034 – Make Your Sales Funnels Consistently Profitable

How to Make Your Sales Funnels Consistently Profitable Part 2: Using Identity Types and Storylines to Create Magnetic Mystique

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Today’s article is all about how to make your sales funnels consistently profitable (part 2) …and we’re going to pick up from where we left off at the end of last week’s training.

Now, if you remember in part #1 of how to make your sales funnels consistently profitable … we were learning how to create a Magnetic Mystique for your online persona.

And what’s important about that (as the title says) …is that it is a primary factor for success when we’re talking about how to make your sales funnels consistently profitable.


During today’s episode ” How to make your sales funnels consistently profitable “ (part 2) … 

I’m going to give you the blueprint that shows you how to make your sales funnels consistently profitable by helping you build a massive tribe of prospects and clients …improve your brand …sell more of your stuff online (i.e., “your products and services”) …and make MORE money!

And I’m going to start by first talking about what are known as identity types … and identity types are especially relevant because they occur within your Magnetic Mystique.


So, as I’ve mentioned on previous shows (and as most of you know) … the FunnelTribes online community is currently closed.

This means that we’re not accepting new members right now. Now, in spite of knowing that …people are still wondering what goes on inside the membership.

So, to quench your desire and satisfy your curiosity …I’m going to take just a few minutes and tell you right now.

So, let’s start by asking a very, very simple question:

“What types of businesses would benefit from being a member in the FunnelTribes online community?”

That’s a good question don’t you think? So…

  • If you’re a coach like a life coach a weight-loss coach a business coach heck even a dating coach
  • If you’re a consultant
  • If you’re selling information products or your company provides training for people online or offline …
  • If you’re running an eCommerce business or …
  • If you have a brick-n-mortar business so, if you’re a chiropractor OR a dentist as an example …
  • If you’re in business as a professional services provider

Listen it doesn’t matter what type of business that you own if you’re using the internet or you want to use it to generate a consistent flow of highly-qualified new clients, customers or patients for your business you would benefit from being a member in the FunnelTribes community.

So …

“How would you benefit from being a Member?” …Like “What’s happening once you make it inside?”

Another great question so let me answer that.

For starters, Members in the FunnelTribes online community have access to each other … which means there are multiple forums where you can ask questions and get answers.

This is especially helpful for people who are just getting started (or who are relatively inexperienced) with online marketing sales funnels and how to get new clients coming into their businesses fast.

There are also extensive training programs on video, in print and on audio … where I literally take you by the hand and walk you through the exact blueprint for how to (as an example) build a sales funnel for your business.

Now, I want to quickly interject something here;

If you’re not familiar with what a sales funnel is or what it does or how quickly it can transform your business …let me quickly run through the list of all the money you’ll SAVE by having one.

Once I’ve done that, I’ll run through all the ways that having a sales funnel in your business will make you a lot more money.

So, when you have a sales funnel you can say goodbye to that expensive ineffective website of yours and for the record we don’t sell “sales funnels” inside the membership we simply give them to you and when you’ve finally come to the realization that you’re ready to have a sales funnel.

We’ve got several proven winners you can simply copy and start using them immediately these are sales funnels that are working in the trenches like right now. When you start using a sales funnel in your business you can say goodbye to your:

  1. Lame website that’s sucking money outta you every month
  2. Your monthly hosting fees
  3. You can say goodbye to your coder if you’ve got one
  4. You can say goodbye to your tech guy or programmer if you’ve got one
  5. And a lot more (I simply don’t have room here to list)

So, when you start using a sales funnel in your business (Today I’m going to give you the blueprint that’ll show you ” How to Make Your Sales Funnels Consistently Profitable “) you’re going to benefit by not only saving tons of money that you’re probably wasting right now but you’re gonna have a predictable consistent method for generating high-quality traffic into your business

Members also have resources and training where they’ll learn as an example:

  1. How to create bullet-proof sales presentations
  2. How to be persuasive and how to write persuasive copy
  3. How to become magnetic and irresistible to your perfect prospects and clients
  4. How to sell High-Ticket products and services inside your sales funnels so you can say goodbye forever to having to sell prospects and clients face-to-face or over the phone smart people let their sales funnels do all the heavy lifting for them

And because we’ve got a lot to cover in today’s training …let me conclude here by saying that once an individual applies and) is accepted into the FunnelTribes community (meaning they become a member) … they can reasonably expect a total transformation of their business …their income and their lives to take place.

