031 – Finding Ideal Prospects Online and Getting Them Into Your Sales Funnel

funneltribes.com founder Ken Newhouse shows you the optimal method for how to find your ideal prospects online and then how to get them into your sales funnel

Photo by Gino Crescoli

031 – Finding Ideal Prospects Online …and Getting Them Into Your Sales Funnel

The journey began at 3:00 a.m.  Six and a half hours in the A8 …. One way.

Six hours thirty minutes. That’s how long it took me to get to the place where 100% of the world’s population used to “hang out.”

After 6 and a half hours I looked bad. I felt bad. I wanted to go to sleep. But then I saw it.



They told me it took over 100 years to construct. Eight were allowed through the door (back then). Amazed I stood at the entrance Not believing what my eyes were telling me.

Now pay attention …because what I’m about to say is really important:

As of this moment I’m in (sole possession) of one of the best kept marketing secrets on the planet. No one else has it …and I am about to give you.

I’m including every online marketing guru in that statement.  Now you and I both know that talk is cheap …so put it to the test.

Read this blog (or listen the podcast) then go online.

Discover for yourself (this is real).

Now (over the last three episodes) we’ve been (waist deep) in the (six-step marketing funnel framework) And during that time, I walked you through the process for (finding out who your) ideal clients are and then (I showed you) how to find (where they’re hanging out) in large numbers (so you can access them easily).

Now, (with respect) to the “Who” I’d say that most of my clients (and members) in the FunnelTribes (online community) have already (figured out) who they want to sell to.

But (when it comes to) finding those (ideal clients). getting them to their websites (and into their funnels) a lot of them get stuck. Now (you probably already know this) but for those of you who don’t …the process of getting (those ideal clients) to a page on your site (is called “driving traffic.”)

So, throughout this series (when I talk about “traffic”) remember that I’m talking about (the people you’re getting to your website) through (as an example (FB ads) PPC from another platform or from offline ads.

Did you notice that I didn’t include SEO in that mix? I didn’t include (SEO) because (unless you’re already ranked near the top of page one) in a highly-searched term (It’s much faster) and much cheaper (to get qualified prospects) to your site (by simply) buying it.

Ya know there isn’t a day that goes by (except Sundays) without several people (asking me) how to get (more) and (better quality) traffic to their websites.

(As most of you know) I don’t work on Sunday’s because it’s The Lord’s Day. (Sunday mornings and evenings) you’ll find me with the other members of my congregation (in church).

So (in essence) you could say that on Sunday’s … I’m with my congregation (My Tribe)

Now, before I show you (how to get “ideal prospects”) coming to your site (in large numbers) I want you to understand the concept of “Tribes.” – Which has (everything) to do with (finding and getting) those ideal prospects (back to your website).

I think we can all agree (that the internet) has changed our world and the way we do business (forever). And one of the things (that most intrigues me) about it is the power it’s given (to the creation and growth) of Tribes.

Now to you and I (the vast majority of these groups) are seemingly unimportant for the people (who make up these tribes) they’ve now got access to groups of people (just like them) from all over the globe.

So, whether the members of the tribe (are local) or spread out (around the country) or the world (the Internet) has made it possible (for people like you and me) to start a business quickly (and become successful) without the barriers and expensive hurdles of traditional media.

When I say the word Tribe (what’s the first thing) that pops into your head? For most people, the word (tribe) brings to mind (an association) a group or clan of people, right?

A Tribe (is really nothing more) than a group of people (who gather together) based on similar beliefs, values, and ideas.

As an example (each week) the Boy Scouts meet together (based on their) similar beliefs and values. The Girl Scouts also meet together (and so do the Brownies) 4H, Awana (and others), right?

So, if I were selling a perfect product for Boy Scouts where would I go to sell it? Of course, I would go to the Boy Scouts of America.

My (Ideal Prospects) would be gathered together with the rest of their Tribe. So, for me to sell lots of my stuff to them …all I’d have to do (is get my message) in front of them.

Now, the concept I’m teaching you here (has nothing to do) with selling stuff to the Boy Scouts. The reason I’m teaching you this (is because) I want you to understand the power that exists (in a Tribe).

