032 – The 3 Types of Online Traffic

The 3 types of online traffic and the ONE thing that's most important to your success online

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The 3 types of online traffic and what they mean to your success online.  That’s what we’re talking about in today’s post. 

Because now that you know (the “who”) meaning you’ve (done your due diligence) and figured out who your ideal prospects are and you’ve found where (they’re hanging out) in mass (online) now we’ve gotta talk about (the fastest and easiest) methods for driving them (straight into your funnel).


So, by now (I’m gonna assume) that you’ve invested some time taken the information from last week’s post (and figured out) who your IDEAL Prospects are and (where to find them online). So let’s talk about the 3 types of online traffic. Now, this might seem overly simple but (there are only the three types of online traffic). There’s:

1. Traffic you control
2. Traffic you don’t control
3. Traffic you OWN

Once you understand the 3 types of online traffic …(how each type of traffic works) and how they dovetail together you’ll be able to send (the most qualified traffic) to the (Exact) offers (that are going to) convert at the highest rate possible.

The reason you want to want to convert the maximum number of prospects (into paying clients) is because your ideal prospects (i.e., “people who don’t simply buy once and then fly the coop”) will move up the ladder of ascension and buy more stuff from you …which is cool!

Now as mean ‘ole Dan Kennedy says (here’s a “writer-downer”):

“If you wanna grow your business serve lots and lots of people (and make more money than you can imagine) then you’ve got to understand the 3 types of online traffic and (really, really “get this”). Your one and ONLY goal is to OWN all the traffic you can.”

This is the (BIG SECRET) for (growing your list) and increasing your sales. Now, if you’re like me and if you’re like the most successful Members in the FunnelTribes community (you wanna know) this like NOW!

So, I’m gonna start off (by covering) the third type of traffic I mentioned a second ago which is (Traffic YOU own) and I’m starting with #3 (because it’s) by far the most important (of the three).

Think about it. Traffic you own (is hands down) the BEST type of traffic and it includes (people on your email list) people like your (current and past) customers, clients and patients and people who have opted-in for (one of your offers).

Now, you might be wondering (why I call this) “traffic that I “own”? So, let me tell you. I call it (traffic that I own) because I (own the relationship) with these people not Facebook not YouTube not Instagram (you get the picture, right?)

Let me give you an example: Let’s say that you created a Facebook group (for soccer Moms) Dads too. Now, as you know my youngest child (Hannah Rae) plays academy-level soccer and that keeps us (on the move) 4-days a week most weeks often-times five days a week. So, I know that (if you’re like most of our listeners) you’re always on the go.

Whether your kid plays (soccer or not) is irrelevant if you’ve got kids (I have a tremendous amount of respect for you) not to say (if you don’t) I don’t but having kids requires (a lot of your time, energy, emotion and effort).

So, I know what it’s like to have those demands and the demands of (running a business) so you can provide for your family so you can serve your marketplace so you can create (the lifestyle) of freedom and prosperity and (make no mistake)

I KNOW that it’s hard (so, I want you to know) I get it and that’s why I hold (the members of the FunnelTribes online community) and YOU those of you listening to this show (in such high regard).

OK So, (back to the FB group) so, let’s say that the group (really takes off) .and it grows and grows so that one day you (wake up) and discover that you’ve got 100,000 followers in the group.

Admittedly building a tribe that big (is gonna take some time) but it’s definitely doable. So, you’ve got a (massive) tribe that lives inside your (Facebook) group, right? Ya with me so far?


So, now let’s imagine that (Zuckerberg) wakes up one morning and he decides that he wants to totally (revamp) the FB platform and as part of the new design he’s gonna get rid of (all groups) and 24-hours later BAM!

All your hard work your time your money it’s all gone!

If happened what’d ya gonna do?

(C’mon Ken that’ll never happen) will it?

Probably not but if you’ve been on FB (or any other social media platform) for any length of time you (KNOW) you KNOW that they change stuff around and when they do (there’s NOTHING) absolutely nothing you (or I) can do about it. So, if that happens and (all your eggs) are in the FB basket you’re fried!