So, as a member (you’ll get more and better clients) …you’ll make more money (and this is one of my personal favorites) … you’ll have a lot more FREE time (so you can do all the things you’d love to be doing like right now but can’t because you’re trapped in the current business model you’re using now.)

And one last thing I wanna mention about the FunnelTribes community.

It’s important if you’re selling get rich quick stuff if you’re selling pornography or stuff that hurts people especially kids if you’re selling some sort of pyramid scheme whatever or if you’re the type of person who would try to sell your stuff to other members in the community and you’re like an overbearing …obnoxious pushy lame individual let me be very, very clear here:

If you’re one of those types of people …You’re NOT welcome in our community.

So, when we decide to open up enrollment please don’t apply because you have like ZERO chance of getting in.

I personally approve or reject every application and we DO research on every person who applies … because I don’t wanna deal with people like that.

I have a responsibility to our members, so they can focus on the total awesomeness of being a member without ever having to worry about being hassled by some idiot who thinks it’s OK to pitch other members on why they should buy what he’s selling.

Not gonna happen and the members they LOVE that, and they’re not shy about letting me know how much they appreciate the community we’ve built for them.

OK let’s get started with today’s training where I’ll show you how to make your sales funnels consistently profitable …

And to do that…we’ll neeed to pick up from where we left off on last week’s show does that sound OK to you? Great!

Magnetic Mystique Identity (i.e., “Character”) Types
Now, during today’s episode we’re going to pick up from where we left off at the end of last week’s training which if you remember was where you were learning how to create a Magnetic Mystique for your online persona.

So, during today’s episode where I’m showing you how to make your sales funnels consistently profitable …we’re going to talk first about what are known as identity types.

And identity types are especially relevant because they occur within your Magnetic Mystique.

I know that some of you emailed me with questions about how to make your sales funnels consistently profitable (after last week’s show) that specifically address this subject and “Yes” … you are correct!

This is a very, very important topic and I know you’re excited about it … so, get your note pad out (unless you’re driving on the freeway or repelling down the face of a cliff with my buddy Bear Grylls) or whatever …and get ready.

Because what I’ve got for you today is PURE GOLD.

Today’s show is going to tie it all together for you and by the time we’re done with this episode you’ll have a pretty good idea about the specific identity that works best for your Magnetic Mystique and that fact alone is gonna catapult you light years ahead of 95% of your competition which is Cool!

Now I gotta tell ya that if you’ll stop and think about this when you realize the amazing power and effectiveness this is going to bring to your online persona you’ll have to admit that you’re as excited about this as I am.

So, over the next few minutes I’m going to cover the specific identity types that exist .and once we’ve gone through them you’re going realize that one of them literally “JUMPS” out at you!

So, if you wanna get the very best results with what I’m giving you today (so you can use it to get more clients and sell more of your stuff online) … I want you to choose your specific identity “AFTER” we’ve gone through all of them.

In fact, by the time I’ve gone over all the choices with you the right one will probably jump out at you.

When you choose your identity an integrate that into your Magnetic Mystique it’s going to shape how you communicate and interact with your audience. Alrighty then if you’re ready let’s get started. So, the first identity type is:

The Leader: This identity type is typically adopted by people whose goal is to lead their tribe from one place to another. Now, what’s interesting is that most leaders have a similar backstory to that of the members in their tribe.

As a result of this they’re usually quite familiar on an intimate level with the hurdles and pitfalls that the individual members of their tribe will likely face along their journey as they strive to obtain their ultimate results.