Listen to me very carefully: Tribes are one of the main reasons why (the Internet is such an amazing tool) for businesses. If you’re old enough to remember (the “olden days”) as Hannah told me yesterday (Yeah) the Olden Days!

So, back (in the land before time) prior to the Internet (coming onto the scene) it was much, much harder (for people around the world) across America (heck) even across your state (to become active members) of the same Tribe.

They were limited (by location) and an inability (to communicate easily) affordably and effortlessly. But now (it’s possible for anyone and everyone) to become the active member (of a tribe) where they can assemble (and discuss) almost anything (with people) who hold similar beliefs, values and goals.

Ya know (back when I was in college) in the (olden days) … I’d see a half dozen (or so) guys on the way to my first class… who would get together (every morning) for ROTC.

Now (back then) I thought these guys were kind of strange sitting by themselves reviewing military strategy and marching. But (in their eyes)… they were thrilled to be part of (that tribe).

They were committed to the other members (and quite serious) about the military drills (they obviously enjoyed).

I’m sure there were (small groups) of young men and women (on campuses) all over the country (doing the same thing) completely unaware of one another.

Before the Internet (that’s how things worked). You were (very, very limited) based on geography and in a lot of instances (you were probably) not very close (to other people) in your Tribe.

As a marketer (I would’ve had a tough time) reaching six kids at one campus . (eight at another campus) and six or seven at yet another.
It would have cost too much (to reach them) with my marketing messages and made it very, very difficult to be successful.

But now (thanks to the Internet) those half dozen cadets (from my college campus) can be (an active member of a tribe) associating with others (from across America) doing ROTC stuff.

They can hang out on forums (plan military strategy) and even play (war games) with young men and women (on the other side of the world). So, if I had a product to sell (to members of the) ROTC Tribe… It would be easy (and economical) to go online find where they are (and get my marketing messages in front of them.)

Here’s another example: My youngest daughter who’s 13 1/2 (Hannah Rae) plays soccer (at the Academy level). We travel around the country (most months of the year) which means that (her teammates) all student athletes have to spend time (in study hall) while we’re traveling (to make sure their homework gets done.)

The girls are (pretty good) about studying but from time to time (they’ll be on the forum) at BigSoccer.com (instead of working on their assignments). BigSoccer.com is a website for soccer players, coaches and enthusiasts and when they’re on it (you’ll find every one of them) discussing who’s winning and (the cool moves) their favorite players are making.

Now (if you think about it) this same scenario is (probably playing out) with (soccer girls) and boys around the country.

Add in all the high school soccer players (and any older people interested in the sport) who would (most likely) be on this site. and you can easily see (the massive number of people) that would magnetically-drawn (to this site).

Now, if I had a soccer product (what do you think I might wanna do) to sell a lot of it? I would find (existing Tribes) of soccer players, coaches and fans (then put my message in front of them.) BAM!

There are Tribes for (anything and everything) you can imagine — from Beanie Baby collectors to Preppers and (once you understand) the core concept of Tribes driving (targeted) high-quality traffic (to your website) is brainlessly easy.

So, if you’re not sure how to find (the exact tribes) you’re looking for what’da do? Simple! Go to Google (type in the keyword (or words) you’re looking for (plus the word forum).

You can also (look for groups) related to your keywords on Facebook. This simple exercise (typically yields) instant results (but, for some of you) it might take a little digging (before you can find your target audience).

Now, to get (the best results possible) from your effort you’ll need to answer (three specific questions) about the Tribe (or Tribes) you’re targeting. So, the first question you’ll need to ask (then answer) is:

When I ask (new Members) in the FunnelTribes community that question … their answers (are almost always) based on baseline demographics (like):

“My target market is married women from ages thirty-nine to sixty who make a Hundred-K a year or more.”

(You know) back in the (olden days) before Al Gore invented the Internet …. baseline demographics (like that) were about (all the information we had) for finding and targeting (the exact prospects you wanted) as opposed to targeting everyone in a given area.

Back then (traditional forms of media) catered to specific demographics (of people) through its content (as well as) selling advertising along those lines.

So, (if you wanted to reach) middleclass (not so intellectual men) you may have run advertisements (in motorsport magazine).

If your target audience was (stay at home Mom’s) your ads may have ran during (As the World Turns) or (like sands through the hourglass) so are the (Days of Our Lives) which was another (lame soap opera).

