001 – How to Create A Powerful U.S.P.

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You’ll need to develop a USP that somehow trumps those of your competitors …and as a result, places you in “a category of ONE”.  What does that mean “a category of one”? Most of your prospects use the internet …which means that “Your competitors are (literally) a mouse-click away.”  Every one of your competitors (at least the ones who matter) … are targeting the same prospects you are.

And in today’s hyper-competitive environment, you must possess the secrets and strategies for getting clients if you want to survive and prosper.  The first (and one of the most important) secrets for being successful online …is to create a powerful U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition).  In today’s episode, we’ll show you the fastest and easiest method for creating a killer USP …so you can build your tribe ….improve your brand …sell more of your stuff …and make MORE money online.


KEN: This is the kind of podcast I’d want to listen to.

I wanna challenge both of us (over the next several months) ….to get everything we know about marketing out on audio.

LISA: This will be a great opportunity for us to “Flush Out” everything we know about how to find, attract and convert prospects into paying clients. — We’ll now be able to reveal many of the strategies and tactics we talk about in private.

KEN: And for everyone listening (collectively) …Lisa and I have read thousands of books …attended countless seminars and spent thousands of hours in private discussions with some of the greatest marketing minds in the world

…(not only seeking them out …but being “sought out” by people to talk about the subjects involved with getting clients for your business (like) marketing, copywriting, sales, direct response, human psychology, persuasion, how to get better clients and (wow!) …just a whole lotta cool stuff.

KEN: This is stuff we’ve learned over the years and we’re never going to come from the place of being “ego-centered” because we think we know it all… and that this is the best way …so both students of the game …and we’re both participants too.

And that’s what I request out of anyone listening to us …and that is “Be Coachable” … “Be Open-Minded” …the strategies we’ll teach you don’t need to make sense …they just need to be able to GET CLIENTS for your business.

I’ve generated millions of dollars for myself and multiples of that for my clients …so we have “real world” experience …

LISA: So, let’s go ahead and get started. Now, in all likely-hood …most of our listeners are going to be well-versed in the methods and strategies of direct response marketing.

But what We’d like to do in our first couple of shows …is build a solid foundation for those of you who may not be on top of your marketing game.
Over the next couple of shows we’ll cover what I like to call “Newhouse-ology 101” …which consist of direct response marketing “basics”.

So, if you’re an inexperienced marketer …this will be a great way for you to get going fast …and if you’re an experienced marketer (like I know many of you are) …let this information stir up your minds get you refocused on the framework that has helped you get where you are today.

KEN: In 1992, when I first went into chiropractic practice …one of the greatest direct response marketers of all time, the late Jay Abraham, boldly cautioned me by saying:

“Don’t be in too big of a hurry to promote yourself, until you’re good at what you do. Otherwise …you’ll just speed up the rate at which the world finds out that you’re no good.”

That was harsh (but good advice) …And over the last 25 years …it’s been my observation that business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and healthcare professionals (specifically) Dentists, Chiropractors and Medical Doctors …are (across the board) … guilty of rushing to promote themselves and their businesses …without stopping long enough to consider …if they have something that’s (really) worth promoting.

Today I’ve got some bad news for you …and I’ve got some really, really good news for you too. Those of you who know me understand that I always end my trainings on a positive note …so let’s start with the bad news first!

LISA: The environment we’re competing in today (as business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals) …is more cluttered and more competitive …than at any time in history …(and as such) …If you want to build and maintain a successful, thriving and profitable business … you’re gonna have to master marketing …sales …communication and persuasion techniques that can produce new clients and customers.

This is the premier episode …of the “Get Clients Now” Podcast …and while we’re NOT going to begin …with any particular media or strategy …we are going to launch our show …by teaching you how to create the best …most promotable message possible …that (truthfully) represents “the stuff” you’re bringing to the marketplace.

LISA: And in order to do that effectively …you’ve got understand all that you’re up against …gathering as much information as possible on your competitors.