That’s it (game over) you’re either going back to (square one) or you’re gonna (go get a job) or whatever.

Now, contrast that with owning the relationship with 100,000 peoplemeaning that you’ve got 100,000 prospects (assuming they haven’t bought anything from you) you’ve got all 100,000 of those prospects (under your) DIRECT control!

They have given you:

1. Their contact information (i.e., “their email address”)
2. In most cases (their first name)
3. And (MOST IMPORTANTLY) they’ve given you (permission) to contact them

So, let me ask you if you’re in (the second part of my example) and you’ve built a tribe of prospects and you own the relationship and Zuckerberg wakes up one morning and decides to (eliminate FB groups) you’re not gonna end up (in the fryer) with everyone who was (careless enough) to put all their eggs (into little Mark’s) bucket, right?

So, when I talk about (traffic I own) or (traffic you own) I’m simply talking about (people who have opted in to your list) or people who have purchased (something from you) and given you permission to contact them (via email).

Now, to further illustrate why traffic you own is the best of the 3 types of online traffic … I’ll use the FunnelTribes online community as an example.

So, the next time I decide to (unbolt and open the door) so those of you (who aren’t members yet) can apply all I have to do is (send out an email) to everyone on the early-bird list (I always give people who (got on) our early bird notification list (the opportunity) to apply first.

After that (if we’ve got a few openings) still available I can announce it on this show or simply write a post on the blog (and from each one of those action-steps) I’ll generate instant traffic (which is) VERY cool. (Because I own the traffic).

I don’t have to buy it from Facebook or Instagram or (bite my tongue) from Google.

Now I wanna be clear here: I am (110%) an advocate for using (paid traffic) which is (in my experience) the fastest way to build a list of highly-qualified prospects and clientsbut once you’ve done that once you got a list you own (and you treat them with respect) and you’re always delivering value to them you can go back to that list (i.e., “the traffic you own”) and sell stuff to them.

When you own the traffic you can forget about SEO. – When you own the traffic you own the distribution channel. When you own the traffic you can send messages out anytime you want (with ZERO) marketing costs.

When you own the traffic you can sell things (to these people) over and over again and (all that money you’re making) well that’s (100%) Profit!

Ya know back in 1998 (when I first started marketing online) I was very, very fortunate (in that) I had been a student of Jay Abraham, and (Dan Kennedy) for (like) two years already but it was in (late 1998) or early 1999 that I was exposed to Mark Joyner an absolute genius of marketing (who had built a massively successful business online).

Now, it took me (all of 10-seconds) probably less (to realize that) I needed to be in Mark’s coaching programand the first (and best) piece of advice he gave us was this: “If you wanna go big online you’ve gotta build a list of targeted, qualified prospects.”

Most of us (knew) that it was (very, very important) to have a mailing list but (Mark) was relentless (in that) he hammered that principle (over and over again) until it was permanently lodged (into my mind) and over the next two maybe two and half years that was my primary focus. And as my list started to grow (so did my income.)

Now, you may have heard (that every name on your list) .translates into (about one dollar) in revenue per month and (in my estimation) I’d say that’s about right we average about one dollar per month for each name on our email lists.

So, as a rule of thumb (when you begin implementing the communication funnels) I’ll be teaching you how to build (in a coming episode) I think it’s reasonable to expect that you’ll enjoy similar results.

I’ll also add that (once you understand) this specific metric and (once you understand) what it means to your bottom-line . list building (will become) a much higher priority for you!

Now I briefly alluded to this earlier but now I’ll come right out (and say it) so that you’ll have total clarity. It’s (really, really important) then that you make every effort (to convert the other two types of traffic) into subscribers and clients (which transforms them into) traffic that you own and that you do that (as quickly and efficiently) as possible.

Like (all aspects of online marketing), however building a highly-responsive list (requires a focus on quality control).

If you make the mistake of focusing on list-building (in and of itself) … you’re gonna end up with a lot of low quality leads which can be detrimental.

