033 – Magnetic Mystique: The Secret Sauce for Making Your Sales Funnels Consistently Profitable

033 - The Secret Sauce (your Magnetic Mystique) for Making Your Sales Funnel Consistently Profitable - Ken Newhouse Funnel Tribes Sales Funnels and Online Marketing Coaching

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Today I’m going to give you the secret sauce for making your sales funnels consistently profitable (which is creating your online persona) …your Magnetic Mystique.

What I’m going to teach you today, is literally (the rocket fuel) that can take you (and your business) into the stratosphere.  I’m giving you the blueprint that will help you and your online business become legendary.   I wanna help you get to the place where money… recognition (and the freedom to do with your time whatever you want) can be as plentiful as water.


Today we’re doing episode #033 …and quite honestly (had you asked me when I first started this) how far into I’d get … I would have probably said (like 10 episodes) or whatever …but we’ve doubled our audience size every month (save one) since starting …so, I just wanted to say (Thank You!) because doing this show (is something) I really enjoy doing for you.


Now, before I get started on today’s training (I wanna quickly tell you what just happened) this past week to Russell Brunson …the founder of ClickFunnels. —- And I wanna tell you this (because it ties in) perfectly to last week’s training …(specifically) to the BIG GOAL of last week’s training …which was “To convert (traffic you control) …and (traffic you don’t control) …into traffic that you own …as quickly as possible.” — And (if you remember) …I told you (that you wanna do that):

1. So you could be more profitable …and (I told you)
2. Because the huge audience you build on a given platform …(I gave an example with Facebook) …could (DISAPPEAR) in the twinkling of an eye.

So, this past week …Russell Brunson’s “Marketing Secrets” podcast …which has been in the top 10 (for business) for like (forever) …and his “Marketing Secrets” video podcast … were (abruptly) cancelled (and removed from the platform).

Well …not completely removed. — They get to keep broadcasting to the 3.5 MILLION subscribers they’ve got (between the two) …but they CAN NOT (accept any new subscribers) — which sucks (royally).

So, what (reason) did iTunes give them for (shutting them down?) — NONE! (Natta!) So, (while this sucks for Russell) and the ClickFunnels Brothers Band …let this be instructive for you. —- I’ve said it before …and I’ll say it again …(The Worst Number In Business) … Is ONE (of anything). —- And (let me hammer this into your head (one more time) …

You wanna CONVERT (traffic that you control) …and (traffic that you don’t control) …into (traffic that you OWN) …as quickly as possible. — If you missed last week’s episode …go back and listen to it today. —

“Woe Ken … calm down (brother!) … why are you getting (all up in my grill) today (with this)?” —- Because I’ve made this mistake myself …and (I promise you) … this is something you want to avoid (at all costs)! —

OK …let’s dig in to today’s training …which is going to (literally) …blow your mind! — Today’s training is gonna (reveal) some (super high-level) psychological (Jedi Master) mind-power stuff …(stuff that’ll) literally transform your business …and your life …in ways (you cannot imagine) …and (you can probably tell) …that I’m excited (to be giving this to you) today.

Now, I wanna say this (right up front) …so you’ll have (total clarity) about this topic:

What I’m going to teach you today …is literally (the rocket fuel) that can take you (and your business) into the stratosphere …(where you’ll become) like (legendary) …where (money, time and recognition) can be as plentiful as water …but I wanna make myself (Crystal Clear) …so please listen to this: — I know that the vast majority of you …are 100% ethical …honorable …and (Always) want what’s best (for your clients, customers and patients)

So, having said that … I wanna also say that I NEVER condone using (what I’m giving you today) …to take advantage of people …to sell stuff to people (just because you can) …to see this as (a way to become wealthy) at other’s expense. — I’m giving you this today …because I know you’ll use it to (help everyone in your marketplace).

OK …before I open the vault (and give you access) to my ninja mind-control persuasion methods …I wanna use a short-story (as my intro). —- Well …it’s not really a story …it’s more of a (common occurrence) …it’s something I’ve heard (from a lot of the members) when they first arrive in the FunnelTribes community… and I have a sneaky suspicion … that this is something you may have experienced too.