In most cases the leader identity type has already achieved their desired results which is why his tribe chooses to follow him. Specifically, they want help from their leader so they can travel the same or similar path he has where they’ll eventually end up making it to the so-called promised land of business or whatever.

This is the identity type I used when I got started teaching other chiropractors how to get patients and I think I used this one because it was a natural progression from taking this same role with my patients.

I also think it was a natural fit for me because of the massive struggles I had gone through after being nearly killed by that dump truck.

As I mentioned on last week’s show not only did I end up having 18 surgeries from that wreck and nearly dying but I literally lost all my patients and was forced to start over.

I spent virtually all my money learning how to market myself I’d say well in excess of $100K and with no patients which meant no income and with I’m guessing less than a month’s worth of rent and grocery money left in the bank I GOT IT!

I FINALLY figured it out …and my life has never been the same.

Now I don’t know about you, but do you know what it’s like to have people like your family your friends YOUR SPOUSE telling you to give up your dream and go GET A JOB?

Now I had no way of knowing for sure that I’d make it but I believed that I would, but do you know how it feels when it seems everyone is against you?

When it seems like you’re the only one who can see it?

When you can see the dream …like it’s right there …and you’re like:

“Hey everybody …why can’t you see what I’m seeing?”

There were times when I really resented all of them when I felt alone when I felt like giving up … but thank The Lord that I didn’t.

So, I stuck with it and once it clicked meaning once I figured it out I started building a tribe of patients very, very quickly.

Now don’t get me wrong just because I figured out how to get leads and new patients ON DEMAND I still had to do a great job with my patients.

Success demanded that my patients and people in my community saw me as the best chiropractor within a hundred miles and they knew I had their best interests in mind when they came to me.

Over time my status went up because I was doing a great job and getting tons of video testimonials from my patients which being the marketing guru that I am I used in all my marketing.

Now I wanna quickly mention that if you’re not using video testimonials online I wanna tell you that you’re CRAZY!

If you wanna know why video testimonials are critical to your online success and how to get powerful outcome-based video from your existing clients be sure to go back and listen to episode #003 which was titled:

“How to 10X Your Conversions and Referrals Using Social Proof”

It’s the episode I did with Lisa and at the end of that show I provided a link where you can download our $997 Video testimonial system the Platinum Version 100% FREE.

So, getting back to where I left off.

The knowledge and credibility I gained from being very, very successful in practice …naturally evolved into my coaching career.

Now whether you’ve actually stopped to think about it I am thoroughly convinced that all of us to one degree or another have one or more leaders that we follow in different aspects of our lives.

Now, this may be the identity type that will be the most comfortable for you to adopt and use to communicate with your tribe … but as I mentioned at the start I want you to wait for me to cover ALL of the identity types before you choose one.

OK next, we’ve got the …

The Adventurer or Crusader: Now, if you’re a curious cat but feel like you don’t have all the answers your tribe needs yet …

The Adventurer may be the perfect identity type for you to adopt.

When you think of The Adventurer (slash) Crusader identity type I want you to think of Laura Croft!

So, in each of her movies she sets out on a journey of some sort.

Her motivation her ultimate drive is to bring back treasure from her journey, so she can share them with her tribe.

It’s important to note that this identity type is very similar to that of the leader but instead of leading her audience on a journey to find the result she is more likely to go it alone and then bring back the answers where she can them unveil them to her tribe.

Now, maybe this identity type sounds perfect for you but let’s continue before you make that decision by talking about

The Reporter or Evangelist: Now if you’re the Jimmy Olson type meaning that you haven’t yet blazed a trail that you can share with your Tribe …but you really want to this identity type may fit you like a glove.

So, if that sounds like you then you’re probably wondering how it works.

Well if you’re liking this identity type you’re gonna need to put your reporter’s hat on or as an evangelist you’re gonna have to go on a mission to discover the truth.