If you build (a large, yet unresponsive database) you’re creating a huge liability for yourself.

I want to explain this thoroughly so you will have absolute clarity on this subject. It’s a good bet that driving (low-quality traffic) into your funnel (may in fact) be less expensive but ask yourself this question:

“If all they amount to (are a bunch of non-responsive) names and email addresses then are they (really) worth having?”

I say “NO!” So, don’t confuse the concept (The bigger your list, the more money you make) with (building a big list is all that matters)

If your list is comprised of low-quality prospects you’ll be lucky to average ten cents per month (per prospect) let alone a dollar. So, you wanna (build a big list) but you wanna build it with (QUALITY) prospects. Got it??? Cool. Let’s keep movin’.

Alrighty then now I wanna talk about the next kind of traffic which is (TRAFFIC YOU CONTROL).

Listen carefully I’m NOT talking about traffic that you own here this is (slightly) different but that difference is (very relevant) and very important. So, what is (traffic you control) anyway? –

Great question so let’s look at an example (shall we?)

If I purchase an ad on Facebook .I don’t own the traffic they send to the landing page at the top of my funnel (FB owns it) but and this is an important but (I can control it) by buying an ad (and then send prospects) who click on that ad (anywhere I want)…

…which in this case (was to a landing page at the top of my funnel). OK Write this down: “Every form of paid traffic is (traffic you control)”. Here are some examples of paid traffic:

• Pay-per-click ads (Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Google, etc.)
• Native ads
• Affiliates and joint ventures
• Email ads (solo ads, banners, links, and mentions (this is a big one on Instagram right now)

Now, if you’re astute enough to be a regular listener you know that I absolutely love (paid traffic)

I absolutely love (traffic I can control) but what you may not know (primarily because I don’t talk about it) …is that (every time I want more of it) I have to spend more money which I don’t wanna do.

Listen: I’m tickled pink (when I can invest a dollar) on paid traffic and make back four, five, six dollars (and more) but if I had to choose between (leveraging traffic I own) to sell $50K worth of stuff and using paid traffic (remembertraffic I control) to sell $50K worth of stuff which one do you think I’m gonna like best?

You (bet your bottom dollar) I’m gonna use (traffic I own) because it’s 100% profit it’s gravy!

If I used paid traffic to generate $50K in sales I could spend anywhere from $10K on up.

So, (YES) I love paid traffic but I REALLY love (traffic that I own) which is “why” you should make every effort to convert (traffic you don’t own) as quickly as possible (so that you do).

OK so we’re still talking about (paid traffic) and one of your first objectives (like) this is a (big one) is to send all (paid traffic) to a page at the top of your funnel called a landing page (which is also called) a “squeeze page”.

Now (Don’t get your tighty-whitees) in a twist here (We’re gonna cover) squeeze pages and a whole lot more (during) episode #037 where I cover (The Twenty-Four Building Blocks of a High-Converting Sales Funnel) with you.

For now understand that a (squeeze page) is a very simple page (with only ONE goal) which is to (convert traffic that you control) . into traffic that you own.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see business owners and marketers making online occurs when they (pay good money) to buy (traffic they control) and send it to (the home page on their website)! Unless their home page is a squeeze page (which it rarely is) …that’s just DUMB! and you wonder why (so many people) think paid traffic doesn’t work (HELLO?)

Now (if you’ve made a mistake like this) I’m not saying that you’re dumb (unless you continue doing it) after you’ve heard tell you (not too) if you do that you’re not dumb you’re an idiot with a capital “I”.

Listen I’ve made many, many mistakes over the years some real winners and some of them costing me a small fortune but (I can’t recall) a time when I discovered (what I was doing was losing money) and kept doing it.

Sorry about that. One of my biggest flaws is that (I abhor stupidity) there’s nothing worse than somebody (who knows what they’re doing isn’t working) and they keep doing it. – Well if they’re stupid (and they whine about it) that’s the worst nothing worse than being stupid and whining about it unless they’re stupid . whine about it and then lie about their results that’s the worst.

