (yes) I wasted a lot of money because of it …

I recovered the money I lost …but the time? …(that’s gone forever)

Day after day I focused on writing great content-rich emails that (in most cases) took several days to write.

Ya know …when I first tried using (that strategy) …I thought it would (explode my results) and the sales would come pouring in.

But (what I finally figured out) after months and months had gone by …

was that after (a new prospect) had gone through my Soap Opera Sequence (and then bonded with my Magnetic Mystique Persona) …

they didn’t want their email inbox (filled with all that content) …no matter how awesome it was!

What my prospects responded to was . . . well, nothing.

My emails switched from 100% content to 90% entertainment and just 10% content, and my readership, opens, clicks, and sales all skyrocketed with the change.

So …what I’m telling you is that the daily emails (I was sending to my prospects) …were really about nothing.

Yes, that was the dialog from one of my all-time favorite TV shows, Seinfeld.

This was the episode when George and Jerry were trying to pitch their idea to NBC about starting a show about nothing.

It was funny because the show Seinfeld actually was a show about nothing.

So, let’s take a look now at How to Sell MORE with Email – Secret #2:

Which is that (A lot of you are afraid) that you’ll make your prospects angry if you keep emailing them (after you’ve finished) your Soap Opera Sequence

…but if you do this right … (like the way I’m showing you today) …they’ll love you all the more.)

Listen …You want your Magnetic Mystique Persona (to be fun and entertaining.)

That’s how you’re going to write your daily Seinfeld emails.

That’s right; I recommend sending them daily after your initial Soap Opera Sequence is finished.

Now (I know a LOT of you) get VERY nervous about how often (you’re sending emails to your lists). I used to feel that way, too.

I used to email once a month, and my response rates were horrible.

So, then I started emailing twice a month.

And guess what?

I more than doubled my income.

Then I decided to email once a week, then twice, then every other day, and what I’ve found now is that if I don’t email my list every day, I lose money every day.

I strongly recommend emailing every day, and if you do it with the “The Daily Seinfeld Strategy” …

The framework I’m going to show you now …(your prospects won’t get angry at you) … because they’ll find your emails entertaining and engaging (not salesy)

The secret to keeping (the people on your lists happy) …so that they’re eager to open your emails …lies in using (The Daily Seinfeld Strategy).

This means that you’re NEVER being salesy …(rather) …you’re being entertaining.

So, “OK Ken …how do I do that?”

Easy enough …Just talk about your day.

  • What’s going on in the life of your Magnetic Mystique Persona?
  • What happened that’s embarrassing?
  • How are you getting through the holiday season?
  • Where are you planning your vacation this year?
  • What did you buy recently that you regret?
  • What did you buy recently that you just adore?
  • What made you scream with rage yesterday, that you’re laughing about today?
  • What crazy antics did your kid or your dog get into yesterday?
  • What funny thing happened in your past that teaches a lesson?

So, the key to these emails ….is that (they’re really all about nothin’).

They’re simply random episodes (and entertaining stories) … but here’s the catch!

OK …you got me!

There’s always a catch, right?

Yes, there’s a catch to using (and sending) emails to your prospects that are (really) about nothing …and here it is:

Even though your emails are (seemingly) about nothing …they have a purpose.

(So, even though you’re not trying to sell) in these emails …

The goal is (ALWAYS) to lead prospects back (to whatever you’re selling.)

It might be your core offer or some other product or service.

It might even be someone else’s product.

Every story needs to relate back to something you’re selling.

That’s the secret.

That’s how you make money.

If you just send out entertaining emails and don’t tie in your products or services, you won’t make a dime.

Not even if you’re the best storyteller in the world. EVERY EMAIL and each story must be tied back into some type of offer for your audience.

Now that we’ve covered that …it’s time for Secret #3:

Which is that (You can make MORE money) with fewer prospects (on your list) …. when you employ this framework …

Let me show you an example of a Seinfeld email and how I tie the story back into the product I’m selling.

This is a great example of how an email about nothing (can end up making you a boatload of money)

Subject: [True Story] He FLUSHED $20 million down the toilet today

Body: So, yesterday (we had a guy apply for my Platinum Inner Circle program.

(I saw his app come through) and after reading it (I was actually really excited) because he is in the nursery business. (Tree nursery …not baby nursery) LOL!

Now, I’m no horticulturist … but I’ve got several friends doing ($5 million plus) in the nursery business online. 

I saw his product and KNEW it was a home run.

(So, my assistant) was going to call him back (and before she did) she wanted my opinion on his business.

So, I sat down with her (for about 10-15 minutes) and pulled up the following:

  • His three major competitors
  • Every site his competitors were SUCCESSFULLY buying traffic from
  • The top three converting ads for each of his competitors
  • The sales funnels that WERE converting and
  • The main reason his was NOT

I then showed her the media buyers (I would use) if I were in the nursery business …

these were media buyers which could send (over 10,000 new customers to him each month) …consistently.