The people who seem to fit best with this identity type are the folks who love the idea of interviewing tons of experts so they can share those interviews and all the secrets they’ve learned with their Tribe.

OK let’s move on to our next identity type which is

The Reluctant Hero: Now what interesting about this identity type is that this is my personal identity now and a hybrid version of this is the one I share with my tribe.

So, purely speaking this identity type could be described as the humble hero they guy who doesn’t really want the spotlight doesn’t want people fawning or fussing over him or his discoveries …

…because he knows that the information or secrets he’s obtained are very, very important …and that they can transform the lives of so many.

This is why he feels an overwhelming obligation to overcome his shyness and share them with the world.

He is driven by a moral duty to share all he knows.

Now after having worked with many of the most successful online business owners and marketers on the planet I know that a lot of you feel this way naturally.

I see this with a lot of my clients and members in the Funnel Tribes community meaning that the spotlight is uncomfortable, but you know you need to be there for your Tribe.

So, if this sounds like you …the reluctant hero is the perfect identity for you. Play the part.

So, there they are: The Leader, adventurer, reporter, and the reluctant hero.

There’s a strong possibility that you identify strongly with one of these four archetypes … or some combination of two of them like me.

I recommend that you give this some serious thought and then determine which identity type is a good fit for you.

Once you’ve done that then it’s time to build out your Magnetic Mystique using the traits for that identity type.

As an example, If you see yourself as the Laura Croft of your industry meaning that you’re an adventurer then you’ll want to tell stories of adventure.

If you see yourself along the lines of a Donald Trump or like a Mark Cuban or even person like a Michelle Malkin or a Liz Tennyson a born leader …you’ll want to tell stories about where you’ve been and where you are going.

If you’ve chosen the right identity for yourself it should be fairly easy to take on that role but if you find yourself having difficulty with your Magnetic Mystique …you might want to evaluate the identity type you’ve adopted maybe think about updating and/or changing it.

OK now I’m gonna shift gears a bit and talk about STORY LINES and how to integrate them into your Magnetic Mystique.

So, as most of you already know stories are a great way to communicate with and motivate your tribe.

So, based on that let’s take a look at the six specific storylines that you can use in the Magnetic Mystique you’ve create for your business and how you can use them over and over again in your emails in your sales letters in your landing pages and pretty much in every other type of communication you decide to use.

So, why do we use storylines anyway Ken?

Do we use them because they’ll help you create stronger bonds with the members of your tribe?..

Do we use them because they’ll help you build a bigger brand get more clients and sell more stuff online?..

My answer to all those questions is Well YEAH!

That’s EXACTLY why every successful online business owner and marketer uses them and that’s why I’m giving you the blueprint to create them for your business right now because they do all that for you and more.

Now, it’s important that you understand how these work.

So, let me be very, very clear here: Each storyline is crafted for a specific purpose.

So, once you learn how when and where to use them you’ll instantly realize just how powerful they are and as a result … you’ll start using them over and over again in as many different ways as you can.

OK if you’re ready let’s start with a basic overview of each one where we’ll uncover the plot structure of each one.

Now, each time I teach this to a client or to members in the Funnel Tribes community pretty much everyone gets really, really excited …

So, if you find that you’re getting all jazzed up and you see the brilliance in using these you’re not alone that’s pretty much the M.O. for everyone who sees this.

So, the first storyline we’ll look at is known as Loss and Redemption:

And the loss and redemption storyline kinda goes like this:

“I had everything. I was on top of the world and then (blank) happened which was lame.

So, I had to figure my way out of (blank) and fast.

But as it turned out (blank) ended up being a real blessing in disguise because when it happened
I ended up going through (blank) where I learned/received (blank.)”

Now what makes loss and redemption stories so powerful is that they show the upside of going through hardship or meeting unexpected challenges.

So, if you have your own loss and redemption story that’s great!

If not, you can always borrow one from one of your clients a member of your Tribe. Heck … you can even use one right out of a movie you like.