Sorry, Luke! Sorry Laura!

Ooops! (wash my mouth out with soap) they were on (General Hospital).

Sorry guys my mistake so (let’s not burry me) in hate mail. OK getting back to (demographics). In 2017 (virtually) NO ONE (with half a brain) only uses baseline demographics (to build a targeted list) of prospects.


Because they don’t give you (any of the) juicy information (about the individual). In the olden days (before Facebook, YouTube and Google) existed the best we could (hope for) was to build our (targeted prospect lists) based on (things like) age gender (only two) income and geographical location.

Now for what it’s worth. Good (or very, very bad) Al Gore’s Internet has changed all that.

In 2017, you can pull data (on the microlevel) allowing you to (reach levels of specific targeting) no one (in the olden days) could have ever dreamt of. You can segment (and target) prospects based on (hair color) credit score or the (type of dog or cat) they have.

You can even (build your targeted list of prospects) based on who they voted for their favorite episode of Star Wars the websites they visited last week or based on whether they think (the greys) are the most abundant type of aliens visiting earth.

And now, with that level of specificity (being used by (marketers) with at least (half a brain) prospects have absolutely (ZERO Patience) for generalized, mass media messages.

The people in your market (will not respond) to marketing messages (that are not) extremely relevant to them. As an example, Let’s assume that you’re the owner of a sporting goods store and your marketing messages (speak to women soccer players) in St. Louis.

If I’m a dude (in that market) who plays soccer (and you want me buying from you) you better create (a separate) message that speaks (directly to me). Now (I wanna bring up) a quick point here.

If you’ve been to FunnelTribes.com and downloaded the (free pdf) “The Six-Step Marketing Funnel Framework” or you’ve registered for (and attended) the (free video training) that (goes deep) into (the proven method for finding attracting and creating a tribe of passionate prospects clients and fans) so you can build a bigger brand sell more stuff and make (more money).

In the video training (I demonstrate) why it’s important to (focus on being the best) at ONE Thing … but (just because) you’re focusing on (One Thing) … It doesn’t mean that you can’t target both markets (men and women) to get them into your store.

So, it’s (very important) that you understand that your marketing messages (MUST) speak directly to your prospects on an intimate level or (by all accounts) they’ll simply ignore you.

So, unless they’re living (on the dark side of the moon) with aliens your ideal prospects are (being bombarded) with massive amounts of information all day and all night.

Why is that important?

Because one of the primary survival mechanisms) that all humans have (called the) reticular activating system subconsciously screens out (everything) that doesn’t directly apply to us.

So, an advertisement (offering a 90% discount) off women’s soccer gear (may not even appear on the radar) of a dude who plays soccer even though your store also sells soccer gear for men.

So, if you want to create (hyper-specific) … laser-targeted messages (that will resonate with your ideal prospects) … you’ve gotta know them (I hate to say it) like the back of your hand.

If you wanna be successful if you wanna build a huge Tribe of loyal (passionate) prospects, clients and fans you’re gonna have to (use your Jedi powers) and get inside (the mind of your prospects) and find out (on an intimate) meaningful level what they (on an individual basis) really, really care about.

You’ve gotta be able to answer each of the following questions:

1. What keeps them awake at night, indigestion boiling up their esophagus, eyes open, staring at the ceiling?
2. What are they afraid of?
3. What are they angry about? Who are they angry at?
4. What are their top three daily frustrations?
5. What trends are occurring and will occur in their business or lives?
6. What do they secretly, ardently desire most?
7. Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions? (Example: engineers = exceptionally analytical unwilling to change lack empathy zero understanding of emotional intelligence.)
8. Do they have their own language?
9. Who else is selling something similar to them, and how?
10. Who else has tried selling them something similar, and how has that effort failed?

When you’ve done your due diligence and (When you can find out those tiny details) you’ll have a much easier time (and enjoy much more success) when you’re searching for (and finding) ideal prospects (who are) ready to buy in those not so obvious places.

For example; (when I was still in practice) and selling my million dollar marketing system (to chiropractors) …I would think: “OK Ken you’re a chiropractor and you’re targeting chiropractors” … and then I’d ask myself: “OK Ken ….