So, what (exactly) am I talking about? I’m talking about when a new member …and sometimes (even) existing members (who’ve been around for a while) message me in the Member’s area (and say something like):

“Hey Ken …I’m building a list (exactly) like you showed me … but (dude) … virtually no one is opening my emails ….and the ones that do …well (not many of them) are clicking on the links (I put in the emails) …which means (No one is buying my stuff!) — I need you to tell me what I’m doing wrong! Ken…I need help …ASAP”

This happens consistently …and it spikes each time we accept new members into the FunnelTribes community …so if you’ve experienced this in your business …be of good cheer! — Because I’m about to show you how to fix it …once and for all. — Ya know …on last week’s show (I told you) that if you focus on filling your list (with high-quality prospects) …that you could (reasonably expect to average) …about a dollar per month for every person on your list. —

This perspective is (widely shared) across the web …building a big list (that is). — So, entrepreneurs …business owners …service providers …consultants …they see this and what do many of them do?

They focus (the majority) of their efforts …on growing their lists …and BAM! When they don’t see results … (meaning they’re not generating) a dollar per name on their list (per month) …. They feel stuck …frustrated …and sometimes they even feel like giving up. — Now, maybe you’ve experienced this yourself …maybe you can (totally relate) to what they’re feeling.

And in my experience …(most of them are struggling) because they’re missing (a critical piece) in their sales funnel strategy… which is what I refer to as their “Magnetic Mystique.”

Some folks online …refer to this as your (online persona) … while others have referred to this as (your Attractive Character). — So, what (exactly) I’m I talking about here? — Well …quite simply (I’m talking about) your online persona … the (personal identity) you share with your Tribe …your prospects …heck …with everyone online.

Your Magnetic Mystique is (who you are) online … it’s how you communicate with your Tribe and everyone on your list (i.e., “the traffic that you own”) remember?

So, the primary reason (I’m hearing this from new members) …is that they’ve never bothered to (think about) and create their Magnetic Mystique … or (if they’ve done it) …they’ve done it incorrectly. — this character, or they don’t do it correctly. —- OK …it’s a holiday week …so, that about wraps up today’s show! (Just Kidding!)

So, if you want to know how to create a powerful …effective …LEGENDARY (Magnetic Mystique) for yourself …. I’d like to show you (the process) …like right now. — Ya know …it really is (one of the most important steps) you can take …. when it comes to selling (lots of your stuff) online.

Once you intentionally create your Magnetic Mystique … your business …your income …and your life (will change forever.) — Now …I want you to listen (carefully) to what I’m about to say:

Your Magnetic Mystique (does not mean) that you have to be (someone) …. who is extraordinarily good looking …(although you might be.) — More than anything else …your Magnetic Mystique (is a carefully constructed) persona (based in truth) … that your clients, customers, patients and prospects (find attractive …compelling …magnetic …irresistible) … and it’s absolutely critical (for building a Tribe) of loyal and passionate followers …(and for making lots of sales).

When you invest the time (effort and energy) to create a (Magnetic Mystique) …. you’ll be able to (build a presence) and build a mass Tribe on (any platform you want) … such as your own list (i.e., “traffic you own”) …on Facebook …on Instagram …YouTube (or wherever). —- Listen … It simply doesn’t matter (where) you decide to make your presence known …. Because your (Magnetic Mystique) will draw the prospects you’re targeting (on a “bee-line”) straight into your circle of influence.

Ya know… the first time I learned about (creating a persona) for myself … (was at a Dan Kennedy seminar) in Cleveland (where I heard) mean ‘ole Dan reveal his methods. — I remember Dan explaining (the importance of crafting a persona) that would be “magnetic” to prospects you wanted as clients.

Now (I agreed with and adopted) almost everything Dan told us that day …save one. — It turns out that Dan likes to (embellish to the extreme) … creating stories that border on outright dishonesty …and that’s something I’m not willing to do …and I suggest you avoid it as well.

Why do I say that? Well (for starters) …lying about anything is lame …and if you think about it (on a non-spiritual level) …lying is the opposite (of reality). —- I don’t know about you …but people who will lie about (who they are) and what they’ve done (so they can get my business) …will probably lie to me (about what they can do for me too)

So, in my mind …it’s best not to go there. —- Besides …each of us have (magnetic elements) to our personalities (and our lives) …character traits and personalities that (WILL ABSOLUTELY) be magnetic to (certain people)… So, in today’s episode …we’re going to talk about (specific things) you need to do …(if you want prospects and clients) to be attracted to you (in your business).

Today (my friends) …I’m going to give you the (blueprint) …for creating a (Magnetic Mystique) …and if you’ll follow it (to the letter) …your business …your income …and your life will be instantly transformed.

So, maybe you believe me and know what I’m telling you is true …but you’re unsure if you can (pull it off) for yourself?