So, in all seriousness guys I send 100% of my paid traffic to a squeeze page and when my prospects get there they’ve got one (and only one) option They opt-in (and give me their email address) or they don’t (and they leave).

Simple, right?

Now (a certain percentage of people) always leave but (check this out) some of the prospects (will in fact) give you a personal email address (which is cool!) because they’ve (instantly) been transformed (into traffic I own) at that point.

They just went from being (traffic you control) to (traffic that you own) which means (you can start sending them) through the next elements in your sales funnel which you’ll learn about in episodes #034 (and that’s where I’ll teach you) about a powerful NLP tactic called (nested loops) and then in episode #035 I’ll teach you how to communicate with your prospects (via your email sequences) in a way that strengthens your relationship with them.

What’s cool is that (at this point in your sales funnel) your communications will be more about (being entertaining) than about (specific content). and the content (in those two episodes) might just be (my all-time favorites).

Alright now we’re ready to (talk about) the last type of traffic which is (TRAFFIC YOU DON’T CONTROL).

Now, what’s interesting about this traffic .is that (it just shows up) which means (we don’t have any control over where it came from) or where it goes.

Let me explain it to (you like this):

Let’s imagine (for a moment) that you’ve just finished watching (the Six-Step Sales Funnel Framework) video training that I give and (once it’s over) you find that (you’re excited) and (you’ve got total clarity) about what it’s gonna take for you to make (enormous gains in your business) and once you’ve made (some notes) and once you’ve scheduled a time (to start working on the blueprint I gave you) in the training you decide to go on Facebook (and tell several of your friends about it).

So, you through a generic comment out (to all of your friends) and then follow that up with a group message to five of your closest friends Telling them (to go to FunnelTribes.com) and register for the free training (you just finished)

So, three of those friends (take your word for it) and immediately register for the free training on FunnelTribes but (two of your friends) from that group message and a handful of others (from the generic post you made) to everyone well they wanna know more about FunnelTribes (and about me) before they decide to register so what do they do?

They search my name in Google and once the results come up they pick one that sounds interesting (and click on it),

From there they may end up (on some random page in my blog) in someone else’s blog (where they can read a guest post I did) or they may end up in iTunes where they’ll find information (about the Get Clients Now podcast) the show we’re doing right now.

Now, I want you to notice that (I didn’t have control) over any part of that sequence of events. So, with this 3rd type of traffic I want you to understand that there are (many) sources of traffic that we simply don’t control.

In looking at the 3 types of online traffic …here are some examples of traffic we don’t control:

• Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)
• Search traffic (search engine optimization or SEO)
• Guest blog traffic
• YouTube and
• Guest interviews

Now here’s another writer-downer: (Just like traffic that you control) your ONLY goal (with traffic that you don’t control) is to turn it into (traffic that you own).

So, you’re probably wondering (how to do that) Here’s how I do it: I try to push (traffic that I don’t control) like (all of it) . back to my blog.

And (If you decide to visit any of my blogs) you’ll quickly discover that (the upper third of my blog pages) are (really) nothing more than (a glorified squeeze page).

And (when anyone lands on one of my blog posts) the only action they can take (other than reading the content) is give me (their email address). And once they’ve done that what happens?

You’re exactly right!

They become (traffic that I own) and BAM! Now, I can put them (into my communication funnels.) Now that I’ve explained this for you I hope you can see how easy this is?  I hope that now you completely understand the 3 types of online traffic.

Alright Now that you understand (how and where to find) tribes of your ideal clients online (like) where they’re hanging out (in mass) which I covered in episode #031 and now that you understand (that your PRIMARY goal) online .

Is to convert those (ideal prospects) into traffic you own (the next question is): “What do you do with prospects (once they’ve opted-in) to your email list?”

That’s a very, very important question and we need to answer it. So, in coming episodes (I’ll be doing with you) over the next several weeks I’m going to (take you by the hand) and walk you through the process (so you will) understand the exact steps to take for communicating (effectively and persuasively) with your audience.