Armed with this information, she called the guy up…

He was a little cocky (and maybe he had the right to be that way) ….

He was selling (in fact) … over $1 Million of product (per month) during the growing season …which is about half the year.

Now (in spite of the incredible success) he was having in his business …he couldn’t seem to figure out (this Internet thing).

So, during the call (she started sharing some of my ideas with him) … and that’s when he stopped her cold!

He said: “Look!… I’ve read ten books on Internet marketing …

and there’s nothing Ken could teach me on the subject (that I don’t already know. . .)”

So, she told the guy “Listen Mark … you could read a thousand books on Golf … but that’s not gonna help you make it to the PGA”

…(which I thought was a really good analogy)

But what this moron said next (was really) over the top.

He said “Well, Ken doesn’t a dang thing about selling trees now (does he)” . . . and then he hung up.

Now, while he was right about me not knowing anything about selling trees (or how to run a nursery business) 

I know EVERYTHING about SELLING trees and shrubs online.

I’ve been doing this for OVER ten years now (and I’ve personally trained just under 2,200 professionals, coaches, consultants, business owners and internet marketers) how to sell stuff online.

I’ve worked with a handful of people in the nursery industry (and I’ve worked with people) in just about every market I can think of (except the ones I WOULD NEVER work with) like pornography …

or markets that are focused on hurting people (especially women and children) …

and (this goes without saying) …

but I would NEVER work with any type of (far left radical “liberal” group or company) …

and (I would be remiss) if I failed to mention that I would NEVER work with a chamber of commerce (like help them get more people into their programs).

(OK …just for a second I wanna rant a bit) …so for just a moment …I’m ranting …and this is NOT in my email!

Now (speaking of chamber of commerce’s) …don’t get me wrong here …

there may be (like somewhere in America) …a chamber of commerce that (gets it) …

that understands business …that’s committed to helping business owners (get more clients) and make more money …

that’s using strategies, systems and tools (like what works best today) …in 2017 …(not the idiotic strategies) you’ll find pretty much (every) chamber of commerce using today …

  • Business luncheons (what a joke)
  • Meet and greets …what a waste of time
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony (are you kidding me?)
  • Las Vegas Night? … (A clear indication that you have no idea) what you’re doing (as it relates to helping people sell stuff) and make money.

Now, I’m sure a lot of the people who run these chambers (mean well) …

but I can sum up their usefulness and relevance like this:

An organization for people (who don’t know) what they need to know …

run by people who don’t know (that they don’t know anything) about what they should know …

(i.e., “people who are too concerned with their pseudo-importance (as it relates) to the success of businesses within their communities.) …

and throwing boring parties (and whatever) that no one (who’s running a successful online business) would attend (by the way) …

I’m not a betting person (because I’m a steward of what I have) …

but if you can show me a person who’s making (at least six-figures) each year online personally (who regularly attends chamber meetings) …

I’ll write you a check for thousand bucks …on the spot.

How can I say that?

Because people who actually (get it) …meaning (people who are focused on actually) creating a real (and profitable online business) …

versus people who are focused on convincing everyone (that they have a real (successful) online business …

But (people who actually) “get it” and are successful …they don’t waste their time with the Chamber!

Why? because they’re online …where they can leverage their efforts …where they can test (learn) and apply …and make money …very, very quickly.

Listen …The Chamber has lots of nice people …but none of them are killing it online.

Wow! Talk about (Drawing a line in the sand!) … that little rant was (VERY Polarizing) …don’t ya think?

So, lets get back to the email example I was reviewing …where I was talking about the jerk who applied for my coaching program …

…remember …the (dude with the nursery business)?

OK …I’m reading the example email again …

I’ve mapped out a funnel (for pretty much) every type of business you can think of ….and shown my clients (what they did right) …and what they were doing wrong.

  • I’ve introduced them to my media buyers …
  • Advised them on which sites to buy ads from …and
  • Instructed them on (how much money) they should invest to acquire a new client (in THEIR specific market).
  • I will often introduce my client (to the gurus I know in those areas).

After being in mean ole’ Dan’s Platinum Inner Circle for all those years … (Dan Kennedy) …

I’ve met the most successful “gurus” (from many, many industries) … and my position makes it easy to find connections for others.

So, those are the kind of things (that you CAN’T learn in a book). 

And those are the things (we bring to the table) for Members in the FunnelTribes online community.

My goal for our Members (is not to simply) teach them more stuff . . . it’s to help them make MORE money …like (a LOT MORE).

Anyway, if you’ve got a nursery business (and you wanna take it online) …

let me know (because I’ve got an awesome) $10 million-dollar-a-year blueprint (that this dude) just (like an idiot) flushed down the toilet …all because of his arrogant (I’m a better human than you) attitude.

At any rate …this blowhard lost out. 

So, if you’ve got a nursery business and (you wanna take it online) so you can double, triple (even quadruple) your business.

I’ve got an awesome blueprint (You can just plug in and run with it…)

Or if you sell, well, almost anything else online …(I’d love to help with that, too).