If that’s the case …(here’s what I want you do to): Think about any business—online or offline. — Most of the successful ones (have someone with a Magnetic Mystique) front and center. —

Take Subway, for example. — Subway used to be (looked upon) as just another fast food restaurant …like McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell. — Then somewhere along the line … the company (found this guy) named Jared.

When they found him, he tipped the scales (at just over) four hundred pounds. — As most of you know (however) … he decided to eat (nothing but Subway) …eating their sandwiches (twice a day) …nothin’ else … (and over the course of a year or two) …he lost over 225 pounds!

To their profit …Subway (shared Jared’s story) with the world (by putting him in commercials) … on billboards …he was everywhere. — And by using Jared’s (Magnetic Mystique) …the powerful persona behind his story … Subway transformed its business (from an average fast food restaurant) …into a weight-loss plan.

This new strategy (instantly) set the company apart from the competition … which is (one of the primary reasons) that Subway did so well … (specifically) …by using Jared’s (Magnetic Mystique) as the foundation for (all their marketing tactics).

They understood that (people who were trying to lose weight) would relate to Jared’s struggles …and his (ultimate victory) in losing weight. —- People understood his backstory (and they wanted to be like him). — If this guy could lose all that weight just by eating Subway twice a day, then they could as well.

Jared was bringing (massive levels of customer traffic) for Subway for over 15 years. — That’s a great example of how (creating a Magnetic Mystique) can transform your business …(but I almost didn’t use it). —

Now think about your favorite movies. — What was the last movie you saw? — Did you see it because you thought the storyline was intriguing? Or did you go (because one of your favorite) actors or actresses was in it? Hollywood goes to great lengths to (create and build) the “Magnetic Mystique” of its stars …because that’s (what sells tickets) and fill seats.

A great example of that concept is the movie (Saving Private Ryan). When I saw the lineup for that movie … I had no doubt it would be successful. Producers brought in Tom Hanks … Matt Damon … Tom Sizemore … Edward Burns ….Barry Pepper …Vin Diesel and others… actors who (already had tons of fans) that loved them …and BAM! Instant Classic!

Maybe you’re not a big Matt Damon fan ….but you love everything Tom Hanks does. —- So, you go see the movie (because can you relate) to his (Magnetic Mystique). —- This is why sequels (and franchises) work so well ….generation after generation.

My parents took me to see Star Wars when I was eleven …and they loved the characters so much (as did I) …that they took me to see (every one of the sequels). — In addition to that …they loved Harrison Ford’s character so much …that they took me to see (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and the sequels for that, too. — And guess what? Nearly forty years later …

(Click the play button to hear the audio clip)


… guess who’s showing up again (as our favorite (albeit an older version) of Han Solo? —- Now, I just watched (The Empire Strikes Back) about three weeks ago …and (while its special effects) are pretty lame (for today anyway) … I have to acknowledge (that this movie series) …which began over a generation ago … and is still (packing the theaters) and selling tickets by the millions …is pretty incredible.

And (THAT) my friends …is a perfect illustration (of the power) that can be created …when you create a (Magnetic Mystique) for your persona. — When we find someone (with a Magnetic Mystique) that resonates with us …We love them ….We want to be like them … We relate to their stories … and most importantly …we buy what they’re selling!

Listen to me very, very carefully here: This exact strategy …this amazing secret …is behind (ever one) of the most successful online businesses …in the most competitive markets (on the planet). I’m talking about the most successful companies in weight-loss …. investing … supplements, and ecommerce.

Virtually (any type of business) can use and benefit from (having someone with a (Magnetic Mystique) …someone (or some “thing”) like a Gecko …who possesses a compelling and attractive persona

I started using this (in my own business) when I started doing (free health seminars) as a method of getting new patients. — I remember the first few times I spoke …because I was still having surgeries (and recovering) from the head-on motor-vehicle collision I was involved in (with a dump truck). —

I had been to (death’s doorstep) …but the Good Lord had mercy on me ….and in addition to having been through (over a dozen surgeries at that point) …chiropractic care had (helped me) as much or more (than anything else …. and that information (would come out) when I told my story from the stage.

I talked about how chiropractic had helped me …and the lessons I had learned from (recovering from massive pain, fatigue and stiffness). — And when it was time to (sell at the end of the presentation) …meaning (when it was time to get people) to schedule an appointment with me … I noticed that the people (who came to the table) to schedule an appointment with me …were mostly men and women (who were very, very athletic when they were younger) …but were now suffering from chronic pain …chronic fatigue …and fibromyalgia.