KEN: And once you’ve done that …You’ll need to develop a USP that somehow trumps those of your competitors …and as a result …places you in “a category of ONE”. What does that mean …a category of “ONE”? (expound)

Most of your prospects use the internet …which means that “Your competitors are (literally) a mouse-click away.”

Every one of your competitors ….at least the ones who matter … are targeting the same prospects you are …. And in today’s hyper-competitive environment …you must possess the secrets and strategies for getting clients if you want to survive and prosper.

Now here’s the really, really good news (I promised you): Despite the overwhelming level of competition you’re facing today …there’s reason for great optimism.

No matter the industry …market or niche …everyone is saying the same thing in their marketing and advertising. And with (rare) exception …they are UNFOCUSED messages. Their messages are Big and Broad …and NOT really targeted to anyone in particular (which is awesome for you!).

If you’re using that approach now …my best advice to you is to simply STOP WASTING YOUR TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT. It’s not working (is it?). Lisa …anything you’d like to add to that?

LISA: Actually … I would like to add a few thoughts on that. Ya know …While this may seem like the way “you’re supposed to do things” …(because everybody else does it that way) …I can tell you without reservation …that it’s DEFINITELY the wrong approach …especially if you want a successful and highly-profitable business.

Contrary to all this “Me-too-ism” …the key to getting clients now …and having a highly-profitable business lies in your ability to stand out from the crowd …SPECIFICALLY …In your ability to create a marketing message that differentiate you from your competitors in a positive …appealing and compelling way. Wouldn’t you agree Ken?

KEN: I would and what you’re talking about …is what most marketing professionals refer to as your U.S.P. …your Unique Selling Proposition. Without this …you are merely a choice. With it …you can become “The OBVIOUS Choice.”

So, what exactly is a U.S.P.? A Unique Selling Proposition is a way of explaining your position against your competition and against all other choices …whether (actual) or imagined by your prospects.

When a supermarket chain or big box retailer like Wal-Mart labels itself as “The Low-Price Leader” …they’ve made a positioning promise. (NOTE: I don’t recommend that you try to position your business based on “low-pricing” …this is a recipe for disaster. Wal-Mart has the money to compete this way …you do not. Their example (on the other hand) …is a great example of a clear and definitive U.S.P.

LISA: We’re gonna list a few key points about the U.S.P. …and then we want to give you the framework for creating an effective USP for your business.

• A USP is also a way of summarizing and telegraphing one of the chief benefits of your business, product or service that you’re marketing. As an example …Everybody’s seen the commercial with the Grandma who says -Cook Without Oil, Butter Or Grease With Red Copper!

• Your USP may express the theme of your business, product or service. As an example …this Podcast is titled “Get Clients Now” …which tells prospective listeners that they’re going learn strategies, tactics and methods for how to get new clients (quickly) for their business.

KEN: You’re absolutely right, Lisa! I want follow that up with the “Newhouse-ology’s – THREE LAWS FOR MARKETING SUCCESS.”

Newhouse-ology 101 states that: “There are three laws that are essential to you being able to market your small business successfully.”

Marketing Law #1: – Is Your Message: Without the right message, you are going to be in trouble. Most business owners and entrepreneurs (simply) do not have a well-crafted message. Later, I’ll give you an exact model for you to follow to give you a message which truly resonates with your target market.

Marketing Law #2: Is Your Market: The second marketing law according to Newhouse-ology … is to make sure that you are actually marketing to the right prospects. I’ll teach you more about how to identify the important demographic and psychographic data-points later …(when I cover these laws in greater depth) … which will help you establish a dominant presence in your ideal target market.

Marketing Law #3: Is the Media: The third component of “Newhouse-ology’s” 3-marketing laws is media. So, law #1 is that you need to have the right message … and law #2 is that “it has to be delivered to the right market” …and law #3 is that “your message has to be delivered via the right media.”
All three of these must be working together synergistically for your marketing to deliver the best results for your business …which is ultimately …to generate a consistent source of high-quality clients and customers calling you each week.

