003 – How to 10X Your Conversions and Referrals Using Social Proof

How to 10X Your Conversions and Referrals Using Social Proof

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During today’s episode we’re going to reveal how to “10X your conversions and referrals using a persuasion technique called “Social Proof”

In just a few minutes I’ll be speaking with our guest expert Lisa Newhouse. Lisa is co-author of “Profitable Again: ULIMATE Strategies for Generating Even Better Results from Your Marketing and Advertising”.

Lisa is also creator of the “Mass Referral 2.0 Video Testimonial System” and Later in the show I’m going to tell you how to get a copy of her System (which by the way sells for $997) 100% FREE!


So, my purpose for doing today’s episode (and for giving you a copy of Lisa’s “Video Testimonial System”) is so you can:

1. Build a massive tribe of passionate (and loyal) clients, customers and patients.
2. Build a more prominent, trusted brand
3. Sell more of your stuff online …and
4. Make MORE money!

So, if those sound important to you …you’ll want to stick around, and I’ll give you instructions on how to download your copy here in just a bit.

Now I’m gonna bring Lisa on in a few minutes but first I want to talk to you about a Social Proof-Related topic everyone loves and that’s Disneyland.

One of the coolest, most-happy places on earth (especially if you’re a kid) exists in the “Land of Disney”. They’ve got all kinds of critters including mice, ducks, dogs, pigs, princesses, evil stepmothers (and mother-in-laws) … and all kinds of animals running around, and unlike the zoo they’re uncaged.

Now, I love kids …and as you know I’ve got three of my own. But if you ask me … Disney is more like a zoo to me than an amusement park. It has strange, bizarre, wild-eyed creatures running around everywhere … and it’s got all those Disney characters running around too! Some of those kids might be better off in a cage!

In all seriousness… think about this for a moment:

Those crowds don’t keep you away though, do they? In fact, they have the opposite effect. Same goes for a restaurant. Imagine how you’d feel if you were to drive by that new fancy restaurant on a Friday night and the parking lot is only “one third full.” If you’re like me …and if you’re like the members in the FunnelTribes community …you’d quickly conclude that the food …the experience …or both must suck.

Now, I want you to imagine that drive past that restaurant (the one I just mentioned) …and about a mile or so down the road you get to a mom and pop restaurant (an Italian one) and what do you see?

For starters …you notice that it has a huge line of people out front anxiously waiting to be summoned by their little buzzer. You notice that they’ve all got a smile on their faces …they seem happy and excited to be there.

So, let me ask you a question: “After driving by both of these restaurants …do you need anyone to tell you (what kind of experience you’d probably have at either place?)”

Psychologists, sociologists and those of us who consistently sell a ton of stuff online… call this powerful dynamic “social proof.” Most of your clients, customers and patients … (specifically) the non-scientific types …well they don’t call it anything. Without being disrespectful … I wanna tell you that they’re a lot like cows. They have great difficulty making decisions on their own …like (outta the blue). So, they simply choose to follow the crowd.

Back in 1959, RCA released an Elvis Presley record with the title: “50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong”. The record went platinum and although 50-million record buyers had previously demonstrated their love for the king the record company knew that millions more had yet to jump on board the Elvis train.

The title they gave the album is classic social proof. How could you go wrong investing in Elvis’ brand of rock and roll when 50-million had already done so?

So, there are five Types of Social Proof
Robert Cialdini, PhD the world’s leading authority on Persuasion and “Influencing Human Behavior” author of the book “Influence” (Oh I don’t know with something like a gazillion copies sold over the last 25 years) and author of his new book “Presuasion” (which has sold tons of copies reaching into the millions) explains how generating and sharing social proof can help you to become the most sought-after the most-trusted and the most in-demand brand thought-leader individual (or company) in your marketplace.

So, I’ll briefly mention the five categories of Social Proof Dr. Cialdini has uncovered and then we’ll cover them in detail and how you can use them in your business to get more clients when we talk with Lisa here in a minute or two.

1. Experts – Approval from credible experts in the relevant field
2. Celebrities – Approval or endorsements from celebrities (paid or unpaid)
3. Users – Approval from current/past users (ratings, reviews and testimonials)
4. ‘Wisdom of crowds’ – Approval from large groups of other people
5. Peers – Approval from friends and people you know

Here are 10 “Highly-Effective” Social Proof Strategies you can use to build your tribe …improve your brand image …sell more stuff online …and make MORE MONEY!

1. Testimonials
The power of testimonials lies in their objectivity. That is, someone outside of the brand does the talking, so in theory, the credibility is higher.

Bonus points: for even greater credibility, include real attributions and photos, when possible. Double bonus points for video testimonials.

2. Ratings and Reviews
Customer reviews can be immensely powerful. When’s the last time you made a meaningful purchase on Amazon or any e-tailer without glancing at the reviews? While ratings and reviews often go hand-in-hand with testimonials, it’s the scoring systems I’m endorsing here—usually a 5-star system—as a source of social proof.

3. Influencer Endorsements
The more relevant and influential the endorser, the more powerful the social proof. We see this happening (in a big way) on Instagram. Get an Instagram Influencer (someone with millions of followers) to throw a shout out to your business …and you can transform it (literally) overnight.

You’ll have to pay them in most cases (the influencers) …but if you choose the right one (and prepare for the onslaught of “eye-balls” coming your way …you’ll make it back in multiples of hundreds and thousands.

4. Badges
This form of social proof goes by different names: badges, seals, certifications, etc. Call them what you will, but you’ll recognize the popular approach to establishing credibility, which is usually as simple as displaying meaningful icons.

5. Media Logos
The “as seen in” media showcase is a classic example of social proof. Manufacturers often cite and/or show the news media that has featured, reviewed or mentioned their products.

6. Subscriber/Member Counts
Again, people feel comfortable joining the crowd. When you can make a number play, I recommend putting social proof to work when asking for a subscription via some form of opt-in, including your email list.

7. Social Connections
All kinds of website widgets or plugins will enable you to play the numbers game with your social network connections. Many widgets showcase even more, such as your media likes, follows, and so forth.

8. Social Shares
Deciding whether or not to turn on the counters in your social share plugin can sometimes be a tough call. A series of 0’s and 1’s are likely to suggest the blog post or page is not share-worthy. However, I’ve found even single digit numbers tend to get the ball rolling and encourages sharing activity.

9. Clients
Displaying the logos of big-named clients (or any if you’re small) is a strategy that can establish credibility for your company.

10. Test Results
Various types of test results or data collected by an independent source can be powerful social proof for delivering the comfort buyers seek.

When You’ve Got Lot’s of Social Proof …You’ve got POWER!

In the book, “Influence,” Robert Cialdini describes social proof as “the tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.” Cialdini claims social proof is more powerful when we’re uncertain what to do.

You can be certain uncertainty is forever prevalent in the mind of your prospects. They’ll question what to read, watch, listen to, wear, eat, try and buy. Who can they trust?

If you want more power to attract, convert and retain clients, develop strategies to put social proof to work in your online communications.

To download the FULL Version of Lisa’s Video Testimonial System …Click the video player “start button” below, then hover over the “share” link on the progress bar (bottom of video) …then click “download.”