If you’d like become one of the one hundred (most fortunate business owners on the planet) and join our group of renegade business building mavericks …

You can apply here: http://www.funneltribes.com/apply

One last thing before I go … we only accept cool people.

If you like to flush money down the toilet . . . PLEASE don’t apply.

Talk soon,

Ken (I don’t know how to run a tree nursery) Newhouse

OK … You Saw How The Daily Seinfeld Strategy works, right?

You saw how the story I told (Segued right into me talking about the product) …which in this case (was our Platinum Inner Circle) program?

That’s how your Magnetic Mystique Persona is going to communicate with your list in every email you send after your Soap Opera Sequence.

It’s fun. And once you get the hang of it, the writing goes pretty fast.

You can even dictate the email, record it on your phone, and then send it to your assistant to be transcribed.

One thing I should note here. These are broadcast emails, not auto-responders.

(Soap Opera Sequence emails) are set up to be an auto-responder sequence (meaning they are pre-written) and go out (in sequence) to every new prospect that (opts in) to your list.

That means after someone signs up, they get email one on the first day, then email two on the next, etc. Seinfeld emails are different.

After someone has completed your SOAP series… (they should be moved to a broadcast list) … where they will only get The Daily Seinfeld Email (that you send out that day).

Now …The Daily Seinfeld emails are not typically (lined up in a sequence that every new prospect goes through)

…meaning that you’re not writing these

…. then loading them into an autoresponder (so that they go out) in a sequential order (to every new prospect) who joins your list.

But (having said that) …

I’m NOT telling you (listen carefully) …

I’m not telling you that (you can’t write these emails ahead of time) and schedule the broadcasts in your email provider.

But you’ve got to use some common sense here (if you decide to go that route)

…because these emails (are typically tied to relevant/current things) that are (or have) happened in the life of the Magnetic Mystique Persona who represents your business.

Now …one of the last points I want to make is this:

These emails do double duty (when you put them on your blog.)

Ya know … People often ask me what they should write about on their blogs, and I always tell them (that a great strategy) is to simply to copy and paste (their daily Seinfeld email) right into the blog.

It’s quick, easy, and consistent blog content that leads people to a sale.

Now (let me ask you a question) about implementing (The Daily Seinfeld Strategy) in your business.

If you decided to implement this …and all it did was (Increase your sales by 100%) …would it be worth it?

What if all it did was (increase your sales by say) 50% …would it be worth it?

What if all it did was increase your sales by 25% …brought more predictability and certainty into your business …would it be worth it?

OK …Let’s (go ahead and) review what we covered today:

Your Soap Opera (auto-responder) Sequence is your Attractive Character’s introduction to your new subscriber.

If you follow the outline I provided, you’ll notice an increase in your sales simply because people can relate to your backstory and epiphany after they read about it.

Seinfeld emails continue the conversation on a daily basis.

The goal is to be fun and entertaining while you sell stuff.

So, you’ve you been listening to this podcast (for the past 30 plus minutes) …

You’ve heard how (The Daily Seinfeld Strategy) works …

And you know that using them (can be a great way to make more sales) …without pressing for the sale.

Now, (if you’re someone who really can help people) and deliver real value to your marketplace

… (you might be wondering how) you can implement this strategy quickly and easily

… and if you remember last week’s show

… I provided a link to a template I created for you

…that shows you how to write (your first five emails)

…which is your Soap Opera Sequence.

If you missed that episode (be sure to go back and listen to it)

…because you’ll find it a valuable investment of your time.

You can get the blueprint for the Soap Opera Sequence (100% free) …on my website by CLICKING HERE NOW!

I want you to go download your Soap Opera Sequence template (and then write your first five emails) prospects get after opting into your list.

After you’ve done that … (I want you to start writing) your Seinfeld emails (then load them) into your email provider (so you can start sending them out each day).

I also created a blueprint to help you write your Daily Seinfeld emails (which means) you have complete confidence (that you’ll always have ideas) and stuff to write about.

You can download the Seinfeld blueprint by CLICKING HERE NOW!

OK … Now that you’ve learned how to effectively communicate (with the traffic that you bring into your funnels) …

it’s time to shift our focus back to building your sales funnel.

So, starting in next week’s episode (EPISODE #037) …

I’m going to give you The Secret Method For Building A Six-Figure Sales Funnel Without Wasting Time and Money.

So you can build an awesome, selling-powerhouse sales funnels (quickly and easily).

I’ll also be showing you (two mistakes you’ve got to avoid) at all costs

…mistakes that more than 97% of business owners are making with their funnels (that are losing prospects) and killing sales.

Just knowing how to identify them (is 90% of the battle)

…and once you understand how to do that

…you’ll gain an immediate advantage over your competition

… and you’ll be perfectly positioned to get a fast start (building and making money) with your sales funnels.

How about you?  Any strategies for building successful sales funnels you’d like to share?

I’d be delighted to hear from you below.