Now, as we mentioned earlier …we’re starting with “Newhouse-Ology 101” and then we’re going to (very quickly) get into much more advanced strategies, tactics and systems that are very, very effective tools and methods for getting clients now.

Lisa …go ahead and cover the basic requirements that our listeners will need to follow if they want to create a compelling marketing message that will be magnetic to their prospects!

Here are three letters that are extremely important to remember when creating your “marketing message”: “U.S.P.” …Which stands for Unique Selling Proposition.

I am going to give you a model you can follow to develop your Unique Selling
Proposition and this is something you need to do …(If) …and that’s a BIG “IF” …If you want to dramatically increase your ability to Get Quality New Clients ON DEMAND ….for your business.

So, briefly …why does a compelling USP play such a vital role in getting QUALITY new clients? Businesses that have a clear and compelling USP are able to answer the “UNSPOKEN” question … Every …and I mean “EVERY” prospect asks themselves prior to doing business with you.

KEN: About 15 years ago I came up with a framework for creating a powerful USP. That framework requires you to “put yourself in your prospect’s shoes” (before you start crafting your USP) …and ask this question about your business …Remember… You’re asking this as though you’re a PROSPECT who is considering your business. Here’s the question:

“Why should I choose to do business with you versus any and
every other option available to me in your category?”

I invented this question to help business people understand what a USP is. It’s sort of a “mental crow bar” that you can use to pry ideas of your head …to dig out the makings of a great USP.

If you can’t answer this question …you won’t be able to create a USP that works for you…which is a pretty substantial problem for your business moving forward. Being unable to answer this question creates a second …even bigger problem for you as well.

It means that you’re likely getting your new clients now because you’re the “cheapest priced” …you’ve got a convenient location …you’re a charismatic individual (and well-polished) …or you have the good fortune of being the only provider (of whatever it is you sell).

All of these leave you vulnerable …and very, very exposed to new competition. So, the bottom line here is quite clear: You NEED a good USP.

LISA: That’s right, Ken. Your answer cannot be something like, “We offer quality” or “We give great satisfaction.” It can’t be “Because our product or service is better.”

These are marketing generalities and they fall upon deaf ears.
Your prospects and your clients don’t even hear that. It is simply noise and fluff.

I will give you a model to follow that has built a multi-million-dollar business in a very mundane market. If I was to say to you, “Fresh hot pizza,
delivered in 30 minutes or less guaranteed”, would you be able to tell me who that Unique Selling Proposition belongs to?

Of course, you would. We all know it’s Domino’s. That single USP built the business.

Or, here’s another example, “Where it absolutely, positively has to be there
overnight”. That’s FedEx.

Notice that these Unique Selling Propositions are more than simple taglines.
They are benefit-oriented. They are not slogans – although they can be used as slogans. They convey strong benefits.

KEN: That’s right! You need to have a specific answer to this question that is benefit-oriented to your ideal client. (Yellow pages examples – talk only about themselves).

OK … we’re gonna take a short break …and when we come back we’re going to continue with Newhouse-ology’s “3-laws for marketing success” and talk about how you develop a USP using the Domino’s one as an example.


Section #2 – After Break
KEN: Welcome back everyone … I want to pick up where we left off by talking about how to develop a powerful USP for your business …and we’ll use the Domino’s one we talked about earlier as an example.

LISA: Ken, I think we should point out to our listeners that they can download the “three marketing laws of Newhouse-ology” and the information we’re about to cover in the show notes for this episode.

KEN: Thanks Lisa …I’m glad you mentioned that. In an effort to make it much, much easier to create a power and compelling USP for your business …I’m going to break this process down into multiple steps for you.

STEP #1 – Narrow down your target market: So, if we begin by taking a look at the Domino’s USP … the first thing we’ll notice is that they positioned their product so that it would appeal to a narrow, laser-specific audience.

Notice (specifically) that Domino’s did not say that they had the best pizzas or that they had secret sauce from the old country. They said the pizza is going to be fresh and it’s going to be hot.

So, they narrowly defined the positioning of their product.