(I’ll be covering things) such as (what emails you’ll be sending out) and the specific sequences you’ll send them in.

I’ll (also show you) how to use your email list (as a tool) to get prospects and clients (to ascend your Value Ladder). Now (those steps are) incredibly important But (before we get into) the specific email sequences (you’ll be sending out) I need to teach you (how to create) an attractive, compelling (even magnetic) persona for yourself which we’ll cover in next week’s episode.


What are you talking about, Ken?  I thought we were talking about the 3 types of online traffic?

I’m talking about the persona (you’re sharing with your audience) and how you communicate with the people on your list.

One of the biggest mistakes I see (people making online) … Is that (they don’t invest the time) to create their character (meaning) the personality they want to be known as or they don’t do it correctly.

And (in my experience) this is the missing link (that prevents) most business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs from being successful online.

OK let’s quickly review the 3 types of online traffic and the main topics I covered today and then I’m gonna call it (a wrap).

1. Traffic you control
2. Traffic you don’t control
3. Traffic you OWN and
4. Lastly I talked about your primary goal (as it pertains to) your ideal prospects online: “Your primary goal .is to transform as many of them as you can (as quickly as you can) into traffic that you own.

Now guys you’ve been listening to me talk about (the three types of traffic online) and you’ve heard me say (that your primary goal) is to convert ideal prospects (that you’re finding online) into (traffic you own) as quickly as possible

And you know that using a sales funnel (can be a great way) to do that and so you can make more sales).

So, if you’re someone (who really can help people) and you can deliver (good value to your marketplace) you might be wondering (how you can implement) the tactics and strategies (from today and previous related-episodes) quickly and easily.

Clearly (everybody knows) that a well-built sales funnel works. Just look at (how many) of the most successful online businesses are using them! Which is why (you’re smart to deploy them) in your business.

So, I’ve created a short (one hour) video training experience for you (called “The Six-Step Sales Funnel Framework”) where I literally break down (the complete system I use in my businesses) my client’s businesses (and many of the members) in the FunnelTribes online community (use in their businesses) and I’ll walk you through (how to set it up) step-by-step so you can use it your business.

In 65 minutes (you’re going to discover) a new way to (flood your business with eager prospects) who are already (positioned to view you as an authority in your market.)

You’re going to get the (literal blueprint) for creating a massive tribe (of passionate prospects) clients and fans build a bigger brand sell more of your stuff and (Make a LOT MORE MONEY!)

Naturally, if you implement everything I share with you in the free video training you’ll see amazing results in your business.

And that’s why you should (register for the “Six-Step Sales Funnel Framework) video training (right now). It’s (100% FREE) to attend there’s NOTHING for sale on this training (so even if you wanna give me money) you can’t and you can reserve your spot (by going here.)

And when you register for the training today I’m also going to give you (the platinum version) of our video testimonial system) 100% Free!

The platinum version (of the video testimonial system) gives you everything you’ll need (to get compelling) outcome-based testimonials from your (clients, customers and patients) and (in addition to that) I’m giving you (a secret bonus) and it’s awesome! and (the combined value) of these two bonuses – is $1997.00. (Now these bonuses) are only available (for those of you) who attend the training (on or before) December 1st, 2017 after that they won’t be available.

Now if the free bonuses aren’t enough to push you over the edge, I have something else for you.

If you (decide to attend) this free video training and you watch the entire (65-minute presentation) you’re either gonna be able to say:

“Ken … that training was better) than most of the paid trainings I’ve attended” …

And if you can’t ….I’ll send you (a copy of my latest book) “Profitable Again” a (real paperback copy) along with my latest paid training called (Psychological Sales Switches) which is selling like (hot cakes) by the way and I’ll send it all to you (100% free) no strings attached!

Plus (you can keep) the bonuses from the video training.

Think about that (for a minute)…

Who guarantees their free trainings?

Nobody! I checked!

Alright I think that covers it so thanks for being on the show with me today and I’ll look forward seeing you next week and (I look forward to seeing you) on the free video training that’s coming up.