Just remember (when making your Magnetic Mystique) whether it’s your identity type (your storyline) or the stories you tell …

…please make sure they’re essentially true.

Making a story more exciting for the purposing of helping your tribe learn or benefit from it is one thing outright lying is for losers so don’t do it.

Ya know I have really high expectations for you so I know you’ll choose the right path and serve your marketplace with honor but it’s good to stir up your minds from time to time with good counsel.

OK looking at our next storyline we have the “Us vs. Them” plotline.

Now you’ll want to use “us vs them” stories whenever you want to polarize your audience.

Now, in last week’s episode which was episode #033 where I gave you the “Secret Sauce” for making your sales funnels consistently profitable.

This was where I introduced the concept of your Magnetic Mystique and if you remember the last component of the story line elements I talked about was on being polarizing especially if you wanna be successful online.

Now, if you’re new to the show I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go back and listen to episode #033 which was essentially part one of today’s show.

So, if you listened to last week’s show you remember how I talked about why you want to be polarizing, right?

So, I’m not gonna cover that again right now … but suffice it to say that when you use polarity in your Magnetic Mystique you’ll create a massive tribe of raving fans people who will grow very, very attached to you and they’ll adopt your rallying cry which will help insulate them against outsiders i.e., “Your competitors”.

Ya know one of the ways I like to use polarity is to go to my list and call out the “doers”…

Where I challenge them to take action to come out from among the talkers and I do this because I want to encourage these people to make a choice about who they are.

Listen; if they’re really with me then they’ll recognize I’m here to help them get what they want and when you see that you have the confidence to believe in yourself and in what I’m telling you and you’ll ascend with me.

Alrighty then … our next storyline is Before and After …

Which sounds something like this:

“First I was (blank) and now I’m (blank.)”

If you’re wondering to yourself are these like stories of transformation?

Wonder no longer because Yes!.. that’s exactly what they are and they work great in just about any market you can find.

For example, in the online marketing niche you might say:

“When I first started marketing my business online I was totally confused and overwhelmed Then I joined the FunnelTribes online community and now I’m pulling in six-figures each month.”

Or, if you were in the Life-Coaching marketing you might say something like this:

“First, I was disorganized and frustrated and lacked direction and purpose in my life. Then I joined program “X” and now I’ve gained total clarity I know who I am where I want to go and how I’m gonna get there.”

If you’re in the money-making or investment market you might say something like this:

“Not so long ago when I first got started I was down on my luck and so poor that I was literally living in a cardboard box behind some bushes in a neighborhood. Then one day I asked a guy for money for food and he gave me a copy of “Product Z.” Now, my life by the Mercy of God has been transformed and today I live in a mansion in Beverly Hills.”

You might think that last story is a total farce but let me tell you part of it’s totally true.

Now, it’s not my story but when I first graduated from Chiropractic college I moved from Missouri where I’m from and headed out to Los Angeles because I wanted to live the good life how confused I was then.

But, I ended up getting a condo in Orange county Los Cabajeros to be exact (which was a private tennis community). Anyway, I kid you not … there was a family of four (a guy his wife and their two little kids) living in a cardboard box behind some bushes next to my complex.

This was almost 30 years ago … and I don’t remember his name but he was an educated man not much older than me and I used to give him money (not much) but I did.

Man, I’m from Missouri we don’t have people living in cardboard boxes where I’m from but after about six months I remember talking to this dude one afternoon and he told me that he got a job and was gonna get a place to live like a real place …Which was cool.

Not long after that they were gone.

So, my point in telling you that story is that I could use that if I wanted and it’d be true so, don’t overlook stories like real things from your life or the life of others that you can use to teach and instruct.

One of the things I like best about before and after stories is that they’re self-explanatory and simple to write. In fact, you can often tell these stories from beginning to end with a few pictures.