It’s incredibly important to remember that when your USP tries to appeal to everyone, you appeal to NO ONE. The more narrowly you can define your positioning, within reason, the stronger appeal you’re going to have to your ideal clients and prospects.

STEP #2 – Is to use meaningful specifics: Fresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less is not delivered “sometime”. It is delivered within a specific

So, when you’re creating your Unique Selling Proposition, you need to create it in such a way that it has meaningful specifics. That meaning is the benefit to your ideal clients, customers or patients.

STEP #3 – of this process is your guarantee: Domino’s use of “Fresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less guaranteed” is a great structure for a Unique Selling Proposition.

KEN: I’d like to interject a quick note that most of you probably already know …and that is “Domino’s no longer uses that 30-minute guarantee.”

So, my question to you is simple: “Can you guarantee what the outcome of using your product or your service is going to be for your customers and clients?”

If you can, then you should put it in your Unique Selling Proposition.
You can always find something that you can guarantee. (Ken’s example of guarantees in practice).

LISA: So, to create a powerful and compelling USP for your business …you’ve got to:
#1: Narrowly define how you position your product or service.
#2: You must, you must, you must … “Use Meaningful specifics.”
#3: You should ABSOLUTELY find a way to guarantee your products and
services … in a way that’s unique and appealing to your prospects.

KEN: OK …now that we’ve covered that for you …let’s dive a bit deeper into Newhouse-ology’s 2nd (of the three marketing laws) which is – Is Your TARGET Market:

Recent studies have shown that people are bombarded by 7,100 commercial
messages every single day and every day it gets more and more. So, if you want your marketing messages to cut through all of that noise and resonate with your prospects … your message:

#1 – Needs to be delivered directly to your market … and
#2 – It must have a direct appeal to your market.

Specifically, …You need to be able to target the right people. Think about this: Even if you have a great marketing message …you’re destined to fail if you’re putting it in front of the WRONG prospects.

LISA: The good news and bad news about this is that privacy is now dead.
This is good news for marketers because it means you can get the names,
addresses and e-mail addresses for just about any type of target market that you’re looking for …wouldn’t you agree Ken?

KEN: Absolutely: …So, (as an example) …if you want to target prospects who are men … less than 5 feet tall … drive an orange (or yellow) Cadillac … have a unibrow … live in Montana … and subscribe to UFO magazine, you can get that list.
So, let’s talk about targeting your market. How do you focus in on a specific market and how do you determine who your target market is?

LISA: The basic way that most business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals choose their target market is by using geographic data.

If you have a local business, you may say your customers, patients or clients
come from a 10-mile radius around your business. Some people don’t get any more sophisticated in targeting that that.

Targeting with only geographic information (like when using Val Pac as an example) …is like getting in a plane and dropping flyers and hoping one hits the right person. That may be an exaggeration …but the fact of the matter is … by making a few simple tweaks, you can make your geographic target marketing much more effective.

Demographic information is about how old people are, how much money they
have, whether they are married or single, liberal or conservative, what religion they are and so forth.

That’s another way to further define who your ideal customer is – and you need to do this – but again it’s very surface level.

Geographic and demographic information is important but we want to go even deeper than that.

KEN: To give you an example of somebody who really didn’t go deeper than that, I was doing one-on-one consulting a number of years ago with a client who had bought my Million Dollar Marketing System … and come to all of my seminars.

This guy was a chiropractor in Michigan and he said he’d been following my system … but none of it worked. So, after the seminar …I got in the guy’s car and drove around the area with him around to see who he was targeting.

I want to make a quick point here that: “While you need to look at the demographic and geographic data when targeting prospects …you MUST ALSO look at the psychographic data.

In almost every case …Psychographics are going to be even more important and relevant to your success than the other two because this delves into what people are thinking.

As I drove around with this guy, it turned out he was sending his direct mail offers to people who lived in beaten-down, broken-down homes in neighborhoods where people quite frankly didn’t have the money to invest in the type of care he was providing (which wasn’t the typical pain treatment approach).