• What do you desire most?
• What gets you excited?
• Where do I look for more information?
• What words and phrases do I search for?
• What magazines do I read?”

I tried (to figure out) what my mindset was (at the time). And if I was (selling a product or service) designed (specifically) for doctors of chiropractic today …I would (again) think back to the 16 and a half years I spent in practice I would ask:

• Who are the exact people I want to target in this market?
• What are they searching for?
• What problems do they want to solve?
• What questions do they need answered?

You want to go deep well beyond (the approach) we used back in the (olden days) . You wanna get more than (baseline) demographics (when formulating your answer) to question number one: (which is):

Who is your target market?

Then (once you have) a very accurate a very detailed portrait of your ideal new client prospect you can move on to question number two (which is):

Now, I know this might sound (overly obvious) but I want you to remember (that your target market) is made up of real people. (Uh OK) that’s deep Ken!

That’s like (guru level) info dude! Well the reason I’m tellin’ ya this is so (you’ll remember) to look at (and understand) their unique behaviors.

• Things like (Where do they) hang out online?
• Where do they spend their time?
• What email newsletters (might they subscribe to)?
• What blogs do they read?
• What Facebook groups (are they a part of)?
•Heck …. Are they even on Facebook (or do they prefer) Instagram?
• What keywords are they searching for on Google?
• What books are they buying on Amazon?

Admittedly it’s going to take some time (to get accurate) and meaningful (answers to these questions) but you’re a professional you’re a winner you’re marketplace needs you and as a result (it’s worth taking as much time as you need) to develop an accurate portrait (of where your ideal clients) are focusing their attention.

Finding (high-quality) ideal prospect traffic (online) is as easy (as investing the time and effort) to answer these questions. If you’re (a bit of a rookie) at all …you might make the mistake of (getting distracted) by the technology that’s available the tools we have for helping us (drive traffic) to our websites.

So, let me help you (attain total clarity) right now: The knowledge you attain (about the people in your market) is the fuel (that makes the technology work).

Ya know according to Al Gore the Internet (is like) a massive mountain and your ideal prospects—that highly-qualified traffic you want (coming to your site) is the Rhodium inside that mountain!

What? Rhodium? Ken what are you talking about?

Don’t you mean “The gold in side that mountain?”

Nope! Rhodium (is actually) more valuable than gold even more valuable (than platinum) in fact, it’s the most valuable (precious metal) on the planet and as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing (more valuable) to your business (on the planet) than the ideal the most highly-qualified (ideal prospects) in existence the people who (literally crave) what you’re selling…

And your job (my friend) … is to find (the rhodium) and mine it out. When you start mining, you’re just digging around, poking and prodding, trying to find (this buried treasure).

You know there’s (rhodium in that mountain) somewhere. But you’re not sure (of the exact spot) … so, you’re looking around you try digging here .then you dig over there and (finally) (add angelic music here) you see a glistening object (just under the surface) and BAM!

From everything I’ve read Rhodium is (a lot like) your ideal prospects in that it’s typically found (in veins) grouped together (deep underground) just like a Tribe people coming together (in one spot).

So, when you find a little bit of rhodium. You’ll want to dig deeper (so you can find even more) and if you’ll keep digging you’ll discover that (the vein runs deep into the mountain) and if you stay on that vein and if you keep working it if you keep digging you’ll eventually (hit the motherload) and you’ll end up with all the Rhodium.

You might even find a bit of gold along the way so, it’s worth (investing the time) to do a thorough job (in the research stage). Listen … if you can find (exactly where your) ideal prospects are hanging out (in mass) … then getting the vast quantity of Rhodium (out of the ground) is simply a matter of putting (a relevant message) with an irresistible offer (in front of them) and then sending them (to your offer).

Do some digging—all the while asking the crucial questions:
• Who is my target market?
• Where are these people congregating?

You search for a little while, and BAM!

You might find an email newsletter they subscribe to. That’s a vein of Rhodium and you’re gonna have (unfettered access) to it. You might buy ads in that newsletter and try to entice all those people back to your website.

You might find a blog they frequent or maybe a Facebook group they like. As the entrepreneur, it’s your job (to go out there and find) the perfect prospects the perfect tribes (filled with people) who will buy what you’re selling.