They would say things like; “Dr. Ken …I used to wrestle in college ….and now I’m unable to do much at all”…. Or I played soccer for fourteen years Dr. Newhouse …and for the last five years (I’ve been so exhausted) I feel worthless.” —- Ya know …I didn’t realize it at the time … (but my story) was bringing my (Magnetic Mystique) to the forefront.

A persona that former athletes …men and women who had been injured and were now suffering (could relate to). —- This continued for the remainder of the 17 years I was in practice …and continued when I retired from private practice (and went into coaching full time) — Without fail …the people (who related to my stories) … were the ones who bought my products …joined my coaching programs …or hired me (to help them) grow and scale their business.

So, back in 2012 … I decided to start teaching this concept (of creating a Magnetic Mystique). — And the result (since then?) —- Without fail …the members in my coaching groups (who implemented what I’m about to teach) today …they transformed their businesses …their income …and their lives …very, very quickly.

Every (major success story) of our clients and members (came about) as the direct result (of building their brand) and platform (around an individual) with a Magnetic Mystique. —- Now if you’re wondering: “OK, Ken …how important is this strategy to the success and profitability of my online business ….(really)?”

My Answer? Listen to me very, very carefully …This can be the difference (between making) a couple thousand dollars a month …(and making a hundred thousand dollars) a month.

So, right now …(and be honest here) …ask yourself this question: “As it relates to your (ideal prospects and clients) …your (target market) … How magnetic and attractive are you (in their eyes)? How interesting are you? What is it about your story that would cause your (ideal prospects) to watch a TV show about you?”

Now, if your answer is:

“Ken! I am NOT an interesting person …so (being magnetic) …is totally not something I can do?”

…you’re not alone.

In fact …I felt (exactly like you might be feeling right now) …and when first got started with this (in my own business) … I felt (totally lost).

Listen …here’s my promise to you: “I’m going to show you (over the next few minutes) …a blueprint that’ll show you (compelling ways) to share your backstory … so people will follow you (because of a personal connection) they feel they’ve got with you.”

OK …let’s get movin’ here. So, there are (three components) for creating your Magnetic Mystique. —- For starters …we’ve got:

Elements …then we’ve got
Identity (don’t worry) …we’re gonna take a (deep dive) into each one of these (as we go) …and after (identity) … our last element involves

Each one of these components in place (to create) a Magnetic Mystique (for yourself) …a persona that your (ideal prospects and clients) will like and (loyally) follow.

Now, I’ll discuss (how to introduce) the individual facets of your Magnetic Mystique (to your audience) in a future episode (not too far down the road) … but for now (I’m gonna want you) to focus on (building your Magnetic Mystique) profile.

So, let’s actually (dig into that process) right now. So, the first component I mentioned (a few seconds ago) …are (Elements)… and there are (four separate elements) we’re going to focus on now.

So, the first element we’re going to (look at) is (your Backstory).

If you’re going to create (an effective) Magnetic Mystique (you’re going to have to start) with a solid backstory. —- And if (you want the kind of results) I’ve told you that our members and clients have enjoyed …you can’t skip this step.

Now, pretend for a second (that Jared isn’t a creepy sexual predator) …and that he’s not in Federal prison. — And …If that were the case …chances are he’d still be doing commercials for Subway.

I want you to imagine that he’s never done commercials for Subway …and imagine what your reaction would be ..if you (turned on the TV) …and saw Jared …(sitting there) eating a sub sandwich.

What do you think (your reaction be?) —- You’d probably think something like: “Who’s that (lame) skinny guy? …and why is he sitting there (stuffing a sub sandwich) in his mouth?

My point is simple: Without knowing his backstory …his amazing tale (of weight loss) and transformation … (unless you were a skinny dude) who liked to sit around (and stuff sub sandwiches) down you gullet …. you simply wouldn’t be able to (relate to him). He’d be just another skinny dude …sitting around gorging on Sub sandwiches.

But once you heard Jared’s backstory …and saw those pictures of him (where he tipped the scale) at a WHOPPING (425 pounds) …only to lose it all (eating Subway Subs) where he got down to (like) 190 pounds …it’s a whole different story.

You might have thought …(I’m a fat slob)…just like he was. —- If he can lose all that weight (just by eating subs every day) … maybe I can too. — I wanna be where he is …(I wanna be thin, too).

Now that I’ve given you that example …Maybe (you can see) the amazing difference (a good back story) can make in your prospective client’s reaction (to what you’re selling?)