Now, don’t let their simplicity fool you These stories are powerful motivators, and you should use them whenever the opportunity presents itself. –

Wow I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you guys this:

“Oh my gosh, you guys . . . wait till you hear about this amazing new thing I just discovered! You’re not going to believe it, but I hit it out of the park on my first try! I wasn’t sure it would work, but it’s amazing. You’ve got to try it!”

OK, Ken what, what, what is it?

I just used the next storyline on you which is the Amazing Discovery plotline.

Ya know these stories are unbelievably effective if you’re promoting webinars and discovery days which are short half day “what’s this about’ seminars but these work so well because they help people believe … that the answer they have been searching for is finally available to them.

I really like this storyline and should probably use it more often.

Next there’s the: Secret Telling Storyline …

And we’ve all heard someone say:

“Listen I’ve got a secret . . . if you want to find out what it is you need to do “X”.

This too is one of my favorite storylines because the lure of secrets magnetically pulls prospects straight into your funnel where they’ll usually move straight up your Value Ladder very, very quickly.

Next …we’ve got the Third-person Testimonial:

This is where you share the successes that others like clients and members have had with your products programs or your services and they work so well consistently because they provide social proof which is explosively effective and powerful.

If you’re not using outcome-based video testimonials in your business and online right now you’re screwing up majorly!

Listen back in episode #003 I interviewed the Testimonial Queen my lovely and talented wife Lisa and at the end of that episode I provided a link where you can go and download the Platinum version of our video testimonial system 100% free no strings attached

Who does that?

Who gives a $497 product away for free?

Nobody I checked!..

So, if you don’t have it go get it. and once you’ve got it use it to get as many outcome-based testimonials from your clients, customers, patients and students as you can.

Then take those videos and use them liberally throughout your stories.

You can also use them as stand-alone stories and case studies, too! which is cool!

OK Let’s do a quick Review:

Listen I’ve given you everything you’re gonna need to get started planning and creating your Magnetic Mystique.

And remember when I say “create,” I don’t mean “make it up” I mean that I want you to focus on a REAL story or personality that you or one of your clients has.

So, it’s real and it’s true!

I’ve given you everything you need to begin the process of assembling the compelling identity which is known as your Magnetic Mystique which is your stories your flaws and that line in the sand you will never cross.

It’s unfortunate but it’s true but most entrepreneurs will never come to the realization that this vital communication tool even exists.

And even if they do most of them will never invest the time and effort to do a good job creating a believable persona.

Like I said before … creating your Magnetic Mystique can be the difference between making a thousand dollars a month and one hundred thousand.

Now guys you’ve been listening to me talk about creating and using specific identity types and storylines to create a powerful and effective Magnetic Mystique for your business.

And you know that investing the time to create a compelling and magnetic persona for the person at the front of your business the person everyone sees as the face of your company is a great way to do that and so you can make more sales.

So, if you’re someone who really can help people and you can deliver good value to your marketplace you might be wondering how you can implement the tactics and strategies from today and previous related-episodes …quickly and easily.

Clearly … everybody knows that creating a Magnetic Mystique for your online business will help you build a massive tribe …

deliver greater brand recognition …

produce more (and more valuable) clients, customers and patients …

and help you sell a LOT MORE stuff online!

Just look at how many of the most successful online businesses have a compelling character someone with an irresistible magnetic mystique!..

Which is why you’re smart to deploy this strategy in your business.

Alright I think that covers it so thanks for being on the show with me today and if you really believe that you’re getting real tangible benefit and value from this show …please go to iTunes and write an honest review.

I’m on a mission to help you and as many others as I can and by now you know that I’m not doing this for the money because I never ask you to buy anything so, do it today do it now because if you don’t you’ll get busy like we all do.

Hey, I really do appreciate having you hear with me each week and before I go I wanna quickly mention that I’m going to start reviewing a book or two each week for you.

I just checked, and I’ve got just over 500 books in my Kindle library and this doesn’t include all the paper books I’ve got in my library.

So, I’ll be doing that in addition to this show on a weekly basis for you coming up real soon.

I’ll look forward seeing you next week