There are people you can hire to help, and there are systems you can set up to tap into those congregations, but first you have to get into the mindset of the target market and figure out where their Tribe (hangs out).

OK now we’re ready to talk about question #3 which is:


If I’m on the forum of BiggSoccer.com in the middle of a hot debate about the women’s national team and we’re talking (about the goalie) who replaced (Hope Solo) . It’s gonna take a (pretty compelling) offer.

To get me to leave (and go check something out) on another site. So, if you were selling to fans of the women’s U.S. national team and you wanted to sell me something you’d have to come up with an offer (special enough) to entice me (and the other fans) away from BigSoccer.com.

So, (how can you divert) the attention of your prospect (away from what he’s currently doing) and get them to your site? By using (what I call) the Tabloid Interrupt.

We can all agree (that if you want to be successful) using the strategy that I’m giving you today …

Your ads (are gonna have to be able) to grab your prospect’s attention …

And …if you (wanna have any chance) at getting them (to click over to your website).

Did you know that tabloids like People Entertainment weekly the Star and The National Enquirer are the most read newspapers in the world?

These publications are placed (in one of the busiest spots on earth): the checkout stands. and (because people) have (but a split second) to make a buying decision these publications (employ) the highest paid copywriters in the world men and women who are (masters at creating) those short (two to three word headlines) that will stop almost anyone in their tracks.

These magazines especially (the national enquirer) which (in case you didn’t know) and you actually care is the (undisputed master) at interrupting your brain patterns (grabbing you by the lapels) and forcing you to notice (what’s on the cover).

Now here’s why that’s relevant to you: You’re faced with a similar challenge (as you try to get prospect’s attention) and get them back to you site.

So, whether you’re (trying to engage someone who is checking their email) surfing the newsfeed on Facebook (and in all likelihood) texting one of her friends at the same time.

You’re involved in a similar game.

Please explain Ken: Listen You have to interrupt potential clients, customers or patients and hold their attention (long enough) so that they click on your ad and follow the link back to your website.

So, this brings you to a subset of (related) questions like:

1. What type of ads should you be placing
2. What they should say
3. What types of images should your ads use

Now, this may sound a bit cheesy …but it’s not. If you go to Google images (and search for “National Enquirer headlines.”) you’ll find tens of millions of dollars’ worth of headlines (and images) that worked.

You’ll see hundreds of examples that you can model … and (If you’ll pay close attention) … you’ll notice (that the magazine) always uses a strange or unusual picture to grab attention.

Then it uses short (punchy headlines) …usually describing something weird unusual or shocking (to make you curious enough) to buy a copy. The images and headlines are (without question) the best in the world (at interrupting your thoughts) and getting you to (pay attention) to the product, a magazine.

In our ads, we use Tabloid Interrupts to grab our prospects’ attention (and send them to our squeeze pages) . our frontend offers (and our bait).

Remember … (just because you’ve identified ideal prospects) on a deep, deep level and you’ve discovered (where they are online) your job is far from over. Those (simply get you into the ballpark).

You’ve still (got to hit it outta the park) by grabbing their attention and getting them to click over to your website. and that (my friend) is accomplished by using these interrupt style ads (just mentioned).

OK during next week’s show (episode #032)… I’m going to help you understand (the strategy behind the three types of traffic) and then we’ll focus on (the ONLY goal) you have when driving traffic to your website.

So, I’m 110% confident that if you’ll decide to use the methodology I’ve shared with you today you’ll have a massive (jump) in the number of ideal prospects you’ll find and (then get them back to your website) and into your sales funnel.

And if you’ve been a dedicated listener of the Get Clients Now podcast it’s becoming (quite evident) to you that I’m giving you a (better) more effective system for (creating a massive tribe) of passionate (prospects, clients and fans) so you can explode your brand sell more of your stuff and make more money!

So, I started off the show today with (somewhat) of a mystery and you’re probably wondering where in the world I went and (what) this (thing) was (that I was talking about)so let me tell you. I got up at 3:00 a.m. and drove across the country where I met my team at (the Ark Adventure) an exact (replica) of Noah’s ark and (yes) it was AMAZING.

I’m Ken Newhouse and I’m working really, really hard to help you build your business make more money and get clients now. Six and a half hours of hard travel, one way. I think you’ll be glad I did it.