So, (the reason) that you’re sharing your backstory is (quite simple): You share your backstory (because you want your prospects and clients) to see where you came from… and (If they can relate to where you came from) …there’s a really (good chance) then …that they’ll want to follow you (so they can get to where) you are now.

On the flip side …what happens if (your ideal prospects don’t see a compelling backstory)? —- You’re exactly right! — They’re not gonna follow or listen to you. — Without a compelling (believable) and true (backstory) … You’ll seem untouchable; you won’t seem real to them.

Now (here) however… is the really cool thing about this … (if they see that you were once) in a situation (similar to the one they’re currently in) …chances are (really good) that they’ll (instantly identify with you) … and they’ll end up following you. —- So, (in essence) …your story has provided a hook (to snag them with).

Once you’ve got them (hooked) … You can (lay out the path) that shows them (how to go from where they are now) …so they can arrive to (where you are now.) — Now, I need to point something out here …something (that’s incredibly important.) —- Your backstory (has to relate somehow) …to the product or service (you’re selling).

So, (as an example) …If you’re selling a weight-loss product … your backstory (needs revolve around) weight-loss. — And if you’re selling a product (that shows business owners) how to get highly-qualified clients online …you want a backstory (that shows) how you discovered (how to get highly qualified new clients online. —- I think you’re with me, right?

“OK, Ken …but what if I don’t have a backstory (that relates to the product or service I’m selling?”

No Problem!

All you need to do (is find someone else’s backstory) that works …. and use that instead. — It’s perfectly acceptable …to use backstories from (your students) …your case studies …(and your successful clients).

In my experience …it’s totally ethical ….and (highly effective) to use the backstories …and the (Magnetic Mystique) from those resources.

Ask yourself this question:

“Was the owner of Subway (the face for the company) doing commercials on TV and eating sub sandwiches and losing weight?”


It was Jared. He was the chain’s success story… so he became the central persona …he possessed the (Magnetic Mystique) …which Subway picked up (by association).

So, if you’re not all that big (on being the central persona) that your business becomes known for …that OK …as long as (whoever) or whatever you use (has a backstory). — Alright …now it’s time to talk about the 2nd element in our list …which is:

2. A Critical Element of Your (Magnetic Mystique) Is That You “Speak in Parables.”

Parables are short (easy to remember stories) that illustrate a point (that’s relevant) to what you want (your prospects and clients) to know (or learn). —- And (if you’ve been following me) for any length of time …you know (I tell lots of stories) …which are simply (parables.)

For example … when I created my (Million Dollar Marketing System) for Chiropractors …I needed a way to show (other chiropractors) how they could (get tons of new patients) using the marketing methodologies (I had created). — . So, I shared the story (i.e., “a parable”) about how (I was) essentially (run over) by a dump truck …

Right after purchasing a new house (and two practices) … (from another chiropractor)…how I almost died (and spent several months) in the hospital… how I invested over a hundred thousand dollars (trying to learn how to market my practices) ….and at the point where I (almost lost everything) … I finally (figured it out)!

Now, (there’s a lot more) to that story …that I won’t cover here (on this episode) … but it illustrates the fact (that you can create and make money) selling your experience (or expertise) in almost anything. — I’ve got several (really good) and true (parables) … that I use (to teach the core principles) that I want and need my clients (and Members in the Funnel Tribes community) to understand.

Think about other teachers you’ve had in the past, those who had a great impact on your life. My guess is that if they had a lasting impact on you, it’s because they taught you by using amusing and memorable stories.

A parable is a story about something that happened in your Attractive Character’s life. —- It’s really important that you understand something: You have the ability (to use the things that happen) throughout your life …to teach and inspire others …as well as (sell lots of your stuff).

So, Look through your life (and I promise) that you’ll start finding these (life lessons) …stuff you can use (in your parables) to help illustrate important points (you want to make) to your Tribe. — You can also draw parables from the lives of others.

The (Big Takeaway Here) …is that (when your presentations) stop revolving around (the presentation of boring facts) …and you start using (compelling) …real-life parables …you’ll have a much greater impact on your prospects and clients … your messages will stay with your audience longer …and you’ll start selling more stuff …automatically…meaning (you won’t have to) “try to sell” …it’ll just happen.

OK …moving on to element #3 …which is:

3. Personas with a Magnetic Mystique (Share Their Character Flaws). This next element is one that most people really struggle with sharing, but it’s one of the most important ones to share because it makes you relatable and real. — You need to understand that (if you want your persona) to be believable …you’ve got to have (flaws). — You’ve got to have a (chink) in your armor.