Guys were sitting on the front porch swigging beer and the car was propped up in the yard on cinder blocks. These were not people that would be interested in coming in to see this chiropractor for an “Optimal Health” screening!

He had the right message but was targeting the wrong market. They had great
marketing but it was falling upon deaf ears. The question you have to ask yourself is whether you are wasting your advertising efforts?

Because if you are … that translates into wasted money. If you are sending out great marketing – and it hits the wrong people – they are not going to be interested in what you have to offer.

So, let’s assume we have the right message and we have the right geographics,
demographics and psychographics. We know who our ideal client is. Lisa … Go ahead and talk about the third part of this puzzle …which is using the right media.

LISA: You know …it seems like these days, everyone is infatuated with the Internet – and, by the way, Ken’s CLIENT ATTRACTION SYSTEM workS brilliantly online.

But the Internet is not a business. It is a media and it is not the only media.
Many business owners are so enthralled by this shiny object that they are really diluting their marketing effort and making it less effective than they could be.

So, while going online is one option, another option is to use traditional print
advertising. This could mean direct mail, display ads in newspapers, local periodicals or Trade Publications.

All of that stuff works.

The question is what type of media should you use and the reality is you should use a combination of all of the different media. Much of it depends on where your target market is. If your target market is 80-year-old men (who drive orange cars) … then probably using Facebook is not the best way to reach them. I don’t think people who drive orange cars are allowed to use Facebook!

But, (back to my point) … in the majority of cases where you’re trying to attract qualified clients or customers into your business …your marketing efforts should use a combination of online and offline methods.

KEN: I want to add one more (important) point here Lisa … There are countless marketing strategies and media you can use to generate high quality leads that you can then convert into NEW CLIENTS, CUSTOMERS OR PATIENTS, right?

But think about this: All the leads you get …are going to be “Completely” WORTHLESS …unless you have a predictable SYSTEM in place that CONVERTS them into sales.

That’s just a fact …of the matter! I mean …If you got 10,000 leads into your business this month …but you didn’t have a method for turning them into sales …there’s NO POINT …in getting the leads. You’re just (wasting) money, right?

The (REAL MONEY) …the REALLY BIG MONEY …resides in the system that manages your marketing campaigns and promotions … generates leads and then AUTOMATICALLY turns those leads into SALES.

Now we’re about out of time for this episode …and you’ve been listening to me and Lisa talk about one of the foundational strategies for getting clients … which is how to create a powerful and compelling USP that magnetic to your prospects, Right? You’ve also heard us discuss how companies like Wal-Mart have created a clear and deliberate USP and how Domino’s Pizza created a USP (early on) …that propelled them to the top of the pizza industry.

So, if you like what we’ve covered today … and if you’d like to learn more about the Systems we’re using to get clients …the systems that are bringing in the most revenue for us (personally) …and for our (most successful) clients …then you’re gonna love the new (FREE) training we’ve created called: “How to Get Clients, Customers and Patients …Fast ….Using Advanced Marketing and Automation”

You’ know … we’ve tested several different types of systems …and (multiple) variations of each …and we’ve found that there are three that produce most of our new clients …and account for …around 90% of our revenue.

So, during the training …I’ll show you what those three are …and how you can implement them in your business …(so you can) hopefully get similar results in your business.

We’ve included the link to this free training in the show notes and placed an additional link on this page …so you can access the training …and benefit from it immediately.

I want to quickly mention that we’ve got some amazing guests on our next few episodes.

We’ve got the former CEO of an oil and gas industry giant …who has taken all that he’s learned over the past decade and created a framework for transforming your employees into superstar sales professionals …which he’ll reveal on our show.

We’ve also got a great show coming up with one of the leading authorities in the field of Emotion-based marketing. This is cutting-edge stuff that you’ll definitely want to use in your business.

We’ll also be interviewing several of our existing clients who have been able to transform their businesses since joining our coaching program …and we’ll cover the exact steps each of them have taken …so you can (literally) copy it and implement it in your business immediately. Thanks again for listening and we’ll see you on the next episode of the GET CLIENTS NOW PODCAST.

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