Think about your favorite characters in movies, books, or TV shows. Every character (that you bond with emotionally) has flaws, right? One of my favorite examples is Superman.

He’s the Man of Steel. He’s invincible. Nobody can kill him. — (As a storyline) … it’s not very exciting …until (you discover) …that Kryptonite (can kill him) …and then you learn (that he’s so concerned) for the welfare of his family …(that villainous villains) can use this against him …(which makes him vulnerable) …and once you see (these chinks in his armor) …he becomes an interesting character that people care about.

Have you ever (met someone at a party) or at a friend’s house …and this person (as least as far as he told it) … “Could Walk On Water!” — Remember how (creeped out) he made you feel? Listen …No one wants to hear about the perfect person—because we can’t relate to that … (Yet, what do most business owners) end up doing? — They put on a facade … (trying to make themselves look ) “perfect” to their prospects in their market …(which in reality) … does nothing but (alienate them) from the people they’re actually trying to help.

Conversely … as soon as (your market) sees that you’re not perfect… that (you have character flaws) … you’ll start to empathize with you …and then they’ll start to (trust you) …which is critical to your success. — They’ll even (end up) liking you more ….because you’re like them…you’re NOT perfect. — Alrighty then …let’s get this wrapped up and cover element #4 …which is this …

4. Having a Magnetic Mystique Requires You To “Harness the Power of Polarity.”

Now …this one (really hits home with me) …because of who I am as a Christian …but (another big challenge) a lot of us have (when we’re communicating with an audience) …is being worried that (we’re going to) “offend someone.”

And while (I never recommend or condone) being offensive …for the sake of being offensive (like a lot of the Democratic talking heads on Fox News) …we can end up (going too far) in our efforts (trying not to offend) … and end up coming across (as bland to our audience) …not being relatable to anyone … because we’re doing our best to (play it safe.)

When you try your best (to win everyone’s approval) … you’re NOT gonna have a (Magnetic Mystique) about you …and you’re gonna end up (reaching no one.)

So, keeping in mind what I said (about not being an offensive person) … you (NEED to be) a very polarizing person… you (NEED) to be willing to give your opinion (on hot topics) …and you need to have enough character …enough backbone …to stick to your guns…no matter how heated (the opposition) becomes.

You’ve got to be willing to (draw a line in the sand) … And when you take a stand (for what you believe in) …you’re gonna split your audience into three camps:

1. Those who agree with you
2. Those who are neutral, and
3. Those who will disagree with you.

And (as you start) creating that polarity —- you’re gonna transform (your “fair weather fans”) …. into diehard (committed followers) who will hang on your every word … share your message …(and buy your stuff) …over and over again. —- Now …one of the best examples of this concept (is Rush Limbaugh) … He’s very polarizing. — People either love him or they hate him … (and while I agree with) pretty much EVERYTHING he says …(I’d classify myself as neutral). — I simply don’t have time to listen to his show …and (I make it habit to) guard my mind …so that the only things I wanna let in …(are things that are gonna) uplift and edify me. — If I listened to Rush’s show …I’d end up walking around (angry every day) …really upset by all the corruption …by all the lies …by all the evil people in our government …(in society) …and in the world. — So, that’s why I’d say (I’m neutral on Rush).

Yet, … people are listening… he’s got over 20-million people listening to his show every week day.

Now …I want you to (think about the podcasts you listen to) …. Think about the blogs (and books you read). — Do the people you’ve bonded with (and follow) have a polarizing effect on you?

Are there people you still follow and listen to—even though you can’t stand them or their messages? — I’m always amazed (how many people) spend (just about as much time) listening to, talking about, and sharing things (they get from) people they don’t like (or agree with) … as they do (gobbling up) the shared wisdom (from their favorite people). — I guarantee you (that if any of those characters) weren’t using polarity …. chances are (you wouldn’t know who they were.)

Being polarizing is kind of scary sometimes. It is scary knowing that once you start sharing your opinions, there will probably be a group of people who disagree with you and will voice their opinions online.

If you’re neutral, no one will hate you, but no one will know who you are either. As soon as you start taking sides on important issues, you’ll develop haters, but you’ll also develop a group of raving fans. Those raving fans are the people who will buy your products and services.

If nobody’s talking about you, then nobody knows who you are. It’s time to step out of that neutral space and start sharing your opinions. Bring the things you care about into the open.

OK …we’ll pick up here in the next